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  1. The only cars I have run on the beach were a ta02 Chevy s10 and a King Blackfoot .... the Blackfoot was the best as the s10 needed a complete strip to get the sand and rust out. i would have thought the mad bull and lunchbox would be good beach runners as the gearbox parts are cheap to replace if they get munched by the sand and even after sand gets in they run for a long time before they are destroyed.
  2. Hi I have 3 old stock shells for Mercedes Benz 190e all have chrome parts and spoilers / mirrors also I have 3 original rare decals sets for these shells. None of these are re release part all original, please feel free to make an reasonable offer for all or one of them but bear in mind they are very rare
  3. Both of mine are original just not originally owned by me. Gr.B Celica can fetch anywhere from about £175 to £500 plus depending on condition and completeness.
  4. I do have a couple of celica’s but unfortunately not the original one as I run it into the ground many years ago!
  5. Toyota Celica GrB ... it took until I was 32 to get one as when I was young I didn’t have the money and later on found other pastimes.
  6. It’s a TGX Mk1 with ops engine so an early one, you will struggle to find parts for the engine nowadays, but if you’re not worried about originality there a quite a few .15 and .18 engines that with fit directly. its got the alloy flywheel and two speed options and aftermarket ally shocks, the two speed parts are hard to find and not cheap on eBay. You could convert to single speed as it’s easier to find parts. If your stuck for parts drop me a mail and I look though my stash as I have restored about 30 TGX’s so have a lot of used parts including body’s.
  7. It’s usually caused by small bits of excess material from the sprue on the bevel gears That drive the centre propshaft
  8. For sale 959 and Volvo FH12, please see my trades for more pictures and prices
  9. Hi, I have an XV01 truck and rally car both are excellent handling cars on tarmac and light off-road you will enjoy the chassis for sure.....
  10. I have a new built hilux monster racer and all the parts including decals to build another, I just need the new genuine body ..... the hilux body is much stronger than the kingcab my kingcab runner is in much worse condition than my runner hilux
  11. Thanks for that, it looks like Tamiya are re releasing pc pots ?
  12. As description, does anyone have a pot of pc6 Tamiya yellow paint for sale please?
  13. All three of my Foxes are full vintage with period radio, MSC etc two are runners and still run fine . its quite easy to find period servo’s receivers etc on eBay though some of the older stuff I have in my B2b was harder to find I would say 95% of the old radio I have still works great.
  14. The fox works better with the optional front anti roll bar fitted
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