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  1. I'm currently in the process of getting my original boomerang back on (and off) the road. I put it away dirty in the late 80's, took it back out around 2007 to strip, reassemble, and put it back in the box, and just last month brought it out once again for it's second lease on life. I found everything I needed to get it running again, and am in the process of picking up some new electronics to finish it off. I can't wait to get this boomer running again and hope you end up getting one too.
  2. Mystery solved! I got the rere HotShot prop shaft today and it is slightly shorter than the TT-02 hop-up shaft. Here's a side-by-side comparison of the blue TT-02, silver rere HotShot, and black original Boomerang shafts. PS. Thank you both for the kind words on my old car and hop-ups. After putting the car away dirty in the late 80's, I opened it back up around 2006/7 and bought a bunch of period hop-ups on eBay before packing it all back away again. I finally opened everything back up last week, started screwing it back together, and am planning on getting her running again for the first time in over 30 years! And Juhunio, your Boomerang was the inspiration that got me interested in the prop shaft swap in the first place. I just love your car.
  3. Thanks Snappy. Makes sense to me -- I might end up filing down the cup slots after all. I'll confirm the difference in length once I get the rere HotShot shaft in hand. Interesting note: a lot of the pics I've been finding of old cars with the TT-02 shaft fitted seem to be Thundershots and BigWigs, which apparently have a 2mm longer wheelbase than the Boomerang (and HotShot twins). And that 2mm is exactly how much shorter I need the shaft to be in order to work in my car. I could've sworn I've seen a Boomerang or two with the blue TT-02 shaft installed with no mention of mods to make it fit. Weird.
  4. Hey everyone, I just posted this on a Facebook group as well, but wanted to reach out to the experts here at TamiyaClub. I’m in the process of restomodding my original ‘86 Boomerang and just updated a new prop shaft and propeller joints to replace the original twisted wire shaft. I went with Tamiya 9808130 steel propeller joints from the rere Hot Shot and a hop up Tamiya 54501 aluminium propeller shaft for a TT-02 (which I read was a direct replacement for the rere Hot Shot aluminum prop shaft). The problem is, it’s such a tight fit from front to back that the shaft is crammed so tightly in the joints that it doesn’t turn over, let alone spin freely. The shaft seems to be a mm or 2 too long for the Boomerang chassis. Maybe I misread some forum posts where people say it's a direct swap? I have a rere HotShot prop shaft 3450053 currently on order to see how it compares to the TT-02 part, but wondering in the meantime if anyone else has experienced this?
  5. hi mike32--thank you soooo much for the offer! email sent!!!!
  6. sorry Willy, probably should have listed that. I'm in Toronto, but I also sometimes have things shipped to a relative's house in Detroit, which i end up visiting for work once a month or so anyway. i see that you're pretty much on the other side of the world, so whether its the states or canada, it doesn't make much of a difference as far as distance is concerned! I can paypal or send money for the part and shipping in any form you see fit. If anyone wants to email me offline, please feel free to do so at teamkitty @ yahoo.com. Thanks again!
  7. Hi all. Constant lurker, but I think this is only my second post ever. I'm almost finished with a very, very long Boomerang restoration project, and got myself into a pickle. I purchased a hotshot CRP fiberglass battery tray on ebay and found it doesn't quite fit as anticipated. I managed to yankee engineer a way to secure the front of the piece, but I see that the rear can easily be attached with part E11 from the hotshot E parts tree. I'm not one to look for a handout, but I was wondering if anyone has a spare laying around that they'd be willing to get rid of for a couple of bucks. I imagine people have had to buy multiple E parts trees, as I had to do the same with my Boomerang back in the day from broken wheel triangle hub things. If any of you have an extra lying around, I wil put you name on the repainted body as a sponser! Seriously though, I might end up biting the bullet and spending a bit more for a whole tree. Just thought I'd check first. Thanks all!
  8. Hi guys- First off, I've been lurking on this site for over a year and it's all your fault I decided to begin restoration on my original boomerang from when I was a kid. There are some really inspirational builds here and I was hoping maybe one of you could lend some advice regarding my rebuild. Specifically, the top of the rear gearbox has broken with age where the little blue piece slips into the two slots to help secure the rear shock tower. Now there's nothing to anchor it down. Terrible description, but pls see the attached pic for clarification on what I'm trying to say. Is there any chance that a similar model might anchor the rear shock towers differently so I might be able to get away without having to purchase new gearboxes? The supersabre is nearly identical (shorter towers), so that doesn't offer an alternative.The super shot shocks attach further back to the rear of the arms, but the boomerang's attach to the front, so that wouldn't work either. Maybe build it without that piece and see how it goes? It seems like the shock tower itself is pretty secure without that extra anchor point. I suppose I could just glue the little blue piece to the rear gearbox and hope for the best, but I was wondering if maybe a hotshot II part might work instead? Has anyone else had to replace a perfectly good gearbox just because a teeny tiny sliver of plastic has broken off and can no longer support the rear shock tower? Thanks in advance for the advice guys! If I have to buy new gear boxes, I guess I'll try my hardest to wait for the rere hotshot to come out and purchase some spares at that time. It's already been 20+ years since I've run this car, I don't think I can wait any longer!
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