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  1. Ill post one to you in 10 years time or so lol
  2. Don't know about its the best a frog can look as its not a frog anymore, same chassis ect but then again the frog wasn't the only one to use this chassis. Saying that though you have made a really nice job of it and it looks very very nice Thanks for the pics
  3. Will the super astute c parts fit?? If so I know where you can get some from NIP
  4. I thought if it was your own car/auction you could put a link to it, have I got this wrong for future reference???
  5. I think its just another bad model from Tamiya, but they do get it right most of the time, I would suggest a Mad Bull, really good for your kid, nice and cheap, easy to build and hard as nails, ive seen this model take the most extreme beatings and come back for more, a really under rated rc kit that is very very tough. Another great rc model is the df03 also pretty tough but I think for your kid id buy a Madbull and swap the esc/radio gear over. You can buy the kit off ebay. Id just replace the bushing with metal bearings and fit your dirt motor, lasts forever. http://www.modelsport.co.uk/?CallFunction=...7&ShowCar=1 This is not the link to Ebay.
  6. I have a Novak XRS, I really do think the Novak are one of the best ESC on the market, you can't really go wrong with them. Very good for the DF03, nice and small and it needs to be in that tight space.
  7. Might put some plastic explosives connected to a separate switch on the receiver so If anyone tried to run off with it they'd be in for a shock when their hand gets blown off hahahahaha. May need a failsafe though, wouldn't want it going off on a bash and would be really scared to crash it lol, gives a whole new meaning to the word Dark Impact Yes either way Id lose my car but it would be lost with a great deal of satisfaction !!
  8. I don't disagree, there are many faults with the hotshot but Its still a great buggy for collectors and old school members
  9. Personally I wouldnt put anything on them just sell them with a printed description of what they are and how to fit them
  10. Another helen, (another bling girl lol) aarrrrr ickle helen. I want a daughter but im pregnant again with another boy
  11. Are thats good, yeah couldn't believe it when she told me, God I really didn't want to put this, really not taking the **** but you put "he" has some gel and then... that"she" chews on I think you may be having one of those days Joel xx, surely I can see a bigger smile now
  12. Lets pray for loads of hopups, a fully loaded hotshot hopped up beast, can you imagine, would be a thing of beauty !!
  13. Hey no worries, I didn't no you keep getting stick for it, I thought it was just in this thread, I can see it would become annoying time and time again though, if I had of known I wouldn't of said anything, im **** at spelling so I read mine back and modify it if ive made mistakes lol My son is 10 months old and teething bad today, was going to get my bro to look after him tonight lol, my mates rc car got nicked today so was off out to cheer her up but shes coming here now, so all good. Can you believe my son has 8 teeth at only 10 months old. Have you got some teething gel for him/her that helps or something cold he/she can chew on. Nothing worse than a crying baby and im 29 lol Take care x
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