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  1. Hi, have three full option tanks for sale: 1) King Tiger - fully built but paint job is not very good. 2) Tiger - fully painted 3) Pershing - NIB I also have two controllers, several battries ( most 3000+) and a BMI 4-1 DIGIPEAK battery charger, various paints etc. Willing to sell as a job lot or seperately. Open to serious offers. Can send pictures if required. Thanks, Tim
  2. Hi, Does anyone have any spare cans of TS05 Olive Drab that they would be willing to sell? Many thanks, Tim
  3. Thanks, and thanks Stefan....... had slight hitch........ Tamiya recalled all paint!! lol Has taken me a few days and a few in phone costs to locate 4 cans of Olive Drab!! should arrive this week along with suspension upgrade parts from Tank Zone so I will start building this week. I have decided that I will start a blog and as I am a novice... pester you guys for advice etc. and post it on the blog. That way it could be a bit of a laugh as well as give some other less experienced modellers a helping hand. UPDATE! Just been told that two cans are now not in stock so that leaves me with only two!!! Just posted in sales forum to see if anyone has any for sale. LOL
  4. Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for processing my order so quickly, recieved the tank today, all in perfect condition! Cheers, Tim
  5. I am guessing (and could be completely wrong so please correct me anyone! lol) but the tanks need you to adjust the trim to activate fireing the main gun and machine gun. I supose that with digital trim you can't do that as you can with the manual non digital trim. I stumble across an American website where they had 'messed around' internally and had added buttons at the back of the controller to fire the gun. Bit beyond my capabilities! lol Shame really as it would have been great to have one controller and fit all the tanks with the new recievers. Oh well, just settle for either a Futaba or Acoms. Least of my worries at mo. Tamiya has just decided to recall all spray paint just when I get a Pershing delivered that requires just a tad of Olive drab! lol
  6. Hi Stefan, lol on the paint! Will visit TankZone and order some bits! Also looking at radio gear; do you rate their package? Cheers, Tim
  7. Hi, thanks for that.
  8. Hi, I would appriciate your expertise/help/opinions ...... is there any reason why the Futaba 6EX 2.4GHz FASST System wouldn't work in a Pershing Tank? Would this be overkill? Alternatives? Thanks in advance for your help!
  9. Right!!....... Pershing is on order from Stella! I also ordered the metal ballbearings from them as well. Where would you go for the idler? I have seen tham at Tank Zone..... Also, what paint etc should i get while I'm waiting for the kit? I'm guessing Olive drab!! lol and lots of it! Cheers, Tim
  10. Thanks Stefan, Pershing it is. I was thinking of ordering from Fusion as they offer members discount? Is that where you other guy's go? Cheers, Tim
  11. Thanks for the advice Stefan. I had read that the inside is rather tight. I do like them, even considered buying one from HI-LUX but I really want to have a go building one from scratch. Do you think that because it will be my first kit the sherman would be an easier option? Cheers, Tim
  12. LOL I hope he will receive his Knights Cross!! I've got a king tiger that I got off Cossack and then a tiger off ebay last week. I am looking at getting and building myself an allied tank (see "sherman or pershing?" thread. Any input is gratefully accepted! Cheers, Tim
  13. I'm new to this so when I say yeah, I could be completely wrong! lol I have quite a large garden with some apple trees in and they seem to run fine. I don't have a battle system either as yet. What tanks have you got? Tim
  14. Hi, I have decided that due to the fact my wife will be busy for the next 20 odd weeks watching X-Factor I'm going to build a tank kit! lol. I have got a King Tiger and Tiger that were already built so I want an Allied tank for the collection. I would like peoples opinion on which kit to go for; Sherman or Pershing? Thanks in advance!! Tim
  15. Hi, I would be interested! I live just outside of Redhill. Cheers, Tim
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