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  1. This is the kind of mistake I tend to make...I'm definitely going to take a look. Thanks!
  2. Your Ford body looks really mean! I love it. I can see your point about the heavy body raising the center of gravity (and that the lexan body would improve performance) but to me, it looks like the performance hit is worth it. I'd leave it alone. Interesting observation about the oil shocks making it more likely to roll. I'm no expert on shock tuning but it sounds like lighter springs and lighter weight oil may be a help here. Alternatively, can you switch out the valve in the shocks to one that is less restrictive? Interesting suggestion about flipping the rear lower arms to gain a little bit of clearance! I'm absolutely going to take a look at this option. Thanks! Your steering mod sounds like a stroke of brilliance. I'm going to take look through my scrap bin and see I may have a suitable piece of aluminum (or some other material) to replicate this. Thanks! Great to hear that your Crawlmaster is working out for you! the "just above walking pace" sounds similar to stock performance...maybe a bit too slow for my preferences! Holmes seems to be one of the absolute best vendors in our hobby. I've been thrilled with their motors and their service.
  3. The pictures didn’t properly capture the pink LEDs shining into cotton “smoke” emanating from the stacks but I thought it came out pretty well. Also, I can’t trim the ugly body posts if I ever want to go back to the Dynahead body.
  4. I’ve been enjoying the G6-01 platform a lot. I love the uniqueness of the gear train, rear steering, and the traction potential of 6 wheel drive. There are some obvious limitations regarding “crawling” capabilities but as a trail truck platform, it does pretty well. I had both the Konghead and Dynahead in my fleet for a while and despite some significant differences, they started to feel redundant. So I sold the Konghead chassis but kept the body. The Kong is gone but the Dynahead got some funding for upgrades. Full ball bearings, oil shocks, rear steering servo, Hobbywing 3100kv sensored combo, etc. Currently, I’m running the non-boxart Konghead body on the Dynahead chassis (with the portal axles, of course). I also soldered in a voltage meter to provide some “telemetry.” The Hobbywing setup is a good match. Thanks to the gear reduction through the portals, the stock 27t motor makes the Dynahead slow enough to be pretty boring. It now goes about twice as fast. According to the GPS, it goes 16mph on 3s but it looks and feels a lot faster than that. That could be because of the strong acceleration. It’s a really fun truck.It has done one long trail hike and lots of ripping around the backyard. One major problem has cropped up: During sharp turns with rear wheel steering engaged, a rear wheel sometimes clashes with a middle wheels and gets stuck. I’ve turned the steering rate pretty far down in the rear to the point where they shouldn’t be able to touch but it still happens and it seems to be a result of slop in the steering linkage. I switched to a metal servo mount but it didn’t help much. Any ideas about how to fix this would be helpful! Low speed modulation isn’t great either. I don’t know if it’s the Hobbywing sensored system not being well suited or if there’s just too much friction in the drivetrain….but my TRX4 with a Holmes Hobby 4100kv motor (capable of 30mph on 3s) is still way better at going slow and still having enough torque to climb. Any guesses? What are your experiences with this platform? Any favorite mods?
  5. Thanks!! I’ll take a look for these spacers and give that a try! Do you have a thread for your Ferrari build? It sounds awesome!
  6. Thanks! I do have an M06 kicking around as well… I see kit 58594 is discontinued…but maybe the necessary parts trees are out there.
  7. I suppose with a little bit of wheel-arch carving, this could work...but is there another Tamiya chassis that will work with a Lunchbox hardbody?
  8. I’m loving this truck. I had some buggy shocks kicking around that work way better than the TRX units. I reinforced the rear servo mount with a 90* aluminum bracket. Finally, I was able to get a couple miles on it. The Hobbywing 4100kv sensored motor appears to be a great match. On 2s, it can creep slowly with decent torque for climbing and also scoot along with surprising speed. On 3s, it’s hilarious. People always point out that this is NOT a crawler and that’s mostly true but where the ground clearance and articulation are lacking, the approach angle and traction are excellent. This is definitely going to be a fun one for some moderate trail driving. There are some significant flaws and shortcomings in this kit but overall, it’s a gem.
  9. With the return of this model to stock in the USA (and hopefully elsewhere) I was able to get my hands on one! My build included the (essentially mandatory) full set of ball bearings, a Hobbywing sensored brushless motor, rear steering, and some oil shocks from a Traxxas TRX6 (which are way too long but I got creative with the upper mounts and made them more or less work). I realized after getting the whole thing assembled that I forgot to install the thin brass spacers before the retaining clips that hold the input cup/shaft inside the portals. Getting those retaining clips off without wrecking them off is always a pain in the axle. I'm sure there's a tool for this that I can't be bothered to buy. So far, it doesn't seem like there is any ill effect of missing those but at some point, I'll go in and install them. It looks like the recommended oil shocks for this vehicle are basically touring car shocks. is that right? Is that enough travel? Which ones would you suggest? Finally, the servo mounting points seem really inadequate. Has anyone found a way to improve the servo mounts?
  10. I was looking high and low for a Dynahead here in the USA and the supply is totally dried up. The cost of importing one (and/or paying collector prices) was not an option for me so I begrudgingly went for a Konghead! Full ball bearings, 20kg metal gear servo up front, generic servo out back, Traxxas TRX4 ESC, Traxxas Hauler wheels. The color scheme may be familiar to some of you guys. The windows are tinted pink with an internal light source. I have pink LEDs on the way for the headlights (I masked off the polycarbonate sections behind the headlight decals so they will shine through). It drives nicely as-is. It's quick enough to be entertaining and I think I will enjoy it....but I have a few questions: 1) How long would this stock 27T motor last on 3s with the stock gearing? My ESC is 3s capable...so the 50% more speed with the additional cell would be just about perfect. 2) I had a vision of making the rear steering switchable through a mix on my radio but it looks like my FlySky GT5 may not be able to do this. How do you have your rear steering set up? Are you happy with it? 3) I would love to run some wheel/tires that would look SLIGHTLY more scale. These tires, like the stock ones, are just silly looking. Has anyone attempted this? The TT01 based touring truck wheels look good (to my eye) but the tires are just too small. Are King Hauler wheels/tires a possibility? The two pairs of dually tires would be cool if that could be done.
  11. Thanks, taffer. I'd LOVE to buy this from you buy Im over in the USA so the shipping costs would be prohibitive for me. Besides, I got impatient and ended up buying a Konghead locally. It's not exactly what I wanted but it's 90% of the way there.
  12. It seems like there’s a pretty standard process for these kits to come in and out of availability for indeterminate amounts of time. I noticed that in the case of the Dynahead, online stores are showing it as being on backorder rather than discontinued. Does that mean anything? Currently, places like EBay seem like the only choices but unfortunately, I’m not in a position to spend collector prices on models but I fully plan to drive in enjoy. I’ve strongly considered a Konghead or a Kingyellow, doing without the portals and trying to make the most of it with a crawler motor and some legit tires but I can’t get past the strange Kenworth (?) Truck body or the silly bus body. Is the Dynahead body available separately? I could not find a part number for it. Thanks for any help!
  13. Thanks! This gives me a lot of hope, especially since we're running similar KV power systems, yours likely being a bit quicker with fewer RPMs lost to the inefficiency of the old school brushed motor in my car. So it's good to hear that the chassis should be able to handle this power level. Now that you mention it, I started tweaking the suspension from the kit manual settings while I was struggling on the original tires...so based on the experiences you shared, I think I should go back to square 1 now that I have the S Grips on the rear. I'll try adding 1 degree of toe out and go from there. I'm noting your shock/spring setup too so I can try that next. The knuckles sound like a good mod for durability even if they aren't a big factor. Thanks so much for sharing this info!!
  14. I've heard that one drawback to high speed runs with the TT02 design is the slop in the steering linkage. What was this upgrade all about? As for adding weight to the nose...it seems like a supplemental wing on the nose might be a better choice. You probably wouldn't need much. I just did a quick Google search to find the Kv of a 4.5T motor... is it really 9300kv?! That's pretty wild. I've have a Arma Typhon motor in mine which isn't a great match. It's something like 3300kv. I've been messing with gearing and with the highest speed combo with 48p gears that I can fit, I'd guess that it's around 50mph. Not great.
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