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  1. Thanks Mike, That’s great, please pm me what you want for it and I’ll send payment directly Cheers Dave
  2. Hi I need a motor mount for my Ff01 Reston project if anyone has a spare they are willing to sell
  3. Disco

    Newby, sort of.. Calsonic Primera

    Mine has the red / blue wheel nuts and sport tuned motor supplied in the kit
  4. Disco

    Newby, sort of.. Calsonic Primera

    Yes saw that but over £700 shipped with the import duty makes it @£850... too rich for me. Remember when they could be had easily for just over £100, but I guess as they get rarer it’s to be expected.... sort of! The Calsonic Primera has a couple of option parts included (motor heat sink, coloured springs) with the kit whereas the Castrol one is standard I think.
  5. Disco

    Newby, sort of.. Calsonic Primera

    Sorry I’ve no plans to sell it right now, I was hoping to find a Castrol Primera to go with it.....
  6. Disco

    Newby, sort of.. Calsonic Primera

    I have a new in box primera that I’ve for years it’s even got a tin of the correct paint in the box. Was going to build it but never had the heart to start! So I have a couple of others I run
  7. Disco

    Please Delete.

    I have a couple of used ones ones you can have, pm me you address and I’ll post them to you. Regards Dave
  8. Disco

    Now Sold.

    Hi Simon, Ok i will take it, can you post it please .. if you pm me the total including postage and your PayPal address I will send payment as gift/ friend so there will be not charges and you will get the full amount please let me know I will be back home later this evening so will send payment then. Best regards Dave Pelling
  9. Disco

    Now Sold.

    Hello Simon, Interested in your Porsche gt2 if you still have it? How much to post , and where are you in Surrey, I am in Hertfordshire and could collect if it’s not too far. Cheers Dave
  10. Thanks for your reply, don’t worry I am in no rush so when you can will be fine regards Dave
  11. Hi, I am interested in the land jump, do you have any more detailed pictures you could send me please? I am in the UK, do you have a idea of the postage costs? Best regards Dave
  12. Disco

    New Tamiya USA Website

    No manuals on site that I could see... looks like a step backwards.
  13. Disco

    Electronics Clear Out - Updated, £30

    Hi Chris, I take whats left if its still available, if you pm me you details i can cash collect tomorrow? regards Dave
  14. Disco

    Electronics Clear Out - Updated, £30

    Where in north Herts are you located please, I am in Stevenage regards Dave
  15. The std plastic gears have never given me any issues, but bear in mind the helical cut gears will impart side loads to the bearings in the gearbox that thay are not designed to take....