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  1. FYI I re-built my TXT1 with all brand new plastic parts tree. Tamiya Canada was able to order everything straight from Tamiya Japan. Pricing wise, it's quite reasonable considering Ebay prices tend to be a lot higher. I didn't try ordering the metal parts bags except for the ball connectors. Screws I was able to source higher quality hex screws from Ebay. Do note, it literally took half a year for all the parts to arrive. Apparently, some parts were unavailable so they had to wait for Tamiya Japan to manufacture more.
  2. I can take a picture of the instruction sheet. Mine doesn't leak but I've build them similarly to how I built my other TRF dampers with a touch of AE green slim around all the o-rings (you can use other brand's as well)
  3. AFAIK, if you use stock gearbox you won't have an easy way of accessing the pinions or motor. Not sure if the TXT2 was an improvement over TXT1 but the torque seems to really twist the chassis upon acceleration. I'm using a dual 55t with throttle curved turned down on the esc and the radio.
  4. TenzoR

    TRF211 3 Gear Laydown

    so i was looking at it all night and I'm unsure exactly what I'm measuring... perhaps I'm dense would you be kind enough to provide a diagram of what is exactly you wanted? 1. the width (distance between hole centres across the car) - Do you mean the 4 screw holes that the rear shock tower screws on the gear box or the two block aluminum alignment pins from the gear box? 2. heights (above the deck) of the camber link holes on your 201xm shock tower - I'm guess the lower holes are fine?
  5. TenzoR

    TRF211 3 Gear Laydown

    Sure will do .. this weekend is a bit tough but I should be able to give you a measurement next week
  6. TenzoR

    TRF211 3 Gear Laydown

    The Tamiya TRF201 is probably one of the most confusing line up from Tamiya themselves. From what I gather the Tamiya XR+XM conversion set will not necessary make a TRF201XMW (or still called TRF201XM in TamiyaUSA). The chassis, diff cases are different. The TRF211XM conversion kit requires you to start from a TRF201XMW (or TRF201XM kit) so basically if you have the original Tamiya TRF201 + XR+XM conversion set it might not work. I might buy 211 conversion kit just to see ...
  7. TenzoR

    TRF211 3 Gear Laydown

    looks good, I'm hoping I can adapt it for the 201XM
  8. TenzoR

    Wanted Tamiya LF charger/battery

    not sure if you absolutely need the Tamiya re-branded charger but you may also try looking for the A123 Systems Mini charger which is the OEM manufacturer for the Tamiya charger. http://www.hobby-aeromodelling.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=147&products_id=2648
  9. I've stopped racing Tamiya minis and I just found a bunch of mini related items. 64+ mounted Tamiya mini tires (mixed of Tamiya Type A, B, M-Grips, S-Grips). Misc parts (2 sets of unused clear blue shocks plastic damper body part tree), misc front/rear hubs, front c hubs, gear diffs, and etc. This will be great for someone who is bashing or getting started on racing Tamiya minis. I'm asking for $120 USD shipped
  10. Looks lovely. Let me know how the 13.5 handles, I'm putting an un-used 17.5 in my still building TXT-1 gearing it with either the stock 15t/19t pinion.
  11. TenzoR

    Do I Need Balls?

    Here's a good guide https://www.rctech.net/forum/electric-off-road/512013-how-properly-build-break-ball-differential-slipper-clutch.html Lots of Youtube video from well known racers that shows you how to do it as well. If you are bashing, gear diff generally last longer and less maintanence. Getting the ball diff right is hard if you are a novice. Once you get it, it's not that bad.
  12. TenzoR

    F201 Differentials

    Building proper ball diff is like a dark art in R/C racing... Here's a guide for building a ball diff https://www.rctech.net/forum/electric-off-road/512013-how-properly-build-break-ball-differential-slipper-clutch.html It doesn't really matter what car is for, the principle remains the same. I'd say keep the F201. It's a nice piece I've owned one and kinda regret selling it.
  13. TenzoR

    Tamiya 5mm adjuster difference

    The black ones are none low-friction ones. The grey ones are the low-friction ones, which tend to be a bit stiffer.
  14. haha I've already dremel the transmission case to accept the beefier Traxxas revo drive shafts. I'm looking into the 1/8 scale power but haven't fully committed. Maybe I'll be a sissy and use the puny 1/10 scale 17.5/13.5 motor.