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  1. It may not be your motor making noises, I had a simlar thing with my Falcon and it turned out to be a striped spur gear. If you want to replace your motor then you base your choice on what you plan to do with the truck. If you want it to drive through thick mud and climb stuff etc then you want a higher turn motor which gives better torque but lower speed. If you want your truck for speed then I think the BZ is the one for dirt although a good 19t would be good too.
  2. RTR's arent all bad, take the Sportwerks Recoil it can do 25mph out of the box and if you dont like somone building it for you then there are kits avalible. The car uses a Fibre glass Chassis and you get the full works on the Suspension and drivetrain side of things the only downside being its only a 1/14th scale and not 1/10th.
  3. To algin the wheels you need to adjust the track rod ends, and the Motor is mounted wrong. To sort that just fit it the other way up and test fit first to make sure of gear contact.
  4. 21t is now in, cant test it as it appears there isnt enough power in my Batteries to work the Transmitter to test it. Now have another 540 to add to my spares bin. So anything else I can do? My drill appears to be dead and Ive got no bits small enough left so the 5th shock is currently out of the question.
  5. Dam, could have used on to add top my LB
  6. Being able to blast through the dirt without flipping or scuffing my paintwork and having an appearence that fits aswell. Atm the Vans mostly dark colours with yellow wheels and no sunroof glass present. I think I might know where Ive got a spare 21t Motor so I might be sorted there too, Just the Handleing problem as my Idiot friend never gave me the kit for converting it to oil shocks. Basically I just need the Brackets as Ive got 4 spare oil shocks albiet yellow ones.
  7. The tyres is something I can do, I really dont want to cut the Chassis though to do the shock mod incase I want to revert back to stock. Ive got no spare 1150 bearings though only the crappy plastic Bushings.
  8. No more suggestions ? Seems no one wants to swap for my 15t either, Never Mind Ill just have to run stock as I dont have a spare ESC with a 15t Limit.Ive put spacers on the Suspension so now its a little stiffer
  9. I painted a whole LB body in Humbrol and Revell Enamel which is acctually intended for Airfix type Model kits not RC but It gave me briliant results. Its Painted Scooby van style with Murals of the gates of death and the grim reaper on its sides. Only thing that looks out of place is the bright yellow wheels which I can soon change once I get around to taking 'Dead Metal' out in the dirt again.
  10. Ive got a set of LB wheels, problem is Id need some wheels in trade for them. PM if your intrested.
  11. The Falcons not dead, its my fastest electric with its 15t motor but its just not the best for winter weather, thats why Ive started looking at my Lunchy again. Ive got a few oil shocks spare but I really want to avoid cutting into the Chassis where possible, if youve got the bits for the suspension conversion going spare I might take them as I never got the ones a mate owed me. Dont really want to do stickers either as the Custom paint took hours to do and it would be a shame to cover it. I can trade my spare 15t for a 19t as my esc should be able to take it, the 15t is unused since I got it from Time Tunnel early this year.
  12. Ive got a budget of wait for it...... zilch. Im flat broke. My Lunchy is well a bit on the soggy side to say the least so I wonder if theres anything I can do thats free or uses some of the parts I do have. Its already Mildly customized with its Paint job, light kit and absence of Sunroof, other than that its stock everything for a repo of course. Parts I have are some Falcon spares and a Annsmann Smacker Chassis with a 21t Motor fitted. I also have a spare 15t but I doubt the LB will get on with it considering its got the **** stock suspension and Tamiya's base ESC. Left over from a Nitro Ive got for black wheels although the tyres are fairly worn (Burnouts = Fun). I can fabricate some stuff. So you guys think you can help?
  13. Ive got a 15t Ansmann clash which was intended for a car I never got in the end and its of course to fast for my LB so I need something like a 19t or 17t. The Motors Unused and in its box, Id like the same of the motor in trade but I dont mind used if its a decent one. Thanks.
  14. Made a return to Tamiya club and did some restoration on the 1/1 car. So, What have you done today?
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