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  1. we could all meet up there and do somthing like those Tmobile adverts it will make a change from who is wearing what label imagin it "here is Angelina Jolie and she is wearing a Stella MaCartney with a Scorcher buried in her bussel!" :-)
  2. Thats a good one, I saw a toutoise on tv the over day that had lost a back leg, they had used a swinging arm with a brat wheel and tyre to keep it mobile, it even had a tamiya oil filled damper I wonder how many turn motor was in it!
  3. wht a donkey! just seen where where to see results duurrr what a muppet
  4. Does anyone know when the November winners will be announced seems to tke longer and longer, I didn't enter this time so I am eger to see what the subject for the next one will be.
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