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  1. Selling my 1/8 Losi Aftershock as I havent got the time to do anything with it, and could do with the cash! Is basically stock and in excellent condition, it has hardly been used. Comes with a few spares including an end plate for rotor starter, anti-roll bar kit that i never got round to fitting, a glow starter, transmitter, fuel bottle, hex wrench. The throttle servo needs re-setting as the brake isnt working, and the one way bearing can sometimes be a pain, making it difficult to start. Easily fixed. Once going runs really well, as goes like stink, and is pretty capable off road Sensible offers please I am happy to post it. I accept Paypal Please PM if interested Thanks Rich
  2. My mate has decided to sell this car. it actually used to be mine about 10 years ago. Great little thing. Goes well and starts first time. Has also got a minisport full big bore exhaust system. loads of money spent on it with loads of receipts to back it up Alloys are not the originals as they became porous and leaked air constantly! Get bidding! You know you want to Clicky
  3. Took my Nitro truck out for the first time today on the local playing fields, after spending ages tuning it and in the end paying someone else to do it! Handling is all over place, but it goes like stink!
  4. Might not be a bad idea! Should be able to pick up something cheap. A guy at work might be pressed into selling his Tamiya Escort Cosworth for not much. I'll have to get into his ribs!
  5. Thats my major concern TBH. The Noise! I can see myself having to drive to the middle of nowhere to be able to run it. Fancied an E savage or e maxx but not been able to find a decent secnd hand one at the right price
  6. Just in the process of swapping my TD for a Losi Aftershock. Getting the feeling i'm going to regret it!
  7. You can pick up the Mtroniks Super E Truck ESC on ebay for reasonable money. I paid just over 30 for mine. You can comfortably run 2 17 turn motors on a single stick pack. cant remember what the limit is with two packs, but i know its lower. Something like 11. I wouldnt recommend going a low as a 11, but may be 15 would be ok.
  8. Golf is my first interest. Play every week and currently have a handicap of 10. Dont really have that much time for anything else
  9. 2008 Vauxhall Vectra? probably not even the right continent! Why does everyone post pics of headlights?
  10. Defo Canon. I have a 6mp Olympus at the moment, and it is nowhere near as good as previous Canons and Sonys i've owned with only 3.2mp. In fact my Sony Ericsson phone takes better pictures than my Olympus camera!
  11. Porsche Carrera GT EDIT. No it isnt. May be a Marcos?
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