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  1. hi im curently runing a 8turn motor which kills my 1500mah batterys..................so im looking for somthing arround 3000mah+++ used or new i dont mind aslong as they work fine............if you have any or even any loose cells please contact me!! thanks andi-wkd
  2. hey there i have just bought a yokomo yr-4 II and was wounderin what the best spur gear and motor pinion sixe would be for best speed ? thanks andi-wkd
  3. i need a set of 4 really! thanks andi-wkd
  4. hi im after some tyres for standered 1/10 size wheels! if you have any please let me know as long as they are in avarage condition im intrested!
  5. Gotta be belts dude, had shaft was good but belt better!!
  6. well i havnt got it yet but im getin my car in 2 month which will be a citroen saxo 1.1 its about as fast as a slug and looks about as good as a slug to!!! but im hopeing to get a ford escort mk1 (thats my dream car)
  7. id proberly have to go for somthing 4wd or else it wudnt move much lol proberlt a TT-01 or TL-01 ANDI-WKD
  8. Well i have got to agree on a MK1 ESCORT.........or even a mk3 rs turbo both are great cars!!! but i also think they should of done a shelby mustang GT500 or dodge charger andi wkd
  9. hi what condition is it in? and how much would you want for it? cheers
  10. Hi im looking for a 190mm body shell, preferably unpainted or cut or driled, but any car as long as its 190mm or if you have a painted 1 n its like new i may be intrested, please message me if you do or post a reply!! many thanks AnDi-WKD
  11. i currently have this on ebay and if you would like the link please message me, it is fully ball raced and has uprated alloy oil filled shocks, the chassis is in good condition, message me for the ebay link! thanks andi-wkd p.s the auction has 2 days left
  12. hi i have a set of tamiya monster beetle/brat wheels and tyres! they are in good condition (very clean and tyres still have alot of grip on them if you need a picture message me) i want 20 for the set thats including P&P...........if your intrested please message me. thanks andi-wkd
  13. any1 wanna sell me a TT-01 chassis... plz let me know ;-)
  14. hi im looking for a hpi sprint or sprint 2 chassis, must be complete rolling chassis or at least nearly complete, i dont really need body shell but if theres 1 it better lol and i dont need any electrics at all, or even wheels. if any1 has 1 please let me know. thanks andi-wkd
  15. hi wat conector is it on the wheel?? i have a set off an old monster beetle if they will fit ill sel to u. please send me a message if your intrested andi wkd
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