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  1. Very sad news. All the best for you and your family
  2. Where did you find the LF2200? I can't seem to find them anywhere ...
  3. The updated arms are 2.6mm in diameter. If you look at the TA05v2 you can see the sizes. I'm not entirely sure what arms are from the TB EVO IV reversible arms but probably similar. Here's the TA05 reversible suspension arm kit. Note the 4 shafts below the wheel axle and they have a flatten spot. That's where the set screws from the C hub and the rear hub meet and holds the shafts in place instead of the older e-clips.
  4. Would be interesting if they re-release a version of the TRF414
  5. Do a search for Double Shoulder Pan Head bolt. If you need the exact measurement, I can probably get it for you too but I have to find some time to disassemble mine TXT-1
  6. If you have an example, take it to the hardware store (the ones that specializes in fastner) and see if they know what type is it then you can probably find it more readily. The only thing that comes in mind is a special type of shoulder bolt but this particular one has two pivot point.
  7. I guess you can let me know who would be interested in buying it
  8. I had thought all M bodies was pre-drilled so just assumed they should all fit.
  9. I have two M04L bodies, Honda S2000 and the BMW Z3, can these still fit M08 chassis or should I keep waiting for a decent M04L or maybe just sell them ...
  10. I would keep it. They are so much fun and very durable.
  11. I tend to buy hop-ups that actually has a purpose (e.g. adds durability, makes my life easier while I work on the car, or make my car perform better). In the end it's almost always cheaper to get a TRF race car from the beginning than slowly upgrading the plastic counterpart chassis. With that said, I completely understand buying hop-ups for a project which you have a vision for.
  12. If I had an XV02, the first thing I'd swap out would be the suspension blocks from plastic (or fibre reinforced) to the aluminum ones for added durability. I find it odd Tamiya left that out for the XV-02 Pro.
  13. They used to have a physical store that you can pick up from. I have ordered from them years ago and they shipped it out promptly.
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