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  1. true true but ellie (my little sister) has a toy truck. it's not upgradeable, fast or in anyway good apart from it's durability due to heavy bulky parts. it would be a good idea to jump it because it'd look cool but due to it's weight and speed (or lack of) it won't be too impressive.
  2. I would think the easiest was to measure speed would be to go to a running track (or measure out 100M) get your car started so that it's already running at max speed before it starts the 100m. Time how long it takes for it to complete the 100M. then you can use that as a proportion to figure out the speed in KM/h. from there you could convert into MPH or whatever unit you want. i've seen a lot of people do that with their cars and it worked for them.
  3. there are some descent ones but nothing exceptional. when you come to Montreal, pm me so that we can get together for (cue the dramatic music) the first!!! EVER!! (DRAMATIC MUSIC NOW!!!!!) TAMIYACLUB MEET IN NORTH AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so yeah we can do that....lol good luck king on the 2 car jump if you actually try it. just make sure you can clear it before you actually go for it by putting the jump next to the 2 cars and checking where it lands. george
  4. what's the worst that'll happen? you run into a sidewalk at full speed and demolish the whole thing including the esc which shorts out creating some sort of blazing inferno. there's also the chance that you take it easy, have a fun drive, go really fast and bring the car back in 1 piece. The gears surviving probably depends on what BL system you run. if you have a 7700KV mamba max and you go full throttle i'm sure something'll strip. but if you have a tamer BL like a 5700KV and you ease on the power it should be fine. ( I will not be held responsible for any damage caused to you, your vehicle or anything else damaged in the driving process lol) anyway, if you do choose to do it, please film it and share the video. george
  5. i kept my mouth shut for this video so it's 100% clean . hope you like it and i'm looking forward to comments. george
  6. i was just wondering if anyone here played battlefield2 online or had xfire. if you do then reply or add me on xfire (tiddlywink) and we'll play some time George
  7. i don't think many newcomers actually know what the TC community car is all about so i just figured i'd bring this thread back to show everyone what a great job you guys all did. props to anyone and everyone who pitched in George
  8. That's what i want to know since i'm looking into buying a keen hawk soon. I would think so since the keen hawk has more curves so it wont contour the chassis quite as much but i'm better off just waiting for someone with a keen hawk to reply. any info would be greatly appreciated George
  9. before getting a new esc, make sure yours is set correctly. if not, then maybe a push of a button is all it needs. read the esc instructions for how to set it George
  10. great stories guys. here's mine. I wasn't around back in the vintage days. As a matter of fact, I'm making my childhood memories now. I was bit by the RC bug in August 2004, conveniently a month before my birthday. I was searching the web constantly for the car i wanted when i came across the df-02. It was low to the ground for better handling, 4WD so it's predictable offroad and had a sleek body that i could paint however i wanted. I had gathered up enough money from my birthday to buy the car, radio, charger and battery when my cousin, also into RC but didn't drive any tamiyas at the time, told me to get a traxxas rustler. It was high off the ground, 2WD but it came RTR which i thought would be better at the time. I drove that around for as long as I could before too much snow fell without anything going wrong. When the snow melted in 2005, it was back off the shelf and into the dirt! I guess traxxas aren't exactly built to last because after that i was breaking parts weekly and had to wait roughly 3 weeks for parts to come in because my local HS didn't carry spares. Then my ESC burnt out and my motor plate had worn to the point where the gear mesh never stayed put. After having problem after problem, i just got frustrated and threw my rc onto the shelf. It was roughly 6 months ago when i remembered my rc after having taken quite a long break. I fixed the problems i had with it a started running that crappy old traxxas again. but it just didn't seem like enough. so there i was searching the web again for another rc car when i remembered my old idea of getting a df-02. not long after, i made my second rc purchase with my choice being a rising storm. My stepdad (Markellie) got back into the hobby with me and now i got 2 more of my friends hooked (Twist. and Minisam) and my uncle. All of us drive electric tamiya kits (but my uncle who has 2 nitro duratrax's and always has problems) and have rc meets at least 2 times a week. Looking back when i'm older, I'm probably gonna remember all the good times i had with my rc cars and look all of you TC members up and get hooked again. maybe even start a thread like that talking about old rc memories. but until then.....happy driving!!! George
  11. does the standard keen hawk body fit on really tight as does the DI or does it have a big enough gap on the sides to allow for cooling? As for the 959, since the df-02 and df-03 have very similar wheel bases, the 959 body for the df-02 should do fine. George
  12. I say they should have made a Robin reliant. It wouldn't handle well or be good at anything but it'd just be soo cool.
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