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  1. I have a new built hilux monster racer and all the parts including decals to build another, I just need the new genuine body ..... the hilux body is much stronger than the kingcab my kingcab runner is in much worse condition than my runner hilux
  2. Thanks for that, it looks like Tamiya are re releasing pc pots ?
  3. As description, does anyone have a pot of pc6 Tamiya yellow paint for sale please?
  4. All three of my Foxes are full vintage with period radio, MSC etc two are runners and still run fine . its quite easy to find period servo’s receivers etc on eBay though some of the older stuff I have in my B2b was harder to find I would say 95% of the old radio I have still works great.
  5. The fox works better with the optional front anti roll bar fitted
  6. I do know an OS 18 CV-R is a direct fit as I have one in a TGX and I would have thought the FS 18 was the Tamiya version of the same engine.
  7. I sent my broken one off to Nick to make a new one in carbon fibre
  8. I thought about that , I now have another maxxum with an unbroken top plate so I will ask my friend to draw it in cad and see if I can get one made
  9. Hi, does anyone have any information on an old nosram national esc , like specs,setup or instructions I have in an old car?
  10. Hi, does anyone have top deck (mx-5) for a kyosho maxxum ff they would sell?
  11. Thanks Mike, That’s great, please pm me what you want for it and I’ll send payment directly Cheers Dave
  12. Hi I need a motor mount for my Ff01 Reston project if anyone has a spare they are willing to sell
  13. Mine has the red / blue wheel nuts and sport tuned motor supplied in the kit
  14. Yes saw that but over £700 shipped with the import duty makes it @£850... too rich for me. Remember when they could be had easily for just over £100, but I guess as they get rarer it’s to be expected.... sort of! The Calsonic Primera has a couple of option parts included (motor heat sink, coloured springs) with the kit whereas the Castrol one is standard I think.
  15. Sorry I’ve no plans to sell it right now, I was hoping to find a Castrol Primera to go with it.....
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