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  1. I had it from Midland Sheds and Summerhouses . The build quality is brilliant and strong. Only two issues I have is the wood inside is sweating (I think it’s normal for the wood to dry out as the outside is bone dry) and one window needs sealing but I’m waiting a call back to sort it. Otherwise very pleased couldn’t recommend them enough!
  2. I couldn’t wait for the weekend so had a quick inspection..... Noticed the fender is leaning to the left. It’s never been removed or reglued but surely it cannot be a Tamiya error? This bracket was actually the wrong way round! Again it can’t be a Tamiya error surely not? There’s no indication to say it’s been opened before.... Chassis is nice and straight although one bracket was slightly bent which I removed and made straight in the vice... Certainly made a difference but not 100% perfect. I think I can live with the little error if I’m honest. I certainly think it’s the way the cab has been glued which makes the corner stick out more than it should. Thoughts gents?
  3. Guys many thanks for your help I have taken a chance on it for £500, but that is with the MFU03 fitted and even a newly built Tamiya flat bed trailer thrown in! With it being from the XB range the finish and completely flawless and it certainly looks the part! Hopefully sometime over the weekend I’ll get it stripped to examine the strange fender issue. More details and pictures to follow once inspected
  4. Prepared and filled in a new shed / man cave base measuring 15 x 10. In my head 14 x 9 will be for RC
  5. The front and other side photos below sorry about the quality There is a slight difference in gap on the front grill each side?
  6. Thank you for your help @Mad Ax It is the sellers first RC which was a gift and the truck is from the XB range fitted with MFU but he is not clued up about the model. Another photo I have is this one which is from a distance and the seller did say the cab was closed The fender corner (1st picture) does have a little paint chip so could it be that it’s been knocked during transport and something needs re-aligning?
  7. The below Tamiya Truck is for sale which I’ve put my name down to with the seller but after some close up pictures I’ve noticed the Body / fender does not align correctly... any suggestions what it could be?
  8. No response so still for sale ladies and gents
  9. Sold to the man above, pending payment
  10. NOW SOLD 28/02/21 Had this in a job lot but unfortunately do not need it as I have a few tourers already. The chassis is brand new and unrun. It looks like there were electric fitted then removed at some point. Mechanically it’s perfect and everything is smooth as it should be with a newly built. Also included are the left over build parts and original manual (not pictured) Bad points: - A couple of glue runs on the tyres - There is a little crack on the motor cover which should be cheap to replace The vehicle will require electrics and a pinion (screws included) £65 posted
  11. Most certainly. The artwork, colour and detail is just something alot of people / collectors including myself like. In all honesty they can become annoying and take up a fair bit of space but where possible i will put a box within another box to save space. I could not throw one out, unless of course it is really badly damaged and cannot rescued...
  12. Drove it. The term men cannot multitask is clearly a lie...
  13. Sand Rover & DT02 reserved for the man above
  14. Having a clearout of some models + bits Fast Attack Shark Mouth NIB kit + Tamiya upgraded shocks £200 posted SOLD Tamiya Frog with electrics, just needs TX / RX / Battery. Run once and also fitted with an XB Frog shell in new condition £115 posted Tamiya re-re NIB Sand Scorcher Body £45 posted Tamiya Sand Scorcher professional weathered body with drivers £95 posted Tamiya Sand Rover body excellent condition slight mark on the front £35 posted SOLD Tamiya Holiday Buggy, very good condition with electrics, just needs TX / RX / Battery. £90 posted SOLD Loads more pictures if needed please email.
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