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  1. Hello! I looked at my 56001 (RT1601) Sherman and I do not think the parts in the first picture came from that kit. I didn't disassemble anything so in case the parts are not in view it's still possible. But I took some pictures and put them in a more suitable thread: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/82164-56001-sherman-rt1601-transmission-pictures/ FunwithFox
  2. Hello! Here are pictures from inside of the hull of my RT1601 Sherman (also known as 56001). The transmission came originally in the kit already assembled. The only choice during the build for it was, that you could change how the motors would be geared. Either faster (together, 2-channel radio) or slower (separately, 1-channel radio) by selecting the right sprocket/s. As I modified my build a little (as you can see in the pictures) a long time ago, it has the slower gear option in use and the clutch control remains unused. The two motors are Mabuchi RS-360. And servos are Acoms AS-5 (not in picture) The original control was with microswitches forward and reverse and turning with a servo controlling the clutch steering (black parts). The original could not pivot on the spot, but this modification can do it. An additional fun fact is, that it is possible to modify an Acoms Techniplus MK.III stick radio, by unscrewing one control stick and to re-attach it 90 degrees rotated and then you have two forward/back stick controls like in a real tank. Suits this setup very well. The white battery holder (5 D-size) is not in the picture as I use a NiCd battery for running. Transmission in view. Yellow electrical tape is there for just for wire safety. Front view Side view Top view Hopefully this will be of use for someone. FunwithFox
  3. Just for reference here's a picture of a SP-12 pinion set for RS-380 And I can try to look into my Sherman next week for additional info. FunwithFox
  4. Thank you Yes, this helps. Now I know the boundaries for creating/using a similar size driver. FunwithFox
  5. Hello! Could someone with access to a Kumamon kit measure the figure dimensions (without hat) and the mount to which the bear is fixed and secured with tape (see picture below). Bear height/width? Head size? Arm length? Back to pedal paw dimension (without tail)? Mount width, lenght and height? Thank you in advance FunwithFox
  6. Hello! I'm sending you a link via PM, it's a long shot but... FunwithFox
  7. I have given up with my F-2 project, so I'm not looking for the part anymore. I'll probably trade the existing parts later this year, when I have more time. FunwithFox
  8. Hello... and thanks all for your input. As I was ordering some parts anyway, I decided to add the bushings to my order. The Street Rover build will be something for me to do during the winter holidays. My plan is to hop it up to a DT-02MS standard. speedy_w_beans and LongRat: Thank you for your comments on handling, setup pros/cons and the sand scenario. GregM: Thanks for your opinion on the gear/ball diffs and your clarifying question about the spool. The reason, why I was asking about the bushings, was that the ball diff set up with the bushings would (in my reasoning) be a more fault-tolerant version of a locked DT-02 diff, as it would allow still slip, when the a shock, a crash or other situation would be hard enough on the locked diff. Also the fact, that the change (bushings) can be easily reversed back to a normal ball diff, makes it a no-risk mod. I'm also going to assemble the original gear diff (came with kit) so that I can compare the handling between the two versions later (and also have a spare). And yes, I have many times heard, that the normal gear diff is pretty bullet-proof normally. Have a nice day! FunwithFox
  9. Hello again! Edited my second post above a little. The images were not showing, but hopefully that got remedied. So, a DT-02 ball diff with bushings is the way to go, if you want a understeering RWD car or for drifting, it seems. But one possible scenario still comes up to my mind: Loose sand (slipping tyres) on a beach and a driving style not so much forward, but sideways like cornering in rallying or on dirt ovals. So just bashing and sand in the air all around, would it work ? FunwithFox
  10. Hello and thanks for the reply! Yes the DT-02 ball diff is a limited slip ball diff, but I was more curious about how it functions with these bushings (54424) which replace the 3mm balls in the diff. The drawing for installation: So if someone is using or has experience with this setup, comments would be helpful for me. FunwithFox
  11. Hello! I'm currently acquiring some of the last parts needed for my hopped-up-to-be Street Rover. After some forum searches I'm still a little unsure, so it's time to ask. I already have the DT-02 ball diff (53863) http://www.tamiyausa.com/product/item.php?product-id=53863, and was wondering if it would accept these bushings (54424) http://www.tamiyausa.com/product/item.php?product-id=54424 to make it a spool diff? Has someone this setup in their DT-02 ? How would you compare the difference in handling to a DT-02 with a standard diff DT-02 with a ball diff On what kind of track surface would/do you run this setup? Any other comments? FunwithFox
  12. Hi! I'm currently in middle of making trades for Low rider sets/parts with wheels, so I think, that I will not need any additional wheels for my project. As the new low rider set has also been presented at Nuremberg Toy Fair, I will have that as a backup/alternate plan for the set/parts I think the XC/CC low rider Unimog will be just the first try at R/C Pro-Am look and I'll try to improve on it later. So it's going to be in a sense the mk.1. Slicks might be a good bet for getting the feel of control right like in the game But thank you for the kind offer! FunwithFox
  13. Hello Disco! I somehow missed your reply the last time I browsed, but noticed it today. So if I understood correctly your conversion kit is otherwise complete, but you have used the tyres for your TGX. Did you also use the wheels and inserts? What would be the best way to contact you? PM? FunwithFox
  14. This sounds interesting. Definitely something to check out first, before hunting for other sets/parts. Thank you for the info, Mokei. FunwithFox P.s. Did you notice the pictures of old Tamiya Catalogues in the topic: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=65895&page=3
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