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  1. On 2/19/2019 at 11:39 AM, VagabondStarJXF said:


    Would you have a nice NIB example for sale in the future, perchance? The last one I saw for sale had a seriously battered box, no telling if the battery inside was still ok, and they wanted stupid money for it.

    only have one 1700sp new in box, cant let it go, i do have a few 1700scr and scrc's i can afford to part with

  2. On 2/15/2019 at 4:45 PM, svenb said:

    You tease😏

    I spy a HV😉

    had 2 till i tried to charge/use the other, she had a slow death, it was painful to watch being one of the rarest tamiya packs i have come up on, still need the 1400scr and the sayno 3300hv...anyone?

  3. On 2/16/2019 at 4:22 AM, Juls1 said:

    Holy jeebuz so many old battery’s to take to the tip... I can see you could be reluctant to take up lipo’s? or have a old battery hoarding fetish.. or you just collect stuff with Tamiya written on it like the rest of us. 

    yes and yes, i dont run any of these purely collectibles for future restorations and what not, the off brands and lipos see all the fun these days

  4. Hi all, looking for to get a one or 2 would be nice of the Acto Power pink off roader motors, looking for the original and or the re-re, i have lots of tamiya goodies to offer in exchange including new in package TRF tuned Acto Power, lots of tamiya batteries 1700SCR,SCRC,SP, etc.

  5. well, unless i can change the rotation of the earth i think the motor will still spin in its reversed intentended operation...Im thinking the Mamba Max anyone have one to let me know if it runs just as well with 2 of the 3 wires on the motor/ esc opposed... Im thinking with all its tunability (tuna) i can reverse the timing in the esc program and set the best performing setting to have the motor run backwards... NOVAK WILL NEED TO LEAVE NOW. Nice try with the CRAWLER.....it works but the **** old school sensor design.


  6. Yeah ive been doing that and the common failure is in the way motors are made. The windings (turns) in electric motors are made to favor one direction. When they are run in reverse (reverse) means the current is not going in the intended direction. It is not as simple a switching 2 wires. in most motors, yes it will run like that but the built in timing, coil windings and other factors will make you motor run inefficently and you will have thermal failure.

    This truck was done a year ago and i have not yet seen its potential. It really needs a High Tourqe High Power system to power this heavy weight Prerunner (like a 550 brushless) i dont know... Brushless sensorless, mamba, novak(NO) Help.

  7. thanks for all the kind comments fellas..

    working on the beast is a on going.. needs a motor and esc that can be run in reverse without and problems like overheating...

    Any suggestions for setups on cars that reqiure REVERSED ROTATION.....Mamba Max???

  8. Make offers... has alot of upgrades:

    Alloy arms (200mm custom) with RS4 knuckles

    Carbon Fiber chassis,, steering, battery hold down, gear cover supports, rear cross

    Carbon Fiber, Foam bumper

    Robinson Racing 48p steel and delrin spur gear

    Alloy arm mounts

    Alloy motor plate

    Alloy motor mount

    MIP CVD's

    Alloy Pullys

    Alloy counter shaft

    Ball diffs

    GPM threaded shocks

    one of a kind TA03, handles very well.

    Email for pictures: Linkedtamiya@aol.com



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