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  1. I’m sure It will clean up nice , short wheelbase is quite rare too.
  2. If it’s goes near 43 quid again it’s a pretty good price.... as mentioned there are limited body’s for it but there are none Tamiya options also one thing to remember is that it uses the short belt which can be hard/expensive to find but rarely breaks. i have a few parts for TA03 chassis if you’re stuck for something.
  3. Hi Simon, If it’s a TA03f chassis they are very good, I have a few they also make a good drift car if that’s your want. They are fun to drive and stable because of the front motor, spares are usually not a problem but they are pretty reliable, I’ve never broke anything other the result of a crash. i have tt01 and tt02 they are also good but the std diffs break if you run hot motors. also if it’s corolla it will be a short wheel base TA03fs. just my ten pence worth
  4. Contact purple rob , he made some I had one on my B2b
  5. I’ve no plans to sell it right now.....but if things change I’ll bear it in mind.
  6. Nope ... still in the box untouched
  7. Hi futureworks... I still have you old David jun special ta03
  8. I joined in early 2002 I think, I remember an online chat room or am I just imagining it!
  9. It’s because part g6 is used for knocking in the axle tubes without damaging them.
  10. The only cars I have run on the beach were a ta02 Chevy s10 and a King Blackfoot .... the Blackfoot was the best as the s10 needed a complete strip to get the sand and rust out. i would have thought the mad bull and lunchbox would be good beach runners as the gearbox parts are cheap to replace if they get munched by the sand and even after sand gets in they run for a long time before they are destroyed.
  11. Hi I have 3 old stock shells for Mercedes Benz 190e all have chrome parts and spoilers / mirrors also I have 3 original rare decals sets for these shells. None of these are re release part all original, please feel free to make an reasonable offer for all or one of them but bear in mind they are very rare
  12. Both of mine are original just not originally owned by me. Gr.B Celica can fetch anywhere from about £175 to £500 plus depending on condition and completeness.
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