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  1. The piston should only go in the liner from the bottom and should not be tight until it approaches the top of the bore, if it comes out the top then its worn out. Try cleaning the piston before fitting, I gently use a nylon pad with lots of water and soap. The Piston pin should just push out as its only held in by the nylon plugs against the bore in use. Hope that helps.....
  2. I think you mean the crankshaft? .... replace the nut on the end that hold the flywheel on and heat again and it should tap out with a soft hammer. As for the carb, remove the main jet and housing, and all rubber/plastic parts and heat with a hairdryer whilst twisting the carb barrel gently and it too should release.
  3. Also try heating it up with a hairdryer/paint stripper, just take the carb off first or you could put it in the oven if the wife's out... works also
  4. I just used a spare slot in the receiver to power the LED's works just fine....but your solution will work OK too its just that the LED's are tied to one ESC.
  5. Thanks for the tip, I ordered a couple of sets for my terra scorcher and astute new builds. There were two sellers one with 2 sets and one with 3 sets, for 22$
  6. My kingcab runner has HPi geolanders on it good all round except when wet !
  7. Hi I am running a pair of DT02's one with a 16t , one with 10.5t Tamiya motors an XV01 Asterion truck running a Tamiya 10.5t an F201 with a 10.5t trackstar with the timing turned up and TT01E F150 with a 13.5t trackstar. I don't have overheating problems with any of them although I am using the recommended fan with the 10.5t equipped cars except the F201 as it won't fit, I must admit the XV01 gets the esc pretty warm even with the fan... maybe because its enclosed? I also use many more in brushed mode in other cars without issue I must have about 20 TBLE-02S in all sorts of cars with motors up to sport tuned, I think they are solid little ESC and are available for about 10 quid each, I have even reversed the polarity on one by accident and blew it up, when took it apart a track had melted so I bridged it and it now works perfectly. I drive the cars fairly hard but not brutally and never apply power to a car when the wheels are stuck. This is just my experience with them ... plus they easy to program IF you read the instructions!
  8. Tamiya Alpine A110 is a nice shell, have one on my TA05 M-four fits the short M chassis really well or the Fiat Abarth 1000TCR is nice also.
  9. I have some king cab spares pm me with what you need and i'll look.
  10. OS18 CVR is a good engine (direct fit), perhaps too much power for a TGX but works well if you use Kyosho superten wheels with soft tyres and a NDF-01 clutch spring, its what i run in my Corolla TGX. Or you could also use the tamiya FS-15RB (the black one with the funny head) it also has good power, i use one in my TGR runner. There is examples of both in my showroom or PM me if you want more info.
  11. Yup... too easy ? Next please.....
  12. Though i recognised one of the 1/8th rallycross cars competed with way back... Anyway try this one.
  13. Welcome to the addiction..... Hot shot is still available and is close to the original, a bit more diffuct to maintain than a more mordern buggy i think, but nice. I actually prefer the boomerang as a runner but more difficult to get hold of a re-issue kit these days, i have a runner Monster beetle and it runs well but not a good as a buggy, its an original so the diff needs care and won't stand a modern motor or brushless for long, A better choise may be a stadium blitzer / blitzer beetle, my runnner has a brushless setup out of a Traxxas slash and there has been no issues with breakages apart from ones induced by insane speed of the thing! I am sure you will enjoy whatever you chose though..
  14. 35Mhz is not legal for ground based vehicles, only as said above for flight use. probably best to sell it on a plane forum BFMA etc....
  15. Kyosho Assault?..... whatever it is needs cleaning !
  16. Bingo !..... built in the mid 90's
  17. Nope, but a clue is Kyosho only made 5 or 6 kits of this type i think.
  18. Try this.. its not a tamiya, but the only partial picture i can find
  19. If you still need parts for your Celica Gr.B drop me a mail as i have most parts.
  20. Banzia hobby sell the tamiya packs of 10 for 61p plus nominal shipping if you use SAL method, so you could have 50 for about 4-5 quid. Part number is 50597
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