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  1. Hello All, Their is a Carpark around back of the Showcase Cinema's (Foresters Park Centre, Sinfin La, Derby, DE23 8AG) it is next to the Pizza Hut. Few people i know use that occasionally to run in their cars etc. I was proposing in arranging a meet down their, of around 4-6 people. (dont want to many as may attract unwanted attention) But theirs a nice BIG carpark to use etc.... And always empty down near bottom... If we have an takers here, post a reply and we can arrange Something.. Thanks Kevin
  2. Theirs also a Big Car park next to Pizza Hut (behind Showcase cinenam) in Sinfin, Derby. I may be up their tonight running my Car in for a lil. no where else to run this car in, too fast :s
  3. Hey up mate, Only place I know to run ur car in is Back of Showcase in Sinfin, Derby. Next to the pizza hut, big carpark at back.... if you ever wanna meet m8 would be cool. Kev
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