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  1. You ever want to sell the 411x, let me know Linkedtamiya@aol.com
  2. Looking for spares for my dyna storm...
  3. i have a few 2400's and few boxes, all are used some more then others, a couple look pretty new.
  4. only have one 1700sp new in box, cant let it go, i do have a few 1700scr and scrc's i can afford to part with
  5. had 2 till i tried to charge/use the other, she had a slow death, it was painful to watch being one of the rarest tamiya packs i have come up on, still need the 1400scr and the sayno 3300hv...anyone?
  6. yes and yes, i dont run any of these purely collectibles for future restorations and what not, the off brands and lipos see all the fun these days
  7. still have the 414x?

    1. RestoModGod


      Still got it cause I’ll buy it 

  8. Hi all, looking for to get a one or 2 would be nice of the Acto Power pink off roader motors, looking for the original and or the re-re, i have lots of tamiya goodies to offer in exchange including new in package TRF tuned Acto Power, lots of tamiya batteries 1700SCR,SCRC,SP, etc.
  9. hey got any Pink actos for sale of trade? i have lots of period correct tamiya motors and goodies

  10. Still available? Linkedtamiya@aol.com
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