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  1. Unfortunately I can't make next Sunday as I'm doing a road rally Saturday night so will most likely be asleep.
  2. If you're going to transfer content then it only makes sense if it is to a permanent new home. How much of the content has longlasting value anyway, as opposed to just chatter? I've sent an email to the above address anyway.
  3. 2 months since the last reply to this thread, what's happened aren't there any NW meets anymore? Matthew
  4. Unfortunately I can't make it that weekend as I'm competing in a 1:1 scale in Devon but have fun, and for those that haven't been before there are pictures from the last one in my showroom.
  5. Ok, hopefully be there sometime just after 12. Better go out to the garage now and see what I can get working
  6. Is parking basically on the road somewhere? or is there a carpark to use?
  7. TA-03R I think. Don't think you'll find a Mini shell to fit it though, afaik all the Mini shells are M size.
  8. The Model engineering show I remember going to a couple of times in the mid '80s was held at Wembley.
  9. eBay have been changing things again, this probably won't affect many here except the few that have a shop. http://www2.ebay.com/aw/uk/200808.shtml#2008-08-20113015 Though it could mean that some sellers of small items disappear and you can't buy from them. I haven't decided if this is good for me or not yet, probably just have to wait and see
  10. AFAIK everyone will get the new version eventually. Don't think I've actually bought anything rc related on ebay for about 3 months.
  11. You shouldn't break so many then I should be there, don't know what with I've barely touched any since Beacon Fell. Does this mean I've got a deadline for finishing the Land-Rover
  12. Here's mine Car transporter Side view Top view and Sankey As Biggus said the mesh on mine was from B&Q, think it was about 5-7 for a sheet big enough to do 2 trailers. The chassis on both of mine is steel U and angle welded together, Sankey body is styrene.
  13. Only if there is anything in his account to refund. If he's withdrawn it then you may not get anything that way. Chargeback on your CC is the best bet if you funded it that way through PayPal.
  14. Maybe the message is getting through that the new FB system doesn't work. http://www2.ebay.com/aw/core/200807101200352.html
  15. I quite like it, agreed a hard body would be better especially for the rear bed. The 2.2 tyres actually look ok on this unlike the monster truck look of the Toyota. Not sure I'd buy one, but it does at least now have possibilities beyond a pair of axles and a transmission.
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