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  1. so I need parts E or F...?? Thx mate (anyone sells this??? )
  2. I have a question and I hope you guys can help me... The body of the Pumpkin.....Doesn't fit the Lunchbox chassis... I thought it was "plug and play" The pins to hold the body's on the chassis are horizontal on the lunchie,and vertical on the pumpkin.. Any of you guys a suggestion how to put my Pumpkin body on my Lunchbox chassis??? Thx in advance...
  3. Any Belgian guys or girls fancy a meeting?? Let me know!!
  4. Chrome edition Midnight Pumpkin decals + body have arrived
  5. Thanx alot guys! I love this forum I'm waiting now for a chrome edition of the Midnight Pumpkin...Should get it next week...eBay you know
  6. hehe allrighty then Can I ask you something? What's the make of the Grave Digger ?? I like it a lot actually....
  7. nice trucks!!!! But it's a pitty that the decals on the nose of Grave Digger look kind a "crappy" Sorry bout that...
  8. Hey Skip Welcome here,and nice pics of your Luncbox!! I like it a lot (PS : I'm 33 )
  9. sorry What's an esc ?? I'm a nOOb still But it runs GREAT....I went to a parking yesterday,and it really runs well...
  10. front en rearbumper are bashed..but hey...it's a secondhand...
  11. Bought this one just this morning... all included... what do you think??
  12. Sorry MODS,didn't know where to put this... I've got this one.... Any of you guys have some Juniors too???
  13. Cult_IMT

    Savannah Rx7

    Came across another vintage of mine... A Mazda RX7... What do you think of it???
  14. Man,I had lots of fun with it in the days.... Still going strong!! You guys like???
  15. Look what I found in my room a Toyota MR Turbo and a Willy Jeep both from the mid-80's... you guys like them???
  16. ok i was asking myself the same question.... I need to wait too then
  17. Thx!! No,the Pumpkin box is just the box... The former owner had the body mounted,but totally crashed it In the cardboard box there are some spare parts of the Lunchbox,the transmitter and the speed-"uploader" Yes,I think I'm addicted Who would have thought that in my old days (I'm 33 ) Thx for the welcome here,I think I've found a really interesting and fun forum
  18. Hi everyone My name is Gunther,I live in a little town called Nijlen in Antwerp Belgium I'm new here,and I bought my first vintage Tamyia 2day The Lunch box Here's a pic I'm very happy with it!!! Yes,it's a vintage,NOT a replica comments or revieuws are welcome
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