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  1. Anyone else see Tamiya's latest Live Stream on YoutTube...
  2. Great idea. Might I suggest the trip coincide with a major event, such as one of the Hobby shows, it would make the trip even more worthwhile. I'm also a member of the GTROC (UK) and we have similar trips to Japan every year. This coming October we're arranged a trip to the Tokyo show, followed by trips to local tuners, guest tours, circuits and of course non-car related shopping and fun. The trips prove popular with the clubs members.
  3. I'm having so much fun running my re-re hotshot. One thing I will mention, despite me using thread lock on the centre bottom screw that holds the bumper in place, it still managed to work loose after a couple of packs, loose enough that the bumper was able to move slightly and cracked on a bad landing. Would definitely recommend you keep an eye on it. Other than that, I've had no problems with mine (standard except for full bearings and a Superstock BZ motor.)
  4. Looks OK, but what's with the mix and match wheels?!
  5. From one (relative) newby to another - welcome to the forum Well, in terms of make, I think most of the people on here would say go for Tamiya As for the model. A lot depends on what you like. If you prefer the retro styling of days gone by, then one of the current re-releases such as the Hotshot (4WD) would be ideal. There is also the Hornet (2WD), Frog (2WD), Grasshopper (2WD) and Thundershot (4WD) currently available. Or, if you would prefer a newer model, then for cost/performance the Dark Impact/Keen Hawk/Avante MK II (4WD) buggies would be tough to beat. They have plenty of hop-up options and handles quite well too. Their styling, however is considered by many as either hate it, or hate it even more....
  6. I have ran both a superstock RZ and the BZ in my re-re Hotshot. I found that the BZ gave marginally better run times, the motor ran cooler and so did my batteries. Accleration was much better than the RZ (indeed, for some reason I had a problem going in reverse when using the RZ, something I put down to gearing...). Top speed, well the RZ was faster, but there really wasn't much in it. With the BZ you're supposed to use it within a 9:1 to 11:1 gear ratio. Hope that helps
  7. spare parts are easy to come by and there is a whole host of tuning parts from Tamiya and other parts makers. Tech racing http://www.tech-racing.co.jp/contents.html has some really good stuff including 4WD racing conversions. There is also an M-03R racing Chassis too.
  8. agreed. The M series chassis (M03, M03M and M03L) really are a great deal of fun, even with the standard silvercan motor. Quite robust too - lost count of the number of times my 7 year old son has crashed mine and it's still going strong. Don't think I've broken anything on it yet.
  9. Not wishing to state the obvious but paint/brushes for the body and driver are also needed! I really enjoyed my re-re hotshot build. The only issue I had was trying to squeeze a reciever and ESC into the tiny space available. I would definitely recommend either a compact ESC and/or reciever. At the moment mine is standard save for the bearings and a SuperStock BZ motor.
  10. I really like how badly my grasshopper and frog handle - it's all part of their character. In a lot of ways they're more entertaining because of it.
  11. ^^^ ditto to above. The RZ is a great motor. Would definitely recommend universals aswell. Be prepared to buy new tires on a regular basis too
  12. I have a couple of M03 mini coopers that I really enjoy running. They're such a laugh, tough as nails and cost next to nothing. Never really ran them off-road, but that video has me inspired...
  13. yep...don't mind the drive, but the tolls can add up pretty quickly. That and the fact I often have to work weekends is my excuse for not getting down there. I usually end up going to the local park early on a Sunday morning before it gets crowded with kiddies. Not the same as having a track, but it's better than nothing.
  14. both their on-road and off-road tracks are amazing....such a shame it's almost a 3 hour drive from my place to the track Instead the only local off-road track I have looks like a disused construction site and is restricted to HPI Savages and the like....
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