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  1. Hi all, I am looking for a Tomy Intruder, any condition considered.. or parts/hop ups... I am new on Tamiya club, but well known on oople (username is X313) happy to pay either by paypal or cash in person if within collectable distance from Northants. Please PM me if you have or know of any going up for sale. Thanks Adam Foley
  2. Hi All, Along with my Tomy Intruder, I have decided to sell my Thundershot as well to clear some space. Comes complete, ballraced with period futaba radio gear, futaba esc & a very quick yokomo motor (inc original silver can motor) Listed on ebay, item number: 200387234210 Thanks Adam
  3. Hi all, I have decided to sell my Tomy Intruder as I am not one for display only cars and its too rare for me to use!! (I'm scared I'll break it) Its currently on ebay if anyone is interested. (the only one on there!) Thanks Adam.
  4. Many thanks for information chaps, I think I have found a source of NIP Yoko wheels... will let you know if it works out!
  5. Thanks Terry, Regarding spares, I am fairly lucky as the my car is complete and runs, but currently has foam tyres fitted which are badly dried up. (hence the need for some new wheels) I was hoping to race it in a retro class, but may just keep hold of it as its a bit too rare. (shame as I've wanted one since reading the review in Radio Race Car in the 90's!!) If anyone does find any spares or a donor, I would be interested in it!
  6. No problem on the body, I will see what I can do and keep you posted. If you find any markings on your wheels I would love to know what they are alternatively I will get some adaptors made up to take some Yoko wheels.. Thanks for the manual, been looking for one for a while! It will save me some major head scratching!
  7. I'm really after wheels to suit, although I'm not bothered if what they are as long as they fit! I have a shell and undertray, so may try and get some made from it locally, will let you know if it goes to plan. (Mine has the wrong wing fitted) Ideally I am after a manual too as it needs a full strip.. Thanks Adam.
  8. Hi all, I am just starting to restore an old Tomy Intruder from the early 90's but am struggling to find any information or parts anywhere. If anyone has any info where I could find any parts for this car I would be very gratefull! Regards Adam.
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