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  1. Hello lads, long time no speak to a great many of you! Just wanna say hope all is still well in blighty and I miss bashing, some great times. All the best for 2010 boys n girls, may your batteries never go flat and your mardave meteor with a brushless in never melt any plastic parts....oh hang on...
  2. personally i think it is more stable with em, and anything you can do to improve handling with that daft rear axle helps so i had a brainwave 1 day..... http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...3&sid=20902
  3. hahaha, cheers guys! i'll not spam too much in this forum but i can let you know i found a couple of cool model shops, even bought a tt01 as i have no cars here as yet!! paid slightly over the odds for it but still...had to be done. my gf's brother has given me his nitro to try and get working so i will be on here asking for advice soon as my nitro knowledge is about zero!! nice to hear from you chaps and will drop back in here soon :)
  4. hey chaps, hope those that know me are ok. not been on in a while and miss the rc ing, so wanna try to organise a meet in lisbon lol...i can make it northwest lisbon if that fits the group criteria!!
  5. good meet guys, theme for the day? who's on yellow??!! i have some video footage to sort out but some of its not great unfortunately, i will however sort something this weekend if i can drag my geeky butt away from World of Warcraft long enough... cheers guys see you at the next one
  6. in richie c's car, him obviously, his girlfriend and myself. with an ample supply of mcdonalds sausage and egg mcmuffins for the journey.
  7. right, mud, rain, grass, dirt, run car for 10 minutes, break it, beacon fell. done. i couldn't use the nwn forum as i am a bit thick but i will be there no probs. i will see if neil fancies it as well, you never know!!!
  8. big question, how far is the closest mcdonalds/kfc/burger king/pizza hut even?? hehe, looking forward to it now, still not sure what to taje to be honest
  9. if i can get my way up there mate, definitely
  10. shame that, was looking forward to it. typical of neston to be closed, snobs.... looks like i'll just have to carry on playing world of warcraft till my eyes drop out from staring at the screen! and i checked out the nwn dashboard, i hope you've changed the cd!
  11. the shell wile e coyote refers to is made by frewer and sold on ebay australia by oz-rc if i remember rightly. the original shells are like rocking horse poo and are very expensive when they do come up. same as the hi lux racer shell. as terry said decals are easy to come by so the frewer shell is definitely a good option
  12. are onboard cameras allowed within the rules of festive hamper racing? i should carry it really all the action will be in front of me but most of it will probably be upside down!! you don't have to drive with it on its ok, its only held on with zip ties. everyone ready for later? word of warning, its very wet down here today so dress (your cars) accordingly...
  13. i've got a novak velociti 5.5 in my T4, only recently discovered it can take 2 cell lipo so i'd like to get one soon. unfortunately being unemployed means that is difficult, a wiser person would say sell some cars. i don't think so.... see you tomorrow anyway midday at the fort. see everyone who is coming tmw, i also think there will be 3 or 4 video cameras there so plenty of video to nose at over the hols
  14. i'm bringin a ramp too, its quite large though. i'd explain it but be easier to just wait til tomorrow. traxxas stampede eh? snuck that one in haven't you! i sense a little traxxas stand off, wish my flippin T4 rear arms would hurry up and get here, i could play the brushless truck racin then as well
  15. it works well, if you put it flat againat the body you get a shot right down the side of the van but slightly angled however if you pad it out between camera and body with a nice bit of foam its perfect. dazza is borrowing this shell for the lb race, should leave the camera on it! anyway, hope the national grid is ready cos the big battery charging process is about to begin. decided tmw on the hilux racer (about 95% confident in the diff), the DI seems to be running properly again after recent brush and spur gear issues and the vanessas hamper. remember its xmas so they aren't lunchboxes at the moment
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