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  1. ebay and tamiya have been a bad mix for me. I never sell well on it, yet other stuff is a fortune. Can't work it out.
  2. I always seem to have the knack of selling when prices are low, and buying when they are high. So do the opposite of what I do
  3. Looks great! I might pick up a body set for my 3rd dragon project!
  4. No problem! Please check my wanted thread
  5. I'm after the following please! Don't mind if not new, as long as it's not thrashed!! Hopefully get all my cars up and running! Fire Dragon A7 Gear casing front left rubber 0 rings c1 rear hub rear guard ba bag screws f2 split tb4 tie rod prop shaft B1 servo mounts - acquired from wez-li rear hub thats the short height one, I have two mismatched! fire dragon body shell terra scorcher front wide shock tower mild tune 540 motor F350 Three speed gear box or a custom single that's an easy fit parts for rear steering, the small steering shaft that mounts on the frame holder, and the steering rods. crawler motor 540 Clod Buster 2 x 540s 2 x roll bars clod b parts 0005294 x 1 clod a parts 9005236 x 1 clod roll bar x 1 clod drive shaft bag clod h parts clod rims
  6. Any ideas on the UJ's? Could they be Associated ones? Nearly all the ones I've seen have dog bones on the end, not a flat.
  7. Not quite today, but I painted the driver for the Super Storm Dragon shell, he came out looking a bit creepy, but I'm happy enough with it.
  8. I thought skid plates for clod axles, but I couldn't get them to fit.
  9. Gah, I take it they are of little use just on their own?
  10. Currently sorting through all my stuff, and I have these parts left over, but I've no idea what they are off. I have a feeling the home made brackets could be for a Clod, but I couldn't find how to fit them on? Any ideas!
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