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  1. Are you still after some decals? I have set NIP. £35 posted to UK. Cheers ML
  2. I bet it just comes with the 540 motor as there is only about a fiver difference. Hope i'm wrong! ML
  3. Just a positive thought re. the body.......... What if they've made the holes in the bonnet a sort of 'pop-out' so you could have an original body (or pop/cut them out for this ugly bu99er). ML
  4. Always loved the Holiday bug (my 1st car), but this takes the biscuit. What have they acheived with it? None original chassis, the body now has no value to the restorers and we don't even get the original wheels / tyres. If it's cheap enough I might get one just for a blast about. Major disappointment ML
  5. Oh WOW Looks like the top of the shock is a one piece casting..were the old ones like this? Happy ML
  6. Stunning news. I had to sell my scorcher earlier this year as times were tight . Things better now so this should more than make up for it. ML
  7. Thinking about selling me' Scorcher Need to scrape some money together for another project. Built from parts about 5 years back and run once on tarmac. Complete with all period radio gear , excellent radio box, all cam locks in place. Needs the servos & speedo fixing in (tape dried out) and a receiver battery holder. I'm a bit out of touch with the current prices, so drop me a PM and i'll have a think. Might stick it on Ebay if no interest. Cheers ML
  8. Always had minis since starting to drive. Sadly had to trade upto something a bit bigger now so the mini has been sat in the garage for 2 years now. Guess I'd better get round to selling it (anybody out there interested!!) 1998 Sports pack cooper (sod all mileage, mega spec, stage 3, 5speed, billet 4 pots Etc......... !!!!) ML
  9. Hi there I have a piece here which is approx 11 inch square & 4mm thick here it is........... Excuse the fingerprints. Is this ok? Let me know wher you are in the world and I'll get a shipping price. Cheers ML
  10. HI <> Are you still looking for this? ML
  11. Hi there They current ones on ebay go for £8.00 + 2.50 postage. I have asked the seller and the backing is white. Personally I would pay a bit more (say £15) for a good quality print on a clear backing (Like the TamiyaClub ones). Might be worth a 'poll' on this Cheers ML
  12. Hi mate I have got a brand new drivers head (still on the sprue). I need some bits off this sprue, but not the head. Hows about £5 posted. Let me know ML
  13. Never mind the wine glasses. What about the............... Salt & pepper Its always on the table, but surely this never gets used!!!!! ML
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