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  1. Excellent thank you Any idea on value please?
  2. Hello all, I am hoping someone could identify this chassis - it appears to be of excellent build quality, with distinctive wheel hubs / nuts. From all my years of experience I’m putting it down to a Serpent, but there isn’t any identification or markings that indicate it might be this Does anybody know the make / model?
  3. I’ve experimented with an old lipo before, from a distant I threw a brick at it. The garden turned into a massive puff of smoke within seconds. Good job the washing wasn’t out
  4. I was viewing the forum as guest, but I quickly logged in just to like this comment
  5. I too would be saddened if this happened to me, but just remember everything has a use…. It can be used to clean dirt / mud / poo out the bottom if your shoes after you’ve been outside i have an old dedicated screwdriver just for this!
  6. As much as I’ve enjoyed following this topic I can honestly this is on my ‘should not have sold it’ list. I knew that once cleaned up, it would have come out excellent but I’ve got far to many projects on the go and the number hasn’t gone down since this Hilux went lol. I’m really glad it’s gone to someone who’s brought it back to former glory. Exactly what it needed. Now you can stick it on the shelf to admire, just as I would have. Cracking job, well done and well deserved
  7. Finally made progress on the new shed
  8. They are original The first owner had the car from new, used it couple of times and stored it for years. Once in my possession the car was tested and shelfed, so even the mud off the tyres was from the 80s
  9. I look forward to seeing the progress and finish of the Hilux. It has certainly left a gap on the shelf and yes I am regretting it already... Once you're done with it feel free to sell it me back i won't say no
  10. Regrettably letting this one go! This is in very good original condition with general age related wear and tear. It is being sold as untested as I don’t have one of the old style square 6V battery’s. The Hilux was purchased many years ago with the intention of restoring, but as with many projects they never start or finish this one never started so a full restoration would be required! Good bits: - Radio box is very tidy and tabs are present - Front headlights are not pictured but are included - The body appears only to be painted once, and has no cracks repairs or damage - Tyres are dirty but have no cracks - Mechanics are working well - A set of shocks (not pictured) are also included - The vehicle has no reproduction parts and is completely original Bad Bits - The usual drivers rear view mirror and rear Toyota badge are missing - The rx AA battery holder is broke (pictured) - 2 screws are missing from the retaining clips which told the radio tray lid on All in all pretty minor points and a very good example. It certainly doesn’t seem of had a great use and overall it would make an excellent project for someone. Viewing is welcome from the Midlands (UK) and I would prefer collection however postage is no problem. £850 including postage or £820 collected Offers of course are welcome and if you require anymore of photos please let me know and I’ll take them
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