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  1. Updates: Monte Carlo, Sand Scorcher and Buggy champ bodies sold. Rest XB bodies still available. Mini Cooper, Lancia, and Beetle cars sold. Rest available. Thanks, Stamatis
  2. :-( ...what I paid for the body, motor/esc and wheels...
  3. I am afraid I can not answer to that question, even to myself. I can not calculate a fair price, both cars cost me a lot of time and money but I really dont know how much to ask. So you tell me what you think thry are worth. Stamatis
  4. Hi all, I have to sell my beauties, my lovely shelf queens, the M05 Mini Monte Carlo and M06 Alpine, Both fitted with plenty of blue Tamiya parts and Tamiya hop ups.. If interested, please make me an offer, what you see in the pics is what you'll get, οnly the radio wil not be included. Thanks for looking, Stamatis ,
  5. ...€ 130,00 for two pairs shipped registered... For both sets € 250,00. Cheers, Stamatis
  6. Sorry, items in the second picture are sold. Cheers, Stamatis
  7. Hi. I think I only have two rears. Let me check...
  8. Hi, For sale what you see in the pics, some nib, some used. Come complete with axles, e-rings, washers etc (not shown in the pics) If interested please pm me. Cheers, Stamatis
  9. Hi, For sale two pairs of Tamiya #53249 and #53256 vintage alloy wheels for M-chassis cars. Brand new, and never used, Asking €150,00 per two pairs, shipped registered worldwide. Cheers,, Stamatis
  10. Hi, Selling my Tamiya battery collection, all new and never charged. All in mint condition, perfect for shelf queens or display cars. Asking: € 25,00 for the 1300 Custom pack, € 35,00 for the 1600SP Racing Pack, € 60,00 for the RC2400SP (made in Japan) Racing Pack. Price includes registered shipping to EU countries. Cheers, Stamatis
  11. Hi, Most of my RC cars, XB bodies and parts are still for sale, if interested, pm me. Thanks, Stamatis
  12. Sadly they are not anymore the RC4WD I used to know 10+ years ago...
  13. I sent them an email about this cracks, this is what they replied: Good morning Stamatis, Thank you for reaching out to us!!! Unfortunetaly we can't do much. Our warranty only covers the first 30 days. Some tires just don't sit well, regardless of weather or conditions. We do apologize about this happening. Hope you have a nice day. :-(
  14. I try to sell all my rc cars, so I was about to take some pics this morning of this one as well. This is what I noticed: CRACKED SIDEWALLS! It's less than a year and a half since I got these 1.9 Mud Bashers and built this truck. Since then, it was on a shelf, away from direct sunight, moisture etc! All four of them have cracks, what a huge disappointment! Unacceptable. :-(
  15. Sorry, Monte Carlo, SS and BC XB bodies are sold. Μ04 car sold too, Beetle XB body still available. Again some more pics, if interested in any these, please pm me with an offer.
  16. Hi, it is € 160,00 for two pairs NIB, shipped registered.
  17. Some more items for sale: Tamiya 4x TXT1 wheels, tires and wheel adaptors in mint condition, € 80,00. 1300mAh NiCd batteries, € 25,00. 4x TLT1 alloy wheels and 8 tires, € 45,00. Tamiya tires #53220 x 2, € 25,00. Kyosho JGSDF Type 90 tank NIB made in Japan € 60,00. 5x used RC4WD stamped wheels (all white or white front/black rear as per pics) € 20,00. 4x Monster Τruck Spike tires for 2.2 rims, unused and white used Wild Dagger Rims, € 30,00. 4x RC4WD Flashpoint 1.9" tires, € 40,00 for unused ones, € 25,00 for lightly used ones. 4x RC4WD Rock Crusher 1.9" tires, unused, € 30,00. LF battery and charger, NIB for Sand Scorcher € 150,00. Above mentioned prices include shipping cost to Europe.
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