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  1. I love the Thunder Dragon, a proper 80's sci-fi straight line design I have a NIB and also a runner but I'd love one in white like the one shown as it reminds me of the Thunder Dragon Jnr. I had that was in unpainted white plastic. I think they suit white better than silver.
  2. Hehehe I wonder if they saw mine and got inspired by it?
  3. I painted my Buggy Champ Tamiya gold when I got it and thought it suited it pretty well
  4. My Fox arms arrived and they look fantastic. It's a shame to open packet. Thanks!
  5. What's the best way to repair broken or missing roll bars on a Super Champ shell? Thanks
  6. The Gummi Pflege I got is the german made equivalent of the BMW one but is in a white bottle with a sponge top. It's a milky watery liquid that smells of lemon.
  7. For protecting and nourishing rubber parts I have been experimenting with two products that I used to look after the rubber parts on my real 1:1 car. Aerospace 303 protectant(which is for UV protection and has all kinds of uses etc) and also Gummi Pflege(which is used extensively by BMW on convertible rubbers) which is a none-silicone based product for keeping door rubbers supple and smooth running.
  8. I'm fairly excited about this. I really like the looks myself with the rear louvres and side jerry cans. Looks a great scale runner I've never owned the original but I'll be picking this up.
  9. I noticed the manual has a mistake on a page where the greasing shadows have slipped off a touch and floats in mid air. Does anyone know why you have to use the steering rods in the separate packet? It was hard to spot the difference also the single small shim for the center tube.
  10. I used tamiya soft damper grease in mine. The front pair work great, one of the rears is so-so and the other one as you say just locks all the way down and doesn't really move. I think they could do with a spring on the shaft to move em back out. Glad it wasn't just me!
  11. Carson hump pack, stock 540 and stock ESC. I also fitted the high acceleration gear and put soft damper grease in the shocks rather than oil. Had a quick go with the top off, seems plenty quick, lots of donuts and even a few wheelies!
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