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  1. Hi Olivier, GREAT collection.....!! It has been a while since I visited Tamiyaclub and now see this post in the forums As I read the German article the first thing that popped up in my head was your ebayname..... You have outbid me sometimes on Ebay years ago, and yes, when you bid it was a sign to stop bidding for others I can only admire your collection, it takes dedication to get where you are, my hat's off to you sir! Good luck, Martin
  2. I've been away for a while from TC.....I was still watching gold prices EACH day!! [] it came close to $600 a few times.... well...too bad and congrats gordb!
  3. Hi Jakes, I also am busey with other things, dont visit TC much, just decided to check the foums out and I read this....... CONGRATS mate!!!!!!! Martin
  4. It has been a while since I've been on the forum, busey with my 1:1 www.pro-touring.nl ...but I was curious how your Porsche turned out. I really, really like it!! It is different, cool and well executed, my hat off to you sir! Martin
  5. Yes sure, why not...you would only need to change the body to be able to fit all the lights..... (EDIT) probably the ESC part of it will not cope with the two motors....so I guess the answer is..NO
  6. I used to pack the diffs with thick wheel bearing grease (from 1:1 cars)..... when you fully pack the diff it will work as a limited slip (probably not as "stiff" as your solution) but it will never harden, lubricates and does not leak because of the high viscosity. Martin
  7. I really enjoyed clarkey 's FREE OF CHARGE excellent build report !! (same as DMILLER's build report and some others)
  8. check here: http://www.scale4x4rc.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=57 Martin
  9. Good to see it finally came togther! I just never expected it to be this nice [Y] I think the "build" has been going for over 3 years now? I like the idea of it being at Tamiya HQ, a tribute to Tamiya and to the people who made it possible (well deserved). I too think the TC logo should be on it, no opinion on where exactly. Martin
  10. This is a very cool story (allmost unbelievable) ! Now you need to set yourself a new goal Darryn.....
  11. So if I would have stand next to you on the flea market when you picked up those bargains and I would have told the seller just before you bought them their value you would have highly appreciated me??[^o)] I think not..... I like to score a good deal, but I do business fair and will give a guy with car trouble a push. I believe I am an honest guy and try to help people where I can so these things are not related in my opinion. for example I sold some stuff last week and gave a price incl. shipping. At the postoffice the shipping was double what I calculated...I made a mistake...so the buyer was lucky, cause a deal is a deal, a mans word is his word. But if I can score a snad scrochet cheap...I will. Martin
  12. H, I completely understand your point and I agree... clearly those people do not want it themselves, otherwise they would bid in silence. I guess it all comes down to "good old" envy again. "if I can't have it, no-one can" Sad people they are..... Martin
  13. I suggest a competition "who makes the nicest ride for Wendy" so people can vote in who's Wild Willie she can sit in...... Martin
  14. let's say you don't get over 15.000 views for nothing! One of the better threads (ever) on TC! keep up the good work D! Martin
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