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  1. Yes, these appear to be available to order now, they're on the MB Models website. I don't know how long for though!
  2. Just to take the OCD a little further, do you think you would be able to fit bubble wrap around the Avante BS box too, and still fit it in the plastic box? I have a number of NIB kits and since most of them came from either Seidel or Stella they have been left in their original shipping boxes as they're so well protected, but I like the idea of airtight boxes since I can see most of the kits staying NIB long term. This is all a bit weird to the outside world, but at least we can come here and share our addictions :-)
  3. Am I right in thinking the Avante 2011 box will be ever so slightly too big for the Really Useful box though? Internal is 610 x 370 x 145, whereas the Avante box is 575 x 373 x 151..
  4. Just took these measurements myself of one of my Avante 2011 boxes - 575 x 373 x 151 (mm). Out of interest, what are the watertight boxes you use?
  5. I have just looked on the Stella site and there doesn't appear to be anything to say it isn't in stock. Maybe I am missing something. I was on the waiting list with Stella but they wrote a while ago saying I would not have one of the first batch kits, so they advised I go elsewhere or wait until the second batch. Then they wrote last week saying they had a kit if I was still interested. I was, and it arrived today, no customs.
  6. Is this a legit site? Seems strange they call themselves Tamiya Australia when they're based in Hong Kong. Also strange they have 100 Avantes in stock when the rest of the world has sold out.
  7. I've noticed these are on the rise on eBay. Black Special prices are even higher. Whether they are actually selling I don't know.
  8. Looks like these are getting scarce again?
  9. "An important project for the next couple of months - finish off at least one nice, tidy-looking pickup truck to "bear the rings" at my wedding. Nobody will be expecting when the minister says "please present the rings" and an RC truck drives down the aisle with a box on the back. Unfortunately all my trucks look a bit battered, so I need to get one done up really nice. I have a brand new Super Clod body, TLT axles, 2.2 wheels and ladder frame, but it's totally unstarted so I might have to do something else. Maybe get a local body shop to paint up my King Blackfoot shell which is soon to go over a CC01 chassis, when I finish it." A silly question perhaps, but I am just thinking about logistics here - who are you going to have drive the truck on the big day? I suggest someone who knows how to drive, and maybe you should get in some practice sessions - the last thing you want is an out of control Clod heading for Aunt Doris's 90 year old ankles!
  10. I am sure I can speak for everyone and say that we would love to see a build thread and any extra pics that you have. It's always good to see people doing something different to the norm.
  11. It feels like a long time since the last significant re-release - any ideas when the next one might be?
  12. Cost and availability - much cheaper and more readily available from the far eastern suppliers. Hong Kong, Japan etc. Stellamodels is a particular favourite it seems on Tamiyaclub as they offer a great service which is very quick, and their packaging of the kits is unbelievable (bubble wrapped, custom polystyrene for the inside of the box, hot glued and taped outer boxes etc). The only downside is that sometimes the kits can be caught in customs which both delays the kit and results in customs charges being levied. However, this is fairly rare (out of 13 kits over the years, I think 3 of mine have been charged), and even if you do get hit it's still cheaper than buying from the UK. All of this doesn't address the issue of supporting businesses in this country though, so please still look into them. I believe some of the suppliers that advertise on TC offer discounts to members etc etc..
  13. To me it just looks like a 'history' stand as you have pointed out. All of the cars in the picture look like original kits.
  14. If only it were the 959.... but I don't think we are going to see a significant re-release until next year now. We've had the Mountaineer and the Super Champ this year.
  15. Just ordered one of the Tamico kits - seems like a good deal at that price.
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