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  1. bump. anyone? willing to drop it to $20 shipped. just wanna get rid of it to buy different body
  2. Hey Guys, Up for Sale is a New and UNPAINTED Tamiya Porsche Carrera GT Body Set. -This includes BODY, STICKER, SPOILER/MIRRORS -This retails for $35 at Tamiyausa.com and I'm selling it for $25 SHIPPED!! -**If you guys want the matching Carrera GT Replica wheels that came with it, It's $35 shipped including body set. Let me know** -I'm a reputable seller at eBay and 9thgencorolla.com This body came with my TB02 Porsche Carrera GT Kit# 58322 From the Kit, the part numbers for the Body Set are: RC Body: 1825298 Sticker: 1424338 Spoiler/Mirrors: Unkown The Part number for the whole Body Set is 51183 **Note: $25/$35USD is only for United States. Contact me for International Shipping. I will give you the quote through USPS or UPS and I'm not trying to rip anyone off through shipping.** E-mail me at sn_of_randy@yahoo.com or PM me for any questions Pictures: (TB-02 Kit not included) (Body may appear hazy but it is because of plastic film) (Manual not included) - Body, Sticker, Spoiler/Mirrors are! (Just to prove that it is a Tamiya body (more detailed), not HPI (less detailed) (© Tamiya Inc. - Stock Photo) (Carrera GT Replica Wheels - Silver)
  3. i was checking hte specs though from the website acorn gave and the technigold seems to have better specs than super stock. But ya i was considering hte problem of replacement brushes and the likes. I can only get it at ebay or like what u said, here. I was thinking of getting the TB02 instead because i'll be using the car for both rally and on-road/drift and the advantage is shaft driven for rally, but still customizeable. It's like...whats between TA05 and TT01. If that would be the case, i wanna get the Super Stock RZ for TB02 and Sport Tuned for Falcon. As for the technigold, i know i can sell it for good money, but i guess it's the sentimental value since my dad bought it back then n its really old school. n the older it is, the better haha
  4. how about the TB02? Sure it might not have a lot of hop-up parts compared to TT01, but its because it has it already. like adjustable camber/caster. Plus it has aluminum driveshaft already, motor heat sink and full set ball bearings
  5. I know many of you guys will say either TT01 or TL01, but how does TA05 rally fare? I know it's belt and rocks will get stuck. I'm leaning towards TL01 already but just wondering the possibilities with TA05 chassis. once the gears and belt are protected enough, like say enclosed in a custom lexan inner shell, is it strong enough to endure rally? because i jsut have enough money for one RC and i want it for both drifting/on-road and rally. i have a pretty big backyard and currently i'm using a Falcon
  6. nice! thanks for the site. helped me decide for a motor for my falcon. RS-540 Sport Tuned Yup, that's pretty much what mine is right now. But i'm buying a new rc. perhaps TT01. My dad bought it in 87 in Singapore when he bought the falcon
  7. does anybody know how many turns this motor have? i still have mine and i haven't used it yet. also, whats' a good way to break-in the engine?
  8. Sup guys, i was looking at Tamiyausa.com and I found a special edition TL01RA chassis (Part# 49352) and I have few questions: 1) What's the difference between that and TL01 other than the "Rally Arms?" 2) If say I want to switch back n forth between drifting and Rallying, should I also change the rally arms into regular arms? 4) And finally, which is a better platform for doing both? TT01 or TL01/RA Thanks guys!
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