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  1. Hi Chris, Thanks for your reply, would you take £180 posted for it? Cheers Dave
  2. Hello, i'm interested in your Ta07R , does it come with the foam bumper, body mounts and gear cover as i can't see them in the description? best regards Dave
  3. Disco

    Kyosho quad parts

    Hi, does anyone know where to get parts for the kyosho quad? i am restoring one and need various bits .
  4. Great action shots !
  5. 1/8 th rally cross buggy I raced one back in the late 1980’s I also have one to restore at the moment, parts are hard to come by though.
  6. Hi, I hahave a used roll bar complete with the mount, bu t can’t find the plates to attached the ends to the front wishbones.... I have one more place to check if I have any.
  7. I have looked but I only have a used one without the plates that fit on the wishbones
  8. Hi. I may have a set....I’ll have a look later and get back to you.
  9. Looking for a new or used front brake kit for thunder tiger SB-5 1/5 scale rc bike.
  10. I’m sure It will clean up nice , short wheelbase is quite rare too.
  11. If it’s goes near 43 quid again it’s a pretty good price.... as mentioned there are limited body’s for it but there are none Tamiya options also one thing to remember is that it uses the short belt which can be hard/expensive to find but rarely breaks. i have a few parts for TA03 chassis if you’re stuck for something.
  12. Hi Simon, If it’s a TA03f chassis they are very good, I have a few they also make a good drift car if that’s your want. They are fun to drive and stable because of the front motor, spares are usually not a problem but they are pretty reliable, I’ve never broke anything other the result of a crash. i have tt01 and tt02 they are also good but the std diffs break if you run hot motors. also if it’s corolla it will be a short wheel base TA03fs. just my ten pence worth
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