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  1. I guess you can let me know who would be interested in buying it
  2. I had thought all M bodies was pre-drilled so just assumed they should all fit.
  3. I have two M04L bodies, Honda S2000 and the BMW Z3, can these still fit M08 chassis or should I keep waiting for a decent M04L or maybe just sell them ...
  4. I would keep it. They are so much fun and very durable.
  5. I tend to buy hop-ups that actually has a purpose (e.g. adds durability, makes my life easier while I work on the car, or make my car perform better). In the end it's almost always cheaper to get a TRF race car from the beginning than slowly upgrading the plastic counterpart chassis. With that said, I completely understand buying hop-ups for a project which you have a vision for.
  6. If I had an XV02, the first thing I'd swap out would be the suspension blocks from plastic (or fibre reinforced) to the aluminum ones for added durability. I find it odd Tamiya left that out for the XV-02 Pro.
  7. They used to have a physical store that you can pick up from. I have ordered from them years ago and they shipped it out promptly.
  8. It looks like a fun build. But I know I will be suckered into buying most of the hop-ups
  9. ah maybe ask one of the Europe/German based TC member. They might be able to order one and mail it out to you.
  10. after watching the video I kinda want one now
  11. Here's a BC12. I would get on it and buy it as they are getting harder and harder to find. https://tamico.de/Tamiya-Alu-Aufhaengungshalter-vorn-TRF201-DN-01-13454711
  12. I wished they just release the Turbo Optima Mid instead of the Optima Mid. Let's be honest, who is not going to get all those hop-up parts
  13. the auction does say, LARRY ZABOLOTNY ESTATE
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