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  1. Two pairs of black ones are still available, € 120,00 shipped. Thanks, Stamatis
  2. Lower price, € 300,00 shipped registered to EU.
  3. Hi all, She just needs electronics and maybe (not sure) a new esc. Anodized alloy chassis and ultra rare RC4WD gearboxes, alloy arms, etc. In mint condition, never ran outdoors. Asking € 330,00 shipped to EU registered. Thanks, Stamatis
  4. Alpine still available. Also a spare Alpine XB body (brand new and unusd) is available.
  5. Updates: Monte Carlo, Sand Scorcher and Buggy champ bodies sold. Rest XB bodies still available. Mini Cooper, Lancia, and Beetle cars sold. Rest available. Thanks, Stamatis
  6. :-( ...what I paid for the body, motor/esc and wheels...
  7. I am afraid I can not answer to that question, even to myself. I can not calculate a fair price, both cars cost me a lot of time and money but I really dont know how much to ask. So you tell me what you think thry are worth. Stamatis
  8. Hi all, I have to sell my beauties, my lovely shelf queens, the M05 Mini Monte Carlo and M06 Alpine, Both fitted with plenty of blue Tamiya parts and Tamiya hop ups.. If interested, please make me an offer, what you see in the pics is what you'll get, οnly the radio wil not be included. Thanks for looking, Stamatis ,
  9. ...€ 130,00 for two pairs shipped registered... For both sets € 250,00. Cheers, Stamatis
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