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  1. H I`m looking for the following new built cars: - Vanquish - Avante re-release - Celica Gr.B - Porsche 959 - Top Force Evolution Please contact me if you consider to sell yours. Thanks
  2. I search new spare wheels no. 50711 for Repsol Ford Escort RS Cosworth.
  3. Hi I would like to know if some unused Tamiya paint stored in the original spray can has something like an expiration date. I mean a date you shouldn't use it any more because of bad results by painting?
  4. rear wheels 50773 front wheels 50772
  5. macmeniac

    Replacement for 53192 4WD/FWD Upper Arm Set

    How long are the shafts for the 53191 4WD/FWD Touring and Rally Car Turnbuckle Tie-Rod Set ? What about the adjusters?
  6. macmeniac

    body for TRF414M

    Thanks for your quick reply. You are right this body doesn't look really good :-/
  7. macmeniac

    body for TRF414M

    Hi I have built a TRF414M but I'm wondering if there`s a Tamiya body parts set which can be used without trimming the large urethan bumper. Do you know possible bodies which fit without modification or how did you resolved this issue? Thanks
  8. macmeniac

    TA05 IFS belt adjustment

    I bought a new built TA05 IFS and it seems to me that the belts arent adjusted right (the car isn't moving smooth). I studied the manual but I still don`t know to adjust them right. If I`m right the adjustment is the same as the normal TA05 chassis cars but I`m not familiar with them. Can you help me how it works or can you give me a link to a video that shows it? I don`t know if I have to tear down parts to make the adjustment or I can do it directly. Where and how? Sorry about all the questions but I'm a newbie to the TA05 and I'm confused of the manual :-/ Thanks
  9. macmeniac

    Wanted: Bigwig new built

    hi how much are you looking for a box art built BigWig regards Benno
  10. macmeniac

    Replacement for 53192 4WD/FWD Upper Arm Set

    Many Thanks Truck Norris This is a great help for all of us!
  11. macmeniac

    Wanted: Bigwig new built

    I`m not in the US.Is it a vintage or re-release? Pictures? Thanks
  12. I'm looking for a new built Bigwig (re-release or vintage).
  13. macmeniac

    Damper Oil Air Remover

    is this product for standard touring cars dampers?
  14. macmeniac

    Damper Oil Air Remover

    I'm interested in buying a damper oil air remover from Tamiya but I found only this: Tamiya 54152 Damper Oil Air Remover (Super Long) Is this remover only for long dampers or for all Tamiya dampers? I found no other tool from Tamiya.
  15. macmeniac

    Wanted: Fighting Buggy NIB

    please send me a pm