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  1. Demon Dave

    Crazy Idea

    Great idea. Might I suggest the trip coincide with a major event, such as one of the Hobby shows, it would make the trip even more worthwhile. I'm also a member of the GTROC (UK) and we have similar trips to Japan every year. This coming October we're arranged a trip to the Tokyo show, followed by trips to local tuners, guest tours, circuits and of course non-car related shopping and fun. The trips prove popular with the clubs members.
  2. Demon Dave

    Just Finished My Hotshot

    I'm having so much fun running my re-re hotshot. One thing I will mention, despite me using thread lock on the centre bottom screw that holds the bumper in place, it still managed to work loose after a couple of packs, loose enough that the bumper was able to move slightly and cracked on a bad landing. Would definitely recommend you keep an eye on it. Other than that, I've had no problems with mine (standard except for full bearings and a Superstock BZ motor.)
  3. Demon Dave

    Dt02 Ms Trf?

    Looks OK, but what's with the mix and match wheels?!
  4. Demon Dave

    Tamiya Buggy - I Want A New One

    From one (relative) newby to another - welcome to the forum Well, in terms of make, I think most of the people on here would say go for Tamiya As for the model. A lot depends on what you like. If you prefer the retro styling of days gone by, then one of the current re-releases such as the Hotshot (4WD) would be ideal. There is also the Hornet (2WD), Frog (2WD), Grasshopper (2WD) and Thundershot (4WD) currently available. Or, if you would prefer a newer model, then for cost/performance the Dark Impact/Keen Hawk/Avante MK II (4WD) buggies would be tough to beat. They have plenty of hop-up options and handles quite well too. Their styling, however is considered by many as either hate it, or hate it even more....
  5. Demon Dave

    Which Superstock Motor? Cannot Decide

    I have ran both a superstock RZ and the BZ in my re-re Hotshot. I found that the BZ gave marginally better run times, the motor ran cooler and so did my batteries. Accleration was much better than the RZ (indeed, for some reason I had a problem going in reverse when using the RZ, something I put down to gearing...). Top speed, well the RZ was faster, but there really wasn't much in it. With the BZ you're supposed to use it within a 9:1 to 11:1 gear ratio. Hope that helps
  6. Demon Dave

    So You Think Yu Can Drive?

    LOL, I was thinking the same thing!
  7. Demon Dave

    Advise About Suzuki Swift M03m

    spare parts are easy to come by and there is a whole host of tuning parts from Tamiya and other parts makers. Tech racing has some really good stuff including 4WD racing conversions. There is also an M-03R racing Chassis too.
  8. Demon Dave

    Advise About Suzuki Swift M03m

    agreed. The M series chassis (M03, M03M and M03L) really are a great deal of fun, even with the standard silvercan motor. Quite robust too - lost count of the number of times my 7 year old son has crashed mine and it's still going strong. Don't think I've broken anything on it yet.
  9. Demon Dave

    Hotshot 2007, Newbie Build Tips Etc.

    Not wishing to state the obvious but paint/brushes for the body and driver are also needed! I really enjoyed my re-re hotshot build. The only issue I had was trying to squeeze a reciever and ESC into the tiny space available. I would definitely recommend either a compact ESC and/or reciever. At the moment mine is standard save for the bearings and a SuperStock BZ motor.
  10. Demon Dave

    Grasshopper A Bit Nervous On Straight.

    I really like how badly my grasshopper and frog handle - it's all part of their character. In a lot of ways they're more entertaining because of it.
  11. Demon Dave

    Mini Montecarlo (m-03) And A Rz Motor

    ^^^ ditto to above. The RZ is a great motor. Would definitely recommend universals aswell. Be prepared to buy new tires on a regular basis too
  12. Demon Dave

    Mini Racing

    I have a couple of M03 mini coopers that I really enjoy running. They're such a laugh, tough as nails and cost next to nothing. Never really ran them off-road, but that video has me inspired...
  13. Demon Dave

    Makes Me Want To Cry....

    yep...don't mind the drive, but the tolls can add up pretty quickly. That and the fact I often have to work weekends is my excuse for not getting down there. I usually end up going to the local park early on a Sunday morning before it gets crowded with kiddies. Not the same as having a track, but it's better than nothing.
  14. Demon Dave

    Makes Me Want To Cry....

    both their on-road and off-road tracks are amazing....such a shame it's almost a 3 hour drive from my place to the track Instead the only local off-road track I have looks like a disused construction site and is restricted to HPI Savages and the like....
  15. Demon Dave

    Tamiyaclub Community Car Unvieled

    Just to echo what has already been said: that model is absolutely incredible. I look forward to seeing the car in the Tamiya HQ showroom.