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  1. Can i take them please - If you could let me know the postage cost i'll get the money over to you via Paypal :)
  2. Both of these kits are brand new and untouched. Tamiya Audi Quattro A2 Rally TT-02 - £115 and free UK postage Tamiya NSU TT Jagermeister - M-05 - £97 and free UK postage OR Both for £205 and free UK postage! PayPal preferred although cash on collection / local free delivery is possible
  3. I've got a couple in a box somewhere. Not very useful information i know but if you give me till the weekend, i'll dig them out and you can have them for just the cost of postage
  4. Not delivered, but collected an entire RC fleet from a fellow enthusiast
  5. 99% sure they are for the back of an LED light bucket to fit onto shells
  6. Unfortunately I cannot claim the victory to the races these 1994 and 1995 Tamiya trophies came from, but I was fairly surprised to win them for the starting price of £5! Nice little display pieces they’ll make
  7. I'm in the UK and used them more times then i can remember. This includes Tamiya kits. Never and issues the most ive waited for delivery is 10 days which is great. Quickest is 4 days! Couldnt recomend them enough :)
  8. This But I was even happier when it turned up in this packaging Brothers:
  9. Excellent thank you! Any ideas on value?
  10. Stumbled across this but it’s left me scratching my head as I have no idea what this could be? The bodyshell appears to be very strong (possibly fibreglass or ABS) and the chassis has distinct features such as the fuel tank being in the bodyshell which I have not seen before! Any ideas what this could be?
  11. Why it took over 45 minutes to box it back correctly for storage I have no idea 🤯
  12. As per title looking for 2 TL01 battery retainers please
  13. Any pictures of the Wrangler please
  14. A display piece from cutaway creations of this Nitro engine!  
  15. You’re very welcome - we will definitely catch up again and shoot me the info on the decals I’ll see if I can make some leads for you
  16. I can drop you one off for £5.50 as I pass the area each day for work
  17. One set sold to Pete and Kev. Badcrumble I’ll PM you now
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