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  1. I must first get a slipper set so i know what it is your talking about, at this time i know nothing about them (thats not that unusual) As for metal plates, if i had a cnc mill i would have an alloy gearbox case by now. wonder if i could find someone willing to buy me a million dollar mill, lol
  2. will do I always thought the idea of these forums was to share ideas, especially when its for a part thats not mass manufactured. If work done helps others then thats a good thing. Funkylok
  3. Luckily i have at my disposal a mill and a lathe, dont own them myself, but they are in the family one would say. I have worked on them plenty of times and know pretty much what i can do on them. Lastly once i have the finished product, then i shall also have the entire slipper set drawn too (autocad) so will make the plans available (most likely for free) when i have the working slipper set. Still would like to buy the DF-03set only to see what it is, how it works, and if i can design and build one for my Gator. Funkylok
  4. could the DF03 Slipper set be modified enough to fit, or is it completely uncompatible. May still need to purchase it to get an idea what it is i am going to be actually building. Funkylok
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