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  1. I've used buyee.jp before. It's definitely not the cheapest route but if you are desparate...
  2. there's a couple on ebay else you can try the japanese auction sites
  3. The best analogy that I can come up with is bicycle gears, some comes with 18 gears. 21 gears. 24 gears. The more gears you have, the more choices you have to maximize your energy on the road you are on. If you can't notice these changes, maybe perhaps they are wasteful addition
  4. Depends on how you value tuning. Being able to adjust roll centers is invaluable when you are trying to maximize your performance during a race. Now, if you are just bashing around or you can't drive around a track without crashing into something or someone, you have bigger issues to overcome. The difference between the high performance chassis vs. the plastic chassis is the tune-ability and their ability to keep the adjustment throughout a race. The bling factor also makes it appealing to some
  5. 2x Traxxas 5458X Differentinal and Transmission Yokes (1 Pair) 2x Traxxas 5650 Center Half Shaft (1 Set) optional 2x Traxxas 5459 Rubber Driveshaft Boots (2-Pack) Everything should just fit except you'll need to dremel the transmission casing just enough so the beefier parts fits.
  6. if you open up the TA05 IFS manual where it shows the dampers being attached. the side bar should have a small description that compare a normal TA05 and TA05 IFS and how spacers added to the ball head is equivalent to changing damper positions.
  7. Generally the heavier vehicle with better traction will be better to push the snow. I would say Blizzard as the name suggested. Problem with MT is the tires and the lack of grip on packed ice/snow, unless you are attaching chains.
  8. For show car, alloy is fine but if you were to drive them, the alloy will just transfer the force to the next weakest link or even worst, bent.
  9. if you are in Canada contact Borgfeldt they can order Tamiya spare parts directly from Tamiya Japan. If you are in TamiyaUSA, check their website and contact to see if they can order spare parts. Other than that there's TRF Offroad Facebook group
  10. Thanks, I'll give it a try before shelling out more money. Somehow this truck is not as fun as the Lunchbox despite being so ...awesomely big
  11. I guess I have no choice. Should I try 1/8th scale dampers for the vertical dampers? I have the TXT2 aluminum dampers on mine which to me seems kinda of small.
  12. Is the only way to resolve torque twist is to mount the dampers vertically? I've tried thicker damper oils, heavier springs, radio curves, esc curves. The TXT-1 current has a dual 55t motors with 19t pinion. I guess I can change the motors to silver cans.
  13. If you are starting out and want to learn from others trial and error, industrial tools manufacturers like WIha/Wera are probably best bang for the bucks. If you want to stick with a known hobby brand, MIP is what I would go with (if you don't mind the looks). IMO MIP performs better than my Hudy/TRF tools. I kept the Hudy/TRF tools around to lend out and mainly use my MIP tools instead.
  14. just search for m3 hex button head/cap/countersunk screws on Ebay. I don't really think the buyer matters. Just make sure to look for the class. I went with 10.9 which should be more than enough. https://www.boltdepot.com/fastener-information/materials-and-grades/bolt-grade-chart.aspx
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