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  1. MFU and Integy 55 turn motor It's slower than a stunned slug in low gear but it sure does have some torque
  2. Good old Ace Rimmer I've used that as an avatar on many a forum
  3. Yes it does, I have a tamiya light kit fitted to mine
  4. Went to the local woods / beauty spot with a mate and our trucks I took the Pajero and CR-01 out for a blast in the rain. Man the weather sucked big time, we both got drenched even when sheltering under the trees but both came back with grins on our faces I discovered the tamiya Esc supplied with the pajero does not like being submerged in water to much But boy did I have a blast racing through massive muddy puddles sending muck and bullets flying Don't worry though a quick stint on the radiator once home and it's all working fine again, I have since fitted an M-troniks Esc and bagged up the RX so that next time rain will not stop play
  5. I'll have a look tonight and see where I ended up routing my wires from the control box. The RX switch is redundant when using the MFC-02 As for the rest of the wiring it is possible (not easy but possible) to route all the rear light wiring through the chassis but it does become a bit of a pain when you need to work on the truck.
  6. I have one, and yes I did get one of the first ones with the incorrect tranny! They have made changes to the tranny now but the rest of the kit is not perfect. You would be better off with their other scale looking chassis with the 2 speed gearbox in it.
  7. Is he using the stock pinion or has he fitted something else? I used the stock pinion and the mesh is fine on mine
  8. What? I've just put the novak 55 turn lathe motor in mine and had no trouble meshing it. Nor did I with the integy lathe motor I had in there initially.
  9. I've been using an el cheapop Mtroniks Eco27 with a 55 turn motor in my cr-01 and it runs cool. I do have a Novak Rooster Crawler on order as the Ec027 is rubbish at hill decents and the resolution is not great but for what it cost it works well.
  10. The MFU in the F-350 is quite robust, I do a fair amount of mud plugging and wading in water with mine (sone call me crazy to do it but I just can't resist those muddy puddles ). The MFU sits pretty hi up in the cab and I've yet to have water over the chassis rails so the speaker has remained dry. It's only a cheap ****** paper cone speaker so easily replaced. The lowest electric gizmo is the MFU control box. I've got that wet a few times and touch wood it's still working fine, I do plan on relocating it to the bed in a little scale tool box to keep it up out of the wet nasty stuff. I'm also considering sticking the MFU in some sort of tupperware box with baffles to keep it dry so I don#t have to worry so much about spraying **** up on to it. Is the MFU worth it? Most deffinatly in a scaler. The lights and sounds really do add a nice touch to the overall experiance, as others have said the noise can get a bit droney after a while, especially when it stays at a constant pitch when you're trailing about in low gears but it can be turned down and it sure is fun to crank it up and surpise unsuspecting hikers with a rev of the engine and blast of the horns!
  11. That's a rather cynical view, but it does raise a good point. I have only bought one kit, I will not be selling it on ebay. I just wanted to A brag I had one and B let people know that there are still some sitting on shelves in the UK
  12. I was lucky enough to secure one of these on Tuesday from a UK hobby store. Most of the usual places are sold out (Modelsport etc). In fact I just got an email today from MS saying that this item is no longer available. Ring round the smaller hobby stores and you might be lucky enough to get one.
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