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  1. Hi Please contact me if you have this parts for sale. Thanks
  2. Do you have new parts for sale. I'm looking for several parts like A- and B-part, damper bag, press parts bag an some more. Also tires and wheels.
  3. Hi 1) Does anyone know a good page where the different brushed motors can be compared? Further I don't know the different purpose of the motors. 2) Is Tamiya replacing the black Sport-Tuned motor 53068 with the silver one now (see pictures)? Thanks
  4. Hi do you have a NIB chassis kit 49139 or 58243 for sale?
  5. Hi I'm looking for a new built Porsche 959 / Celica Gr. B. Thanks
  6. Thanks for your response, I saw the kits on ebay. Can you give me the addresses of the Japanese auction sites? I really don't know them.
  7. Hi I'm looking for this kit or the body parts set. Please contact me if you have one for sale. Thanks
  8. H I`m looking for the following new built cars: - Vanquish - Avante re-release - Celica Gr.B - Porsche 959 - Top Force Evolution Please contact me if you consider to sell yours. Thanks
  9. I search new spare wheels no. 50711 for Repsol Ford Escort RS Cosworth.
  10. Hi I would like to know if some unused Tamiya paint stored in the original spray can has something like an expiration date. I mean a date you shouldn't use it any more because of bad results by painting?
  11. rear wheels 50773 front wheels 50772
  12. How long are the shafts for the 53191 4WD/FWD Touring and Rally Car Turnbuckle Tie-Rod Set ? What about the adjusters?
  13. Thanks for your quick reply. You are right this body doesn't look really good :-/
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