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  1. Also please look for 72mm kyosho driveshafts. They are awesome but hard to find too.
  2. Hi. You can go with the df03 ones I think, #53791. But if I remember well when you use afremarket arms these may be 1 or 2 mm shorter compared to dogbones. Topcad also used to make some decent ones. Everything else is crap. Thanks Stamatis.
  3. Ping! Αsking € 380,00 plus shipping at cost 😁
  4. Lol, Black Friday offer 😁 Just for today 2 pairs totally nib € 100,00 shipped registered to EU 😆lol...
  5. No they are not. I am sorry No they are not. I am sorry.
  6. Hi, This one is for sale too, in perfect condition, fully hopped up with original Tamiya parts, comes with no radio. If interested make me an offer.
  7. Hi all, For sale my Buggy Champ re-re. Sat on the self for almost a decade, now it is time to go. Has ball-dif and xb body (prepainted by Tamiya). Also comes with second LiFe battery, Tamiya charger, wheels, tires, and a few spare parts. In great condition, never-ever run. No radio is included. If anyone is interested please make me an offer. Cheers, Stamatis
  8. Black ones still available, €120/£100 shipped registered
  9. Hi all LiFe battery and charger, Overlander, Mighty Bull, Beetle, Wild Willy and Alpine xb (totally unysed and nib) bodies are still available for sale. Thanks Stamatis
  10. Hi all, She just needs electronics and maybe (not sure) a new esc. Anodized alloy chassis and ultra rare RC4WD gearboxes, alloy arms, etc. In mint condition, never ran outdoors. Asking € 330,00 shipped to EU registered. Thanks, Stamatis
  11. Alpine still available. Also a spare Alpine XB body (brand new and unusd) is available.
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