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  1. Hi I have a very good condition Tamiya Hummer Roller for sale, Very few scratches to the underside and a small crack in the front panel of the shell (could do with glueing but hardly noticable) £70.00 Posted
  2. Hi Guys I`m missing four 2x8mm self tapping screws for my Pajero Mtw lights and spotlights Has anyone got some spare or know where i can get some? Cheers Adrian
  3. Thanks thats great i`ll start looking for some screws now Cheers Adrian
  4. Hi Guys I`m just putting the finishing touches to my Pajero re-build, And i`ve come across a problem i`ve not got the screws that join the spotlights together or the screws that hold the headlights into the shell, Could anyone tell me the screw sizes please?(i`ve mislaid my manual Doh!!) I know i can buy a complete screw pack but its not worth it for six missing screws Cheers Adrian
  5. Hi I`ve got loads of body mounts,Which parts do you need exactly?? Cheers Adrian
  6. Hi Guys I`m going to be building a new drifter and i really dont want to put holes in the shell for body posts, Has anyone got any tips on making invisable mounts with velcro etc?? Cheers Adrian
  7. Cheers Guys I`m going to try the brasso trick then if that doesnt work i`ll get some Fenwicks Cheers Adrian
  8. Hi Guys I need to polish out some scratches and some clouding from a tinted plastic set of windows, Has anyone got any tips on what polishes to use etc?? I cant replace the windows as they are from a hard bodied Niko toy Cheers Adrian
  9. Hi Guys I know its not a Tamiya But i thought you guys would know, I`ve just bought a Schumacher Sst Sport roller(no shell but very clean) in box with manual to use as a drift car, However i really want to check that it isnt rare or valuable before i go sliding it around a car park Cheers Adrian
  10. Hi Guys Has anyone got a cheap Ta03f roller for sale I don`t need a shell/wheels or electrics Cheers Adrian
  11. Hi Willy I`m in the Uk cheers Adrian
  12. Hi Guys Anyone got a spare set of M03 dogbones and wishbones for sale? Cheers Adrian
  13. Hi Guys Found it Cheers Adrian
  14. Hi Guys I`m just finishing the rebuild on my original Mtw and i`m missing one part The part i`m missing is from the end of the J parts tree (i have the rest of the J parts) Its the spacer from the front of the bodyshell Help!!!! Cheers Adrian
  15. Hi Guys I`ve got a Pajero mtw thats ready for spraying, A friend of mine owns an auto painting business and will paint the pajero for me, However i have a couple of concerns, Should i have it painted in 2 pack paint or waterbased with a 2 pack laquer? (loads more colour choice in water based) I`m worried that by the time its been primed/base coated and laquered i`ll lose the body detail? And finally when the paint has cured and i`m doing the final detailing sidelights/door handles etc will the Humbrol enamel react with the paint below?? Many thanks Adrian
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