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  1. Thanks for your inputs. I got another idea. But I am not sure if I looked right. But on pictures, the helmet head of the FAV seems to be bigger than the helmet form Hornet, Lancia etc drivers. But I looks smaller than the Wild Willy helmet. Since the FAV will be released soon, those heads go cheap on Ebay. Those anyone of you know, is the FAV Helmet really bigger than the Hornet helmet? Greetings
  2. Hi Guys I just received my new crawler. And the driver from my Wild Willy 2 fits just perfect. The only problem is, that the head (helmet) is much to big. So I am looking for a different head unit which would fit the Wild Willy Driver Body. I have tried the normal helmet from the Frog or Lancia Delta. But those are to small. Are there other heads or helmets which would fit? Greetings André
  3. Hi I bought a 3racing lightbar with 4 LED and a 3racing lightbar with 5 LED's. I would like to run them direct from a batterie. Just a switch on the body to turn them on / off manually. It makes to put the body on and off much easier. But I found no information how much voltage is okay und how much is too much. Does anyone know how much Voltage is okay with the 3 Racing LED?.
  4. Hello I am looking for Blazing Blazer Body. It doesn't have to be in a perfect condition. Its gonna be on a daily driven scale crawler chassis. If you got to offer something please send a email to rcoldtimer70@hotmail.com. Thanks. Cheers André
  5. Thanks alot. Those are exactly the colors i meant. Looks really nice your mini and the porsche. Where do you get the stickers from?
  6. Hi I would like to paint my Sand Scorcher in the Classic GULF Racing Colors. Does anyone know which color code I have to buy from Tamiya? Where could I get GULF Stickers an Stripes in different sizes? Is there a shop which sells them? Thanks for help. Greetings
  7. we thought if we stick it from the inside and cover it with paint. that it will last longer and look better
  8. We are looking for some Herbie 51 decals. Does anybody know if there is a place where we can buy them. It would be for a lexan body and it would be great if we could stick them from the inside.
  9. @ taliesin, thanks for the links. I helps already but still try to find a manual. Because I like to know how the cabin is build up.
  10. Hi Guys My trial chassis is doing quite well. Now I wanted to start with the body. I really love the tamiya globeliner. It would fit perfect. But since its gonna be a trial truck I dont need all the bodyparts. I searched the internet for a pdf manual file but couldent find one. But without the manual its hart to say, which parts i need to order and which i dont need. And a complet body kit is very expensive here in Switzerland. Does anyone of you have copy of the manual? If yes, please mail them to me. Greetings.
  11. Thanks. This helps alot. I looks like it fits quite well my 6x6 trial project. Now I start searching for a Globeliner manual.
  12. Hi I was searching the measurements of the Tamiya Globeliner Cabine (9335165). But I could not find them. I guess the body is 185mm wide, but how long and how high is it. Does anyone have those measurement's? I need them for my 6x6 trail projekt. Thanks.
  13. I dont know how the chance are. But when I see what already has been realeased I would say everthing is possible. Personally I really like the Wild One and FAV. And I would defently buy a rere of them and use it as a daily driver. These cars are just fun to drive. I still hoping for a Blazing Blazer Body. I always thougt it may happend when Tamiya brought the new 3 Speed's but I am still waiting :-).
  14. Hi Guys Just finished my BC and ordered some Frog Tyres. Mainley for the looks. I also installed the shockes upsidedown, because it lookes more realistic. Now I would like to convert it to Coilovershockes, just like the 1:1 Baja Buggys. I have tried it with some CVD Shockes from Tamiya. The would fit, but they are too thick and therefore they do not look right. Does anyone of you know what other options could be possible? Greetings
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