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  1. Ok thats not what I wanted to hear but it is what it is, thank for the responses, I guess Im looking on ebay, etc to find a used one.
  2. I missed the original run for the F201 and I have been kicking myself ever since. I purchased a F104 to scratch the F1 itch, but now I'm on the hunt for a F201. Does anybody know or heard if this model might get RE RE. Thanks Nick F
  3. Actually I need both what Berman and Backtomyroots posted, that everybody.
  4. Thanks everybody. F1 paint Lab will do since Im in the States
  5. I dont have any pictures right now but I snapped the posts that mount to the servo and then to the servo plate in the "A" parts tree. I was just wondering if there were any upgrades (aluminum) for the stock servo location. I know Tamiya makes the servo posts in AL but I dont remember ever seeing an AL servo mounting plate and a AL bottom chassis where the servo plate screws to.
  6. So I have a vintage Coldbuster that I use occasionally. Last time I used the truck, the steering went out on me and I just shelved it, until last night. So apparently I broke the servo blocks that connect to the bottom plate of the chassis, not the plate, the posts. As these posts were the original from the 80's it's time for an upgrade. Looking for recommendations as I would like to keep the stock single servo 4WS. I already did the free mods such as larger servo horn, parallel rods and move the point on the servo saver out to the furthest hole along with a HT servo. Nick F.
  7. I just finished building a F104W Lotus edition, and I'm not a fan of the green. I'm planning on painting the car in Ferrari colors (red and black) but I need some type of stickers that i can use, any idea where to purchase such an item. For an idea on the car/paint scheme please see this link:
  8. Do you run Lipo's? Due to the belt running under the top deck you need a very low profile Lipo. Which lipo's fit? Nick F
  9. Yes it's a Turbo Optima (not a mid, motor out back) and I beleive the belt does read Pirelli 240XL, thanks for all your help. Im gonna run it but just wanted to have the info just incase the belt breaks
  10. Hello all, I have two turbo optimas one with the belt drive and one with the chain drive. I would like to run the one with the belt drive but its been almost 15 years since i last ran it. im worried that the belt will break and now Im back to chain drive. i cant find any spec on the belt, length tooth per inch etc. I would like to know is there a modern day replaement for the belt, Tamiya must have one that matches the specs, they have alot of belt drive cars. Any help would be appreciated Nick F
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