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  1. I ended up going with a cheap Yeah Racing 13T motor. Maybe too many RPM/V but I like speed. I hope it works out to be a good match.
  2. M08 Concept is back in stock at Tower Hobbies and they were running a coupon so I figured “what the badword?” I have a good servo and brushed esc that I believe will work. What’s the hottest brushed motor that this 2WD chassis will handle without overwhelming the platform or breaking stuff? I don’t plan on running in a class, just ripping around the local paved track, maybe some of the indoor carpet too.
  3. Thanks. I’ll consider modifying a TT02. You make a good case. Aside from my Traxxas Slash and TRX4 Bronco, a TT02 is my only other land based RC. The build was a blast and it drives great. I still want to look for a new experience for this Datsun though...
  4. Please excuse my noob questions I’d like to drive this Datsun on dirt surfaces and I’d prefer the realism of RWD only. Is there an I. production/affordable 251mm chassis that would do this for me? It looks like the DF03ra platform would have been the original platform for this body but that one seems pretty pricey...and 4wd anyway. thanks! Mike
  5. Thanks to both of you guys! while those were both good suggestions, @martinjpayne nailed it!! I backed the screw out, smoothed it down with the point of a soldering iron and I’m in business.
  6. Probably a dumb question but I’ve had this thing apart twice now and it really looks like I’ve followed the directions to the letter...but I must be missing something because the ring gear seems to be too big for the differential housing and it binds when you turn the driveshaft. Opening the case and lifting the diff assembly up a bit to provide some clearance shows that everything is moving correctly. So why is this binding? Yes, The rear differential spins properly. Any help would be welcome! Insults about my incompetence will be humbly accepted
  7. thanks again, guys. my 1:1 with minilite (style) wheels is my old Dodge Dart that I’m gradually building with the intent of making it a semi period-correct backroads/canyon carver. Im badword-bent on sticking with 15” wheels even if tire choices are drying up. I’ve had that car for most of my life (bought it when I was 17) and it’s basically a family member at this point. I overshare pictures of it as 73dodgedartsport on Instagram.
  8. Thanks! I do love those wheels (and I have them for my 1:1 scale car too which dirt tires would fit?
  9. I’m in the process of putting together a 240z rally car. It looks like the kit that Tamiya initially offered used some kind of truck wheel that doesn’t look right, IMO. Can anyone suggest a combo that might look closer to the real thing? https://jalopnik.com/nissan-volunteers-will-restore-this-badass-240z-rally-c-1313995634 thanks!!
  10. Thanks so much! I’ll get one of those adjustable mounts. The motor is a 3660. Not sure how much the extra length will help for so that’s encouraging...I’ll see if it can handle 4s. I’m getting a headache Trying to figure out combos that will work best with the 48p pinion. What’s a typical set that works for people? Assuming I can get all that figured out, will the stock diffs from the TT02RR hold up ok?
  11. Hi, guys. I’m mostly a plane guy without much RC car experience...so please excuse my wild ignorance. I got the bug to build up a car so I started shopping. I knew I wanted a Tamiya touring car and the TT02 seemed like the way to go. The RR has a bunch of the parts that I would have bought anyway...so I ordered one up and set out to find a deal on a quality brushless system, I happened on a deal for a parted-out Arma Typhon that was too good to pass up...which may have been a hasty choice. So I have the 3200kv motor and stock 100A ESC ready to go. In the stock application, this power system propels the Typhon to ~60mph while accelerating pretty ferociously so it’s capable of some good performance. The obvious problem with this motor for the car application is the low kv... Is it hopeless? What pinion/spur set would allow me get 60mph/100kmh or more out of this thing on 3s? I gather that I’ll need some kind of custom spur setup...just not sure where to start. Are there other weaknesses that need to be addressed? I read somewhere that the ring gears in the diffs that come with the TT02RR were garbage. Is that right? thanks for any advice!
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