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  1. Dazza you have PM If you want a reference for any previous deals I sold my Stadium Thunder through here tail end of last year. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=39344&st=1250#entry434079
  2. Hi After a couple of years of the kit sitting on the shelf and no progress it's time to sell everything RC. None of this kit has seen use outside and hasn't travelled further than from the build desk to the shelf! As priced below or the lot for £185 inc. P&P. For sale: CC-01 Touareg £125: RC Channel metal rear axle RC Channel metal front suspension RC4WD shocks RC4WD Prowler 1.9 tyres HPI Vintage wheels Mtroniks viper rv11 speed controller Spektrum receiver Integy 55T motor Painted, cut and drilled Touareg poly body All sealed bearings Build thread for it here http://www.scale4x4r...ead.php?t=23295 This has never been run!! Absolutely unused bar testing on the build bench. Land Rover hard body £20: Rear windows missing but otherwise complete. Didn't concern me as I was intending to cut off rear and only keep the cab. Also perfect for filling for windowless hard top. Proline Toyota FJ40 poly body £10: Painted grey metallic silver with black roof. No mounting holes made - clean! Rare Frewer classic Range Rover poly body £20: Unpainted, uncut and can look like this Spektrum DC2.0 controller £20 Used less than 10 times with a since sold Stadium Thunder Bantum BC 6 Dual Power charger/discharger £40 (Microprocessor controlled high-performance rapid charger/discharger for NiCd/NiMH/Lithium/Pb batteries with an integrated cell voltage balancer) http://www.modelspor...roduct_id=28771
  3. Thanks. Ha yes if I'd have actually bothered to read what is written on the box and the big sticker on the back I might have noticed it was a Stadium Thunder. Has a Sport Tuned motor fitted but no ESC or receiver. I'll sort better pictures in the next couple of days.
  4. Hi, I got back into RC a couple of years ago and to cut a long story short it just isn't for me. Thought it might be with the scale stuff and had intended to make the Devon 4x4 110 trayback but never had the energy or interest. So it's about time I had a clear out and sold the lot. I've got Tamiya Stadium Blitzer - run for about 5 15-20 minute sessions and comes with posts to mount Blitzer Beetle body CC-01 Touareg (never run build thread) with RC Channel metal rear axle RC Channel metal front suspension including steering hub, skid plate and wish bones. Integy 55T motor Ball bearing steering mod Mtroniks Viper RV11 ESC Spektrum DX2 and Spektrum SR3000 receiver Spektrum servo Bantam e-Station BC6 Dual Power charger Land Rover Defender body - from Peter(?) in Hong Kong Kevin Frewer Lexan Range Rover shell - new and unused Proline Toyota FJ40 lexan body. Painted and trimmed but not used or fitted Stadium Blizter aside any "dirt" you think you might see on anything else is just dust. None of the above ever left the build desk! As I'm not an active member of anything RC any ideas what sort of price should I expect to put these up for? Photos here and taken this evening https://picasaweb.google.com/10006494581731...gCMKNs9DZg8_ZEA
  5. Any of the old off roaders/SRBs. ie. Rough Rider, Wild One, Super Champ would see me making a purchase!
  6. Was considering a Tamiya Super Stock BZ 26,000rpm and 500g/cm torque, which I think equates to 50Nmm, but as you've run a 19x2 ok I may look out for something with more torque than the BZ. Been considering UJs after a mate had a problem with his drive shafts the other night so will grab some too. Thanks for your replies I appreciate it and will help me choose. Cheers
  7. Hi I'm starting to feel the need more speed on my Stadium Thunder I have as a basher. With the standard tyres it was loads of fun to slide around but have just put on Proline Dirt Hawgs at the rear which are ever so slightly taller. The grip is hugely improved but now it's so easy to control it feel slow. Does anyone have any motor recommendations to improve on the standard RS540 Sport Tuned motor I'm currently using? I have an ESC that'll handle down to 15 turn but suspect something that powerful would strip the gearbox plus I don't really want to go that low and have short run times. All my driving is off road on mostly lose dirt/gravel. Is something like a 21x2 motor going to give that extra grunt and little bit of extra speed? Cheers
  8. Thanks. Handling isn't improved and if anything made worse from the extra shocks which is hardly a suprise but just fancied seeing if I could make it all fit together. The alloy shocks I got were purely for looks as the stock shocks seem perfectly sufficient. Just tinkering! Thanks for the info I didn't see the check box in the options - assumed comments were on as default.
  9. Evening Joined here a while back and best introduce myself. About 25 years ago I fawned over each new Tamiya catalogue and dreamed of owning one of the RC models having bought and built a lot of Airfix and then Tamiya static models. Most we're filled with white spirit and set light to in mock battles.... Tcha the youth of today eh...? I never did get one as the 100 it would cost was a huge amount of money and after getting into BMX I never looked back. Roll forward to now and my mate Bin ^jammin^ goes on a spree with Tamiya that puts Imelda Macros shoe collection to shame and I feel myself getting drawn in. Grabbed a NIB Stadium Thunder which I completed the other week. Should have taken some photos before running it as it's taken a little beating already. Will no doubt be asking questions and popping on with my own info soon Cheers Kieron
  10. It looks a lot like the Pro-Peak Prodigy 2, and I'm expecting it to function the same as my mates, but with a built in AC power pack and a neat little USB connection to monitor your charging via you PC. Far as I can tell it works out no difference in price than the Prodigy 2 and a seperate power supply. I'll post my thoughts on it when I've used it in anger. Should arrive in the next couple of days.
  11. Hi I'm a bit new here and hoping someone might be able to assist. Got myself a NIB Stadium Thunder from my mate Bin ^jammin^ . It's my first Tamiya RC car and a full 25 years after I intended to initally buy one! So I've built it all up but need a charger. I like the idea of an AC/DC charger and one without a seperate power supply - too much clutter seperate ones. I've found this a Bantam BC-6 which seems to fit the bill perfect for 89. Does anyone use this or have any comments good or bad about it? http://www.bantamtek.com/products/charger-BC6.htm Cheers Kieron
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