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  1. Well unfortunately Jim was unable to find them, so the hunt continues!
  2. Looking for Srb hop ups. Aluminum cages wheel covers etc... Anything made by MIP such as these u joints. Thanks!
  3. Yes they are! I sure hope to complete the set. Jim is checking to see if he still has them. I was surprised to find your post.
  4. Nerf bars were made and sold by JG Manufacturing.
  5. Talk about digging up an old post lol Do you still have the rear covers by any chance OCD?
  6. I have some used tires, are you looking for a set of 4?
  7. Looking for a set of these, had some on the way and they were delivered to the wrong address, claimed to have not been received at the wrong address even though tracking shows it did. If anybody has a spare set please contact me scootmike@aol.com Thanks! Mike
  8. Tough to find but Custom Chrome Products sold a chrome frame for the Blackfoot, bought 1 back in the day.
  9. I would REALLY be surprised if they did a Sidewinder as I believe it was a Cox only model.
  10. I do, but have had limited success with posting pics on here. Send an email and I can send you a pic. scootmike@aol.com
  11. What is a never used MK1 bumper going for? Found one in some parts, never mounted, does have light storage scuffs
  12. The early Turbo had a black tub, white Tomahawk wheels and the roll cage without the spot light tabs. As far as I have been able to find out. In time I will build one!
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