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  1. An update, I have found the perfect belts using Ghostpig's Aliexpress seller! After the Finger Tech belts were too long I got in touch and asked if they supplied custom lengths, and they don't. I reached out to Driftmission as per Wystan's post, but they never got back to me. So I figured I would buy a couple of lengths from the Aliexpress seller Ghostpig mentioned and the 336mm ones are a perfect match for the old Tamiya blue aramid belts that are in my TA-05. They are perfectly tensioned with the adjusters right in the middle, so even if they stretch a bit it will be fine. They even sell 3mm wide ones, rather than the 4mm I got from Finger Tech or 6mm you seem to find on ebay etc. I'm not sure what this means for the collective knowledge of TA-05 belt lengths higher up in this thread, however it seems that the stock length belts for a non-IFS TA-05 might be 336mm/112T maybe? I'm not sure I have the eyesight or patience to count the teeth on one of the originals! The belts are £1.44 each (annoyingly the 336mm ones are 30p more than the 339mm ones...) and I paid just over £9 shipped for 4 of each length. If anyone wants 8 339mm 113T belts, 4 of which are 3mm wide and 4 are 4mm wide, you are welcome to have them for the cost of a stamp. EDIT: I counted the teeth, there are definitely 113T on the original Tamiya belt. I dunno what that means, but I have belts that fit and that's the main thing!
  2. Hmmm, they don't do anything between the longest of their "short" belts at 258mm and the shortest of their "long" belts at 390mm. I'll email to ask if they do any others.
  3. I just ordered some S3M belts from Finger Tech in Canada to try on my TA05. The good news first is that the shipping to the UK was very quick and 4 belts cost me c. £17 including postage. The narrowest belts they sell are 4mm wide, but it does just fit on the spur pulleys, plenty of space on the diffs. The bad news, is that even though they are 113T, 339mm belts, they are somehow longer than the stock ones and even with the max adjustment on the tensioner it's still too slack. I don't know if a 1T shorter belt would fit with the tensioner at the most slack, not sure if I should keep throwing more money at the car since other parts are also getting increasingly hard to find... Has anyone found a supplier that will ship to the UK for standard TA05 compatible belts, i.e. 51210 or 53843 equivalents? I have some very old (at least 15 year old) 53843 belts which were used when I bought the chassis on it at present, but who knows how long they'll hang in there if I go racing again!
  4. Thanks for the heads up, I just ordered one and 2 extra receivers. The R203GF wasn't listed, so I guess it's out of stock, but the 6ch R2006GS was £24.99 and is compatible according to Futaba's website. I have been putting off buying an expensive radio for many years and get on so much better with sticks than pistols, plus this coincided with me selling a few things to fund it!
  5. I have a NIB Bigwig for sale if you don't want to wait
  6. Just saw this, not sure if you are still looking. I tried to PM you, but it says you can't receive messages ! I have bits (maybe even all) of a tatty M03 Miata if that's any use? You can have it all for the cost of the postage and a pint if so! I have a Miata shell as well if that's of interest?
  7. I have a good condition FF-01 I'd consider selling if you were after one? It's the Volvo BTCC version with a box and 3 bodies, one is in mint condition and box art, one is box art and lightly used and the other is quite well used and red. I think there is a new set of wheels still in their packets too. No idea what an FF-01 is worth these days though...
  8. The time has come to admit I have too many cars in the fleet and I need to get rid of some! I have the following all NIB: Monster Beetle 58618 sealed in cellophane £125 SOLD Dual Ridge TT-02B 58596 £100 SOLD Hornet Black Edition 84383 £100 SOLD Rockbuster TLT-1 47201 £250? (no idea how much these are worth, there isn't much recent history to base the price off!) SOLD Bigwig 47330 £300? Again, not many sales to judge the price for this one. These are all built and (mostly) very lightly used: DT-03 Fighter Buggy 58587, boxed and 90% built. Has the stock Torque Tuned motor and ESC which is still sealed plus a full bearing kit with the DT-03 CVA damper upgrade fitted; body and decals not used yet. There are 3rd party wheels and tyres on it (Ansmann I think) with the originals sealed and in the box. £80 Frog 58354 with stock motor and ESC, full bearing kit and mounts for front mini dampers fitted. Front suspension is back to stock since I found it far too stiff with dampers, but I left the mounts there in case I wanted to revert. £100 Lunchbox 58247 with stock motor and ESC painted and decaled to look like the Mystery Machine with a full bearing kit installed. £80 SOLD Orginal 80s Boomerang which I used as a vintage racer. Has the twin front shock hop-up fitted with a pair of period correct yellow CVAs. Body is pretty tatty and the wing seems to have gone astray during a move. It can come with or without electronics, it currently has a Duratrax 16T Intellispeed ESC and a Team Orion SV2 21x2 motor with a LiPo cutoff fitted. It's got a hex conversion for the wheels to use DF-03 wheels with Dirt Hawgs all round. I can probably find the original triangle drives if needed and supply some original wheels with (likely very hard!) oval block tyres. SOLD All prices are collection from the Abingdon area, postage is possible but will be at buyers cost. Open to offers if people think the prices are unrealistic, I priced based on ebay sold auctions where I could find enough examples. I can't upload all the pics in the 4.88MB limit, so I have put one of each car up, further pics available on request via email.
  9. I'm selling a few of the cars I don't use any longer and the first to go will be my TRF201. It's a standard TRF201 with no hop-ups that I can recall adding over the original kit (41267) and has only been run a few times, nothing bent or broken. There are a few scuffs on the underside as seen in the photos and the paint is coming off the wing, however it's not physically damaged and could easily be stripped and repainted if desired. There is a Novak 5800kV sensored motor in there with a TrackStar 120A ESC which I can leave in or take out. I have some new in packet spares: 54263 High Traction lower deck x1 54284 Front grooved soft tyres pair x2 54210 TRF201 Body Ver1 x1 plus a second set of wheels with almost new tyres mounted on them (see pic). Price wise, I'd like £300 for the buggy with a steering servo, £350 with the motor and ESC or £425 for the buggy, electrics and the spare parts. I'll happily split the spare parts if nobody wants the whole lot. I am in the Salisbury area but occasionally in Nottingham (I'll be there this coming weekend 6/7 Aug 2022) if anyone wants to view it or come and collect.
  10. I'd definitely price it to sell and would rather sell via here or Facebook to avoid eBay if possible and get it into the hands of someone who will enjoy it. It's literally just sitting on a shelf taking up space with many others that I need to downsize, so I'm not going to try and fleece people!
  11. It's the original TRF201 which I believe is kit 42167 that came with many of the carbon reinforced parts. The body is in perfect condition with a cut out for the ESC fan to breathe, it's painted and the wing is in very good condition, just some cosmetic paint damage. It currently has a set of the TRF201 dish wheels in pink (don't ask!) with Tamiya ribbed fronts and Dirt Hawgs on the rear, however I have also have a set of white wheels with Tamiya ribbed fronts and Proline Calibers for the rears, plus 2 sets of NIP front wheels and tyres. I don't believe I added any more hop ups over the standard kit, it has full bearings but I can't recall now if they were standard or not! There are a few spares as well, like a full new chassis tub and several sets of front arms. I think there may even be a complete new bodyshell as well, but I need to find that. I'll take some photos later on and post them up. It's closer to shelf queen than basher, but it has been run a few times! Oh, location is in the UK, Wiltshire primarily, but Nottingham occasionally.
  12. I am trying to thin the stable down a bit and will be list a few cars for sale shortly and have a fair idea of sensible prices, however I am having trouble valuing my TRF201 since ebay has very few sold items and I can't see many prices in the sales forum here. Does anyone have a good feeling for what a realistic price for a built buggy is? It's been lightly used and has a few scuffs on the chassis bottom, but nothing has been broken on it. I could include an ESC & motor or not, depending on preference. Apologies if this breaks rules in this area, happy to move to the Sales & trades forum if this topic sits there better. Edit: typos...
  13. Still sealed in original shrinkwrap, collection from Salisbury/Amesbury area preferred since it will cost c. £35 to post it because of size and value!
  14. I use a Turnigy 4250kV motor and 2S Lipo in mine and it's quick but just about controllable, in a good way.
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