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  1. There are alot of different brand battery packs on the market at the moment, can anyone tell me what is a good brand 7.2v NiMH battery pack with a high discharge rate to power a 10turn brushed motor.
  2. Does anyone have a scan of the rising fighter instruction manual. Thanks.
  3. A couple of weeks ago I brought a manta ray off ebay and it came with a ESC called the Cosmo SS-2000SP temp fet-full mosfet speed control. I have searched the internet for info on this speed controller and can't find anything. Has anyone heard of this speed controller before and have any info about it (how to program, what turn motor it can take, etc). The strange thing is that it has no on/off switch too. On the back of the controller it simply says Korea which i guess means made in Korea.
  4. Had a look at the rear gearbox and found the H with a circle around it. So looks like i got the re-re. Thanks for the info.
  5. I have recently bought a manta ray off ebay and the seller didn't know if it was a vintage or re-release. Can somebody tell me what are the differences between these cars (apart from the 3 step speed controller). I have copies of both manuals (old & new) and they look very similar. Like with the re-release of the Grasshopper & Hornet there were small changes to the chassis. Any help in this matter would be appreciated.
  6. I've been looking for any info on how many RPM does the Transpeed(10t) do, and can't seem to find the specs on this motor anywhere. Can anyone help with the RPM's of this motor. I am looking to upgrade to a brushless motor and don't won't buy a motor that go slower.
  7. Thanks for the links to the manuals, but I after the actual original manuals. If anyone has any manuals in good condition I would like to buy them off you. Please e-mail me if you are interested, thanks.
  8. Does anyone have any original instructions manuals for any Marui r/c model for sale. I would glady buy them off you.
  9. Thanks for your reponse. I will try some different setting this weekend, and see how fast i can get this car going.
  10. I recently brought a tamiya transpeed motor for my F103GT and noticed that you can rotate the end bell for different adjustment settings. The infomation given with the motor only tells you what the standard setting is(third notch in from the right). Can anyone tell me what the other setting will do to the performance of the motor.
  11. Jim, i got your e-mail but everytime I reply my e-mail gets sent back. I am still interested in the manual, can you send it to me. Michael
  12. Has anyone got a copy of the Marui Coors Melling Thunderbird manual in any format. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could send me a copy (racerx06@dodo.com.au).
  13. Thanks for the replies, i will do some more research.
  14. This maybe a stupid question but i can only fit up to a 17t pinion gear on my F103 GT but the instuctions say in the hopup section that you can use up to 24t pinion gear. Can anyone shed some light on this problem.
  15. I also had alot of trouble with lexen bodies, until i used the scribe technique. But i still have trouble sometimes with the wheel arches, I've never seen a tool for wheel arches, do you get it from a hobby shop?. I recently brought the F103GT which comes with a pre-finished body and the wheel arches are perfect.
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