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  1. Tamiya R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R body shell, TLU-01 light unit with x2 5mm white and x2 5mm red LED's. Bodyshell has been cut of excess plastic but will need trimming neatly. Holes have been added to fit a TT01 chassis. Still has protective film on it. Comes with the light buckets, rear spoiler and wing mirrors (all still on their sprues and in packaging). Plus all stickers and window masks. TLU-01 as new, never used, same as the LED's. £70 including postage within the UK
  2. Another Acoms received and servo. Same condition as above but with no crystals. £12.00 including postage within the UK Kyosho micron line tape. 0.7mm x 8m and 0.4mm x 8m in black. These are still in their packaging. £8.00 for both including postage within the UK Some gears parts.. I think these are all for the TA03 chassis. As new £8.00 including postage within the UK
  3. Tamiya TEU-104BK ESC. New, still in packaging. SOLD Tamiya TEU-101BK ESC No packaging, never been used. I haven't got anything to test it but as its never been used it should be fine. £12.00 including postage within the UK. Acoms AR-201 receiver and AS-12 servo. Ive had these approx 25yrs..they have seen very little use and have been in a box most of that time. The servos rotate freely but Ive nothing to properly test them with. Comes with the band 5 transmitter and received crystals. £12.00 including postage within the UK
  4. Re-release Tamyia Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 body set. This is pretty much all brand new. I have cut the excess plastic but it will need trimming properly. I have put body holes in it for a TT01 chassis. Its unpainted and still has the protective film on. Comes with all the stickers, masking set. All wing mirrors, light buckets are all on their sprues. Brand new TLU-01. Comes with x2 white 5mm LED's and x2 5mm red LED's, the battery power supply and the LED attachment clips and screws. £70 posted within the UK
  5. Tamiya TA02RS chassis. This is new built, by me. Never used. The only addition to this kit is a ball bearing set. The box is in good condition. The last pic is all the left over bits of the build. NOW SOLD.
  6. Tamiya Jagermeister BMW M3 shell. Uncut... £35.00 posted within the UK.. I know ill regret doing this.. New built TA02 RS chassis. Only thing changed is the addition of ball bearings. Box is in good condition, all spare build parts are there. £170 including postage within the UK. Tamiya TT01R with a 3Racing conversion. Never used. TT01R with the standard hop ups that were included in the kit, extras include the blue aluminium racing steering set, front and rear ball diffs, front universal shafts, touring car on road springs, motor heat sink, ball bearings, HPI wheels ( the front has narrow wheel hex's to tuck the wheels in more. I have the rest of the tamika parts left over from the conversion, plus the tamiya carbon top plate for the tt01 chassis. Tamiya Nissan Skyline R32 shell. Its cut but need trimming properly. Have the light buckets and this INCLUDES the lighting unit. No ESC, servos etc.. £150 including postage within the UK
  7. Selling off my collection of cars and shells. Will keep adding to this post.. Tamiya TA02 chassis. This is the Porsche Jagermeister chassis only. New built, never run. I have changed the rears arms to the standard TA02 ones. Have added the tamiya touring car springs and aluminium king pins. I have the spare build parts and the the bits to change it back to the shorter wheel base. £160 including postage within the UK. Tamiya TA02 with a road version of the BMW M3. Chassis, never been run, has the following. Fully ballraced, ball diffs front and rear, hardened prop shaft, TA03 front universal drive shafts, rear universal drive shafts, aluminium dampers, aluminium king pins, TL01 upper rear adjustable arms, hpi wheels and foam inserts in tyres. It has narrow front wheels hex's to tuck in the wheels more. Body cut and painted to a high standard. £120 including postage within the uk. This is a bitsa chassis..bits of this and bits of that! I bought this years ago before they re-released the ta02's. The FRP chassis is a bit rough, scuffs on the bottom, screw heads worn and the plastic parts that the rear gearbox screw to have split. However everything else is new! I was in the process of changing the black gearboxes to the blue ones but haven't bought the front! The black gear boxes are new, all gears are new. It has a TA03 rear ball diff, TA03 front universals, hardened prop shaft, ballbearings, aluminium dampers, new frp front and rear suspension mounts, TL01 adjustable upper rear arms, touring car inroad springs. Left over bits from the blue gearbox sprues. Sold Tamiya Castrol Honda Civic body shell. Excess plastic cut but will need trimming properly. £35 including postage within the UK
  8. I have 3 BMW M3 body sets for sale.. First is my road version. Body is cut to a high standard and the red stripes are painted. Just the body for sale. After £35 posted within the UK Second is my Schnitzer body set. The body has been trimmed of the excess plastic but will need trimming properly. All the stickers and instructions are there. After £40 posted within the UK for this. Last is the Jagermeister BMW body set. As new all there.. Again, after £40 posted. Thanks for looking Ben
  9. Tamiya Blitzer Beetle for sale... New built, never run. Chassis has full ball bearings. Body is still in the bag ready to be done. Doesn't come with ESC. I have managed to lose the front orange nose cone. After £90.00 posted within the UK. Thanks for looking Ben
  10. I have a new, still in its sealed pack, Tamiya BMW M3 Jagermeister body set. So has the shell, stickers, masking set, wing and grill sprue and body clips.. Haven't got any photos but will get some if people are interested. After £45 including postage..within the UK. Also have 4 new tyres from a CC01 Toyota Landcruiser kit. Still in bag. After £20 including postage..within the UK. Thanks for looking Ben
  11. NIB Toyota Land Cruiser for sale.. included is the ESC. The only thing that doesn't come with it is the lighting kit and LED's. The wheels (not tyres) were put on another display model so have been removed from packaging..but not used! £90 posted with in the UK.. Thanks for looking Ben
  12. Ford Escort (was a michelin pilot body set) body with a TT01R chassis. My road version of the car. It has never been used and has been boxed for the last couple of years. Body: Is done to a high standard, rear wing has been sanded and filled so theres no mount left for the top section of the whale tail. On one of the door shut lines (along the bottom line) the plastic has split. Is not very noticable. Chassis: TT01R chassis, came with lots of hop up parts as standard. Ball bearings, blue ali prop shaft, metal drive shafts and cups, GT tuned motor, adjustable upper arms, oil filled shocks. I have added a motor heat sink, road tuned springs, carbon upper deck and the blue ali steering set (including ball bearings) and HPI wheels (with narrow front wheels hex's for a more tucked look!). Comes with the tamiya TEU-101BK electronic speed controller. £100 posted within the UK. Tamiya TA03F Drift spec chassis. I bought this new and has never been run. Its essentially a TA03F pro but with all black plastic chassis parts. Comes with all the pro hop up parts, bearings, ball diffs, anti roll bars, metal motor mount and heat sink and the frp chassis. I have added the HPI wheels with the soft rubber tyres and foam inserts. Comes with the drift wheels, box, instructions and left over bits £120 posted within the UK Genuine Tamiya Michelin Pilot Ecsort Cosworth left over stickers. All the rally art stickers are there. Ive used the lights and window surrounds and the ford stickers. Very good condition, not been left in the light, boxed since I used them. Have the body instructions and top half of the whale tail if anybody wants it included. SOLD Genuine Tamiya BMW M3 stickers. I used them for a road car so have only used the lights and window surrounds. Same as above kept boxed. From a re release. £10.00 posted Left over Tamiya Subaru Impreza WRC 07 body stickers. Good condition have been boxed since use. SOLD Tamiya mesh wheels and slick tyres. Have only ever been fitted to a car, never used. Tyres are good. £15.00 posted Tamiya Porsche 911/Boxster REAR wheels. Never used. £3.00 posted Can of TS44, brillant blue spray paint. Unused still has the shrink wrap on. £3.00 posted Four oil filled dampers. Good condition.. could use a top up with oil £10.00 posted TB01 diffs and all the drive shafts and cups. I only have two ball bearings that the diff sit in. Good condition, very little wear. £10.00 posted LRP electronic speed controller, forward and reverse. Hasnt been used for a while but worked the last time I used it. Has been boxed since. Had to change the receiver plug to fit an acoms receiver. Part of the heat sink has been lost as have the instructions. £10.00 posted Lastly a Tamiya Mk5 Golf bodyset. Was going to do a white GTi version but never got round to it. Has been cut but will need finishing off to neaten it up. Have all the body stickers and all the lighting unit, leds, light buckets, wing mirrors etc. Will also include a pair of orange LED's. £40.00 posted any questions just ask... cheers Ben
  13. I bought this new when they were released several years ago. Its been built but never run (shelf queen). I have added a standard 540 motor as it didnt come with one. Its essentially a re-release TA03F-Pro with black plastic parts instead of the grey. Have the box (a bit battered), manual and FRP chassis box it came with and the drift wheels (as new) £110 posted with in the UK any questions feel free to ask cheers Ben
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