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  1. Unfortunately in Brisbane, Australia the LHS's charge more than double what I can get kits, spares, radio gear etc for on-line. I would love to support my LHS but I can't justify paying AU$300+++ for a kit I can buy for AU$150 delivered to my door on-line. if it was $10 or $20 more then yes I would.
  2. My perfect LMS is the one I walk into that has 5 or 6 vintage NIB's on the shelf at stupid low prices on the day I walk in.
  3. US$500? and what about shipping? If I had the money I'd buy it I have a new built Astute and a runner, aswell as a Super Astute runner and I'd love to finish it off with a NIB!
  4. I've bought off him twice in the last 6mths and haven't had a drama Both items took the usual UK to Australia time and his correspondence was fine. FYI It was an Egress shell and a Baja Bug shell. The key is to email first and be prompt with payment. (this is my policy with all online shopping and I've never had a drama. That includes RCmart which it seems a few people have had problems with too). Either that or I'm just very lucky Cheers, Chris
  5. The original Acto Power is: Usable voltage: 7,2 - 8,4V Torque at best efficiency: 450g-cm (7,2V) R.P.M. at best efficiency: 25.800rpm (7,2V) Current drain at best efficiency: 30A (7,2V) Best efficiency: 54% (7,2V) Turns: 14 double - 0,75mm There is no info on the re-release version but one would assume it's similar. I use this motor in my Madcap and my Super Astute (with TTC) and it is far better in the SA. The Madcap diff does handle it but I went through 2 diff housings (stripped the threads and warped them trying to tighten them!) and I use 3 shims per side. I still get sip if I don't use the throtle properly though What I meant by it might be too much for what you want is where you said "I find the Team Orion Formula BB 17x2 a little too powerfull for the Madcap on the dusty track where I run." If you use a TTC then this problem disappears, I highly recommend getting a TTC but I hope you have the money! I suggest upgrading to 2" wheels off any modern buggy of your liking so you have unlimited options when it comes to tyre choice Cheers, Chris
  6. It's 14x2, very nice motor might be too much for your needs though.
  7. Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! The TTC is very similar to the MDC (Dyna Storm) It is a little harder to set-up (not much) but is well worth it! I have a madcap I've hopped right up and I run a 13T in it and have constant diff issues. I have used all shim combo's (using 3 per side ATM) aswell as different greases and have never been happy I've even gone through 3 diff housings from thread stripping and bending, trying to tighten up the diff My Super Astute runs the same motor and it is sooo much smoother! Like any slipper unit it can be set up for the track conditions and allows better motor and gear life. I always thought they were over rated till I got my SA now I wish I could get another one for my Madcap! They are occasionally available on Ebay but are rare and expensive. If you have around US$70-$100 lying around I say do it! Cheers, Chris P.S. DO IT
  8. Hi Max, The Servo cover is the same part (G9). The G parts for the Beetle and the Blackfoot are identical. What you will find is he was talking about the "servo horn stay" that the Beetle has and the Blackfoot doesn't. It's a metal part that acts as a reinforcement to prevent servo flex. Cheers, Chris
  9. Hi Mark, Your Astute looks even better dirty If you put the Dyna Storms front wheels and tyres on you will notice a huge difference. Even different tyres will help The front tyres you are using look sweet (I use them when its on the shelf) but they're really no good for the track. As Max pointed out a softer rear/harder front will help alot too. Any chance of getting some footage? I'd love to see how she looks around a track. Cheers, Chris
  10. It'd be cheaper to buy a Dyna Storm unless you get the blaster real cheap. The gearbox + MDC are the same as are most of the smaller parts but they are very different cars. The Blaster has an ABS chassis, the Storm is FRP and the shock towers and A arms arms are different. The shocks are plastic on the Blaster so you'd have to track down the Storm shocks which are hard to find and pretty expensive (very nice though!). Basically you have to buy alot of expensive parts to make it into a Dyna Storm. You can still get 2nd hand Storms on ebay (mainly re-re's) cheaper than it would cost to do what you are thinking (unless the blaster is REALLY cheap) I had the exact same idea a couple of years ago but got lucky cause there were still a few new Re-re's around so I got to build a Dyna Storm from the box In saying that my Dyna Blaster see's more action than any of my other cars! I love it, with some alloy shocks and a couple of bearings (Gearbox has a couple of plastic ones, Storm has metal bearings) it's one fun beast! With the MDC you can run serious motors (I run an 11T without drama's) and the higher ground clearance and bigger tyres make the car more forgiving over the rough stuff. I say buy it and do it up as a Blaster!!!
  11. Thanks Mark, Do you find it flys right when jumping? You mention that you haven't changed the battery location, I always thought that the Super Astutes new battery location was for better weight distribution for jumping? I have never had any issues with turn in with either my Madcap, Astute or Super Astute. This pic is of my running setup, the front wheels are lightweight proline's and the tyre's are from trinity, I have found this combo awesome on loose dirt, but I have a rib set for harder grounds. I find the Dynastorm style rear wheels work better than the Astutes and can fit most modern racing tyres. I know this isn't true to the work's Astute but I imagine jamie booth would have done similar if he had access to todays wheels and tyres Keep up the good work, I love astutes and it's good to see a fellow runner
  12. The front wheels come in fluro too This is my Works Super Astute
  13. Yes the shells are Identical I personally aren't a fan of the boxart Super Astute scheme, I'd go the Astute boxart definitely! I have a new built Astute done in boxart and dang it looks sweet! I do have the luxury of having a Super Astute runner which I've done in the tamiya purple/green (ps46?) flip paint that looks stunning on the track but it's up to your personal taste really. What decals (if any) do you have? If you need decals the Astute decals are easier to find and alot cheaper than the Super's so take that into consideration too. Another point to consider is the shocks which are gray on the Super Astute.
  14. G'day Where in Brissie are you!? Maybe we can meet up before you move? I only have 15 or so cars but can't find it in me to sell them! Obviously don't expect to retire on your collection but it will never devalue and most will surely appreciate with time. From a sentimental perspective, what happens if you do sell them and you get the sudden rush that is tamiya again I nearly sold my new built unpainted Avante a few years ago then a mate saw it and reminded me why I bought it in the first place (sheer beauty and a marvel of engineering). I had 2 cars then, now I have 15 with 10 or so on the list (and growing) The Tamiya bug dies down every now and then but be strong it returns with vigor! Also if you keep them, when you are old and senile you can get them out again and harass the neighbourhood kids on their hover bikes Chin up Chris
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