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  1. I wish to show you a very rare Lexan body, condition new, as shown at the link https://www.e-kalfakis.gr/-p-14318.html Also there is a painted DATSUN 280ZX, condition USED at the link : https://www.e-kalfakis.gr/-p-14319.html
  2. TAMIYA 58046 FAST ATTACK VEHICLE built for shop's display, never use d, minor parts missing
  3. dear Mokei Kagaku thank you very much. Your idendification is correct it is the 9405687. Your are right, it is from the 58101 Bush Devil and 58110 Super Blackfoot. I found the manual and I attach here the image of the parts taken from the manual.
  4. We are located at Athens Greece. Price including DHL cost to UK, Euro 230,00 Please contact me at costas@kalfakis.gr
  5. thank for your attantion, actually have to find out from which TAMIYA kit these packed togather parts are
  6. can anybody help me to idendify from which TAMIYA kit are these parts shown at the picture ?
  7. shipping to USA from Greece is rather expensive, but it depends on weight. For 500gr the shipping cost is Euro 10,20, for up to 1 kilo it is 15,80, but from 1 kilo to 2 kilos it is Euro 27,90. Shipping to Europe is very much less, about half the price.
  8. maybe very few know about this limited edition of TAMIYA Mc Laren 1990 body set, with decals. It is at special offer at the link https://www.e-kalfakis.gr/-p-6997.html?language=en&sess=17d4fc00385d31a544f50ad0323db882
  9. 0115177 can be found here: http://www.e-kalfakis.gr/-p-9361.html
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