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  1. I didn't cave fast enough so the steering kits are out of stock.... that should hold me from ordering ...
  2. I would be interesting in those too (if you don't me from tagging along Saito2)
  3. This looks like a fun project https://www.jconcepts.net/shop/regulator-chassis-conversion-kit-fits-clod-buster
  4. Here's a pretty decent starting setup from TamiyaUSA's Jimmy Wright If all else fail, the basic setup from the manual will be good. Just make sure you ask around the track and see what tires are most people using, as tire makes all the difference. Are you using IFS or Stand-up shocks?
  5. I've attached the two forms I created while I was racing. Fill it out and show us how the car is currently setup. tb03d_form_blank.pdf tb03_form.pdf
  6. were you able to resolve torque twist?
  7. https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/option-parts/rc-tb03d-aluminum-upright/ this should be the right "era" for rear upright for the TRF416
  8. The question is buy it now and deal with an extra $500 bill for all the blue bling or wait for the PRO/R version and spend a fraction less on all the blue bling ... decisions ... decisions ... Also, curious to see how adjustable are the top wishbones for tunability
  9. FYI I did a similar rebuild a couple years back. You can order basically all the parts from your Tamiya disbributor as Tamiya Japan still produces them in small batches. The only thing that wasn't available were the hop-ups (which are LHS item only, not distributors). Although I did not order the chassis or rods but I ended up ordering all new plastic part trees, new ball nuts/studs. Basically I ended up with a new TXT-1
  10. Sorry, I am mistaken, it's a TRF414M not the original TRF414. Sorry for the confusion. Here's a pic with my other TRF414M SSG project. All I am missing is a blue steering arms and matching steering post (and probably some other misc parts) then I can move the silver set over from the race car to the display chassis.
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