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  1. Also please look for 72mm kyosho driveshafts. They are awesome but hard to find too.
  2. Hi. You can go with the df03 ones I think, #53791. But if I remember well when you use afremarket arms these may be 1 or 2 mm shorter compared to dogbones. Topcad also used to make some decent ones. Everything else is crap. Thanks Stamatis.
  3. Ping! Αsking € 380,00 plus shipping at cost 😁
  4. Lol, Black Friday offer 😁 Just for today 2 pairs totally nib € 100,00 shipped registered to EU 😆lol...
  5. No they are not. I am sorry No they are not. I am sorry.
  6. Hi, This one is for sale too, in perfect condition, fully hopped up with original Tamiya parts, comes with no radio. If interested make me an offer.
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