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  1. "Nostalgia isn't what it used to be" That is my take on the collectables of all types. The kids who look at XYZ toy on the shelf now, but can't afford it, will be the people driving the price of collectables in ~ 20 years. Who can say what will push their buttons.
  2. See with me being in New Zealand, it's cheaper to order from HK than USA <----- NZ
  3. according to RC Mart they claim to have 30 in stock for US$199
  4. I am incredibly happy about the re-release Pajero. That's a definite purchase for me. Probably the Landy crawler too.
  5. A pleasure to speak to you too. Have a nice day.
  6. I am not a fan of signatures, especially not ones with images in them. Whenever possible I turn off sigs, and adblock all the images. I feel that if what you have to say in your signature is so absolutely stunningly interesting to everyone who reads every post you make (doubtful), then perhaps you can cut and paste it into every single post that you've made. Otherwise, you're just adding to visual pollution and making threads harder to read, as you have to jump past repeated blocks of text. Signatures are often interesting to the people who write them, but rarely to anybody else, after they've read it once.
  7. Monte Carlo Rally Mini taught me that MSC's will stay on full when the battery gets low if you're not running a receiver battery pack. Also that if you don't use the car for years, the MSC will also stick on. Sometimes I wonder why I never got around to putting an ESC into that car (it still doesn't have one).
  8. Still splashing the Pajero shell in brake fluid ... discovered somebody used body filler on the roof to fill in the rear contours. [baffled]
  9. Drat... other threads suggest the XB Rally car is a Cayenne jellymould based on a TT01 chassis, not a new revision for the XC01
  10. Sorry, to be clearer ... "without seeing what they actually look like, I may be interested" Rather than "if these exist I am interested" Especially if the XB Rally SUV has an interesting bodyshell.... as I think the g/f would have some form of psychotic episode if I spent lots of money on a three speed. It made sense in my head.
  11. Those two possibilities slightly intrigue me
  12. Rotated Pajero shell in its lasagne tray full of brake fluid. Gold paint gradually coming off. Turns out it was a metallic blue under that gunk.
  13. My guess: some buggy I don't have an interest in My wish: hardbody XC of some variety.
  14. Purchased large Lasagne dish. Extremely derelict looking Pajero Metaltop Wide is now splashing around in the Lasagne dish (which is full of brake fluid, not lasagne). Hopefully the horrendous thick layer of gold paint might come off. God only knows what will be found under that though, as it looks like somebody has been using body filler all over it ... eeeeek!!!
  15. XXCR sold today ... that's my only RC related item of news.
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