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  1. I'm interested in any Mardave model old or new Anything is welcome but I'm mainly interested in, Box Art scans, Manuals or instruction sheets, Vintage magazine scans or adverts, just so long as it is Mardave related. Thanks
  2. I'm asking all of our members or at least those of you who are reading this! Does anyone have any original box's or decent box art scans for Mardave cars? Mardave cars were big here in the UK, and probably a first car for many of us UK. based RC nuts. They are becoming harder to find now so it would be a shame to loose a little bit of our RC heritage. I am particularly interested in photo's or scans of the following box's / box artwork. The Mardave Marauder. example:- The Mardave Ministock. The Mardave Meteor. The Mardave Stockmaster. Anyone who can help out with scans photos please either PM me or post under this topic.. Here's hoping and thanks in advance! MustangX3
  3. Jedi Master I think you've hit the nail on the head! The items which he sells only have a relatively small market and therefore a small customer base, If Myles persists on giving a bad service then those customers will soon dry up. The hardest and most important part of running any business is keeping your customers happy, fail to do this things can easily get out of hand and before you know what hit you... your valued customers have left you. Worse still in a niche market such as this the word soon spreads and nobody will trust you or your business. Looking at Myles and the way he operates i would say it is now only time before he bombs out. I've seen this happen many times, people tend to get complacent with what they've got, take their finger off the pulse and before they know it they have no business no customers and no trust. Just to reiterate "What a muppet!!!!!!" 14 - Negatives 11 - Negatives this month 4 - Mutually withdrawn negatives But don't forget Myles is also affiliated with or runs "vintage-tamiyaparts" ebay shop his "sister company"!!!! So watch out!
  4. Don't panic I'm sure both eBay and PayPal have everything under control.... I wouldn't contact the police over such a small matter, i'm sure they have more important things to deal with. If i was planning to contact the authorities about this matter it would be the governments Trading Standards office as it is more their line of work. One thing worth remembering if the seller is based in the UK then eBay or not you still have your statutory rights. As the items only cost about 20, I'm just very annoyed as I don't like being ripped off and I especially don't like being lied to... Moving on...... i would like to recommend one of our fellow members 'Wonder' i recently purchased a set of new 'Schumacher Cat' tires from him and can highly recommend his service, they arrived in less than a week from Switzerland to the UK! thats what i call service Thanks 'Wonder' they are now fitted to my Mardave Meteor (at least until i can find a set of Mardave ISR rear tires).
  5. stulec52 I like the idea of starting the engine with upturned bicycle! thats a great yet simple idea I will post some updated photos of both my Mardave Marauder and my Meteor as soon as i have finished cutting the shells out, i must say my Marauder is looking very nice, since the photos were taken i have installed the engine (Irvine 20 ABC) installed a brand new radio box, and am working on the shell. Check my showroom soon.
  6. I Guess you could get the police involved, it's not really the money thats the issue it's the fact that www-vintageavante-co-uk seems to keep ripping people off and seems to get away with it! It's no vast quantities of money but when you think if he rips 5 people off for 20 each then he's made 100 for nothing, not bad really!!! Myself i paid him 20 i've had no parts, no reply from my many emails, all i get is negative feedback! When you think about it i should have received positive feedback, as i paid for the item within minutes of the bid ending and as a buyer thats my part of the deal complete. The guy is a total LIAR and CON-MAN! he needs to be shut down. I can't argue that he does have some happy customers but dealing with him seems to be a lottery! You might get your parts or you might not! But if you dare to complain you will definitely get negative feedback! It's a shame to be honest, if Myles wanted to he could probably run a good legitimate eBay shop instead he's chosen to rip people off and give poor service.
  7. Well Twinset was correct, unfortunately the 'vintageavante' cretin has left me two 'Retaliatory Negs' he now claims that he is 'moving house' and that he has emailed all of his customers, You'd never believe it but i did not receive a single email! Even after sending him:- 6 emails via PayPal, 4 emails via normal email, 3 via Ebay, 1 PM via Tamiyaclub.com I received nothing at all no goods no communication! He is a complete LIAR! From this horrible buying experience i would advise any perspective buyers of :- www-vintageavante-co-uk on eBay Any of Myles Masons other guises Firstly READ ALL OF THIS THREAD, Secondly ask yourself is it worth the risk? There are some great eBayer's out there selling similar parts:- http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Victor101s-RC-Car-Shop - (victor101car) = 100% Excellent Service! http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Tonys-Tamiya-Parts - (europro975) = 100% Excellent Service! It seems that www-vintageavante-co-uk (vintagevante) is happy to take your money but couldn't care less about his customers. All i can say is if this guy was running a real business he would shortly be having a visit from trading standards officers. A very very bad experience, and quite frighting that eBay let him keep trading.
  8. I guess you are right Twinset he must be ok. or he would not have left any feedback, as far as me receiving retaliatory neg i guess there is not much i could do about it other than to 'mutually withdraw' it, but i wouldn't do that anyway otherwise it just makes eBay into a complete farce! I have 100% positive anyway so I'm sure one neg wouldn't cause me too many probs. For anyone interested i have just noticed something interesting with a previous item which i ordered from 'vintage-tamiyaparts' on eBay. It appears that Myles may use two names (or has a brother with the same first name) and has two eBay shops? Take a look at the screen shot bellow, reading the description it says:- "You can also visit our sister e-bay site which you will probably know as "Vintageavante". Between the two sites we offer a huge range of vintage Tamiya parts, all of which are new and unused, as our thousands of happy customers know! (See our feedback!)" So it appears that 'WWW-VINTAGEAVANTE-CO-UK' and 'VINTAGE-TAMIYAPARTS' are affiliated or run by the same man? The package i recieved from 'VINTAGE-TAMIYAPARTS' has a printed post office label saying :- SENDER MYLES MASON 8 <CENSORED> ST, SHAW, OL7 XXX. WWW-VINTAGEAVANTE-CO-UK The same person????? Looking at my PayPal records :- 'VINTAGE-TAMIYAPARTS' payment was sent to "PETER MASON" yet the envelope states "MYLES MASON" 'WWW-VINTAGEAVANTE-CO-UK' payment was sent to "MYLES-HALL" yet the envelope states... well er nothing because i never received it So what is his real name? MYLES-MASON or MYLES-HALL or PETER-MASON? ........or are they all just brothers ???? I think this calls for Columbo
  9. I hate to say it but the (**media**) feedbacks were mine I kind of feel guilty for leaving neg feedback(s) but in the interests of other eBay users i felt i had to report what had happened. I have tried contacting Myles via his PayPal email address "myles@myleshall.orangehome.co.uk", via eBay's contact page, and via tamiyaclub.com but to no avail. I have been forced to start proceedings with PayPal and hope i will get a refund, Money and missing parts aside i hope that nothing bad has happened to him!
  10. I am working on the restoration of a Mardave Marauder i originally planned to just tidy it up, but now it has many new parts fitted. Recently i procured a new (original) body shell made from the usual white ABS plastic, but i am having big problems cutting the retched thing! It seems to be made from much thicker material than my meteor shell, i have tried the usual hobby scissors, and a sharp Stanley knife but these barley seem to cut it. It maybe because the ABS has become hardened over time but i don't know for sure. So my question is whats the best way to cut this stuff and get tidy results? HELP
  11. It is a pity that things have been messed up with my order, the real problem is that i can't get in touch with Myles at all. I can understand things may take time if you are moving house but surely it would make sense to let any perspective buyer know this upfront? It's seems from what i have read that he can be slow at dispatching items which wouldn't be a problem if he would just let you know! To take peoples money and just leave you in the lurch not knowing what is happening is really not good for customer relations In the past I have sold items on eBay knowing that i will be on holiday at the close of the auction and have always made this known in the item description. It all seems odd 'Myles' must have internet access as he is still taking and dispatching some orders, so why doesn't he respond to his emails? I just can't believe that he hasn't read any of them. It all seems very strange to me I think you have to ask yourself "Would i accept this kind of service from a shop?"
  12. I have been doing my utmost to contact Vintageavante over the past week hoping to find out what had happened to the parts i had ordered, and i have had no response at all it's a real shame because he does indeed have some great parts up for sale, I just can not understand why he delivers some parts with no problem yet quite a few other people have never received the items which they ordered. It kind of makes me think that some of the items he advertises are not in his possession. Being as i have ordered two different items and have not received either item i can not recommend this person it seems that his customer service is a complete joke. Although you could be lucky!
  13. REF:- www-vintageavante-co-uk I would be Very Cautious about using this person, i have ordered two items from this seller via eBay :- Tamiya 50287 Falcon Front Wheel & Tyre Set NIP. (120158228365) - 8.48 - 13/09/07 Tamiya 9465150 Falcon Screw Bag A 58056 NIP (120131115532) - 8.48 - 10/09/07 I paid for both items as soon as the auctions ended via PayPal but have as of yet received nothing I have today emailed the seller to find out what is going on, and was somewhat dismayed to read his most recent feedback:- 2 1/2 months later and no goods dispite numerous mails. No refund given either! - TAMIYA Stadium Blitzer Front tyres NIP (#6004261353) Seller did not ship even after my full payment! Insulting and a crook! - Tamiya 9405191 Wild One 58050 Press Parts Bag NIP (#120154066541) This guy is also a member of TamiyaClub username "vintageavante" - id# "8674" and has some trades up for sale, all i can say is beware! I'm hoping that i will still get my parts and this whole thing is nothing more than a slight hickup so WATCH THIS SPACE..... MustangX3
  14. I'm not too sure how much they are worth really, like you said i can remember in their day they cost a fortune, and definitely wouldn't have been affordable when i was sixteen! The quality of the car is unsurpassed, its similar in build quality to my old XRAY-T1 which was top class. The Tomy Intruder i have has been uprated with a carbon fiber upper and lower chassis and shock towers, I guess this is quite rare as the standard ones had GRP / Glass fiber chassis parts. Except the 'Tomy Intruder Adonis' which i believe was the budget model and came with plastic shocks an alloy chassis. I did however see an 'Intruder Adonis' NIB for sale on ebay.com (USA) going for $298 thats about 150 (bearing in mind thats the budget model)
  15. The 'Tomy Intruder' repro bodyshell's project is gaining momentum! I have been in touch with a company who specialises in plastics and Vacuum Forming they have told me that they will be quite willing to undertake the project and will even make the molds/casts for me! I have also been told that the original body parts will be returned un harmed from the molding process so this is great news. I am looking forward to seeing the first repro 'Intruder' shells. Thanks to both Scoobster who has allready sent me an Undertray, and Grunfuggly who has offered me a bodyshell so that i can get the molds made. I am still in need of a rear wing to complete the set. I am still stuck for a rear wing so if anyone can help out with this final part i would be greatful. If it wasn't for the members of TamiyaClub and other R/C collectors many of these old cars would dissapear forever, with a little bit of teamwork i'm sure pretty much anything could be achieved. Thanks for everyones help, lets keep up the good work! (and relive our childhoods LOL) MustangX3
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