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  1. I need to generate some spending money for a trip to New York over Xmas, so the 959 collection has to go. I have one built from new and boxed but at the moment the shell, drivers and ancillaries are unpainted. Shall I spray them all up (I can do this well) or will the car be more valuable if the shell is unpainted and clear and the stickers unapplied? Thanks in advance
  2. Awesome pics!!! Makes me want to take mine out when it's done. I have 3 at the mo in various states from New Build through to one rebuilt using 80% new parts and one that is nice and clean but usable. They are good fun to rebuild too and most of the spares still available though at a price. Just watch that body, have you seen what they are going for nowadays!
  3. I will need some new C rings for my 959 projects and having tried the web met with no joy. Does anyone have a source for C rings. Not sure of the size but the instructions quote them as BR1 from the 959s rod bag
  4. I will need some new C rings for my 959 projects and having tried the web met with no joy. Does anyone have a source for C rings. Not sure of the size but the instructions quote them as BR1 from the 959s rod bag
  5. I used Nitro fuel guys so nothing I shouldn't have! It could be the original paint, I understand what you are saying Shodog! It won't go away will it, so am I best painting the affected area from the outside?
  6. Because when I was about 12 I entered a competition to win a Blackfoot and didn't, but I wanted one so much it hurt! I used to cut the pictures out of catalogues and make collages of all the Tamiya cars. We just didn't have enough money back then. By 18 I was working and racing but using Kyosho Optimas and Schumacher Cats (Cat 2000 anybody?) rather than Tamiya Avantes etc. Tamiya were a bit of a joke in the UK racing scene then. I got back into it with a Tamiya Juggernaut 2 which has now gone just because I wanted to build something technical and realistic, Tamiya make the most realistic bodies I can think of though the chassis sucked! I have 3 of their 959s now and for a lexan body in 1986 it's simply stunning! Even now is there another polycarbonate body that detailed?
  7. Cleaned up the black off the lights/windows on the Porsche 959 bodyshell and though very successful it has left a rough milky white texture in places. Have any of you guys removed it on your kits? I guess a go with the polishing system used to polish model cars could work, sanding with progressively finer grades until 12000 is reached? Anyone tried this?
  8. hehehe! Don't think I have thought about it! Looks like you put a lot of work into it! I have about 100 worth of stuff I'm bidding on for my 959 otherwise your paypal payment would be on it's way as we speak. As it stands if the missus finds out I'd be knackered if I spend even more on this hobby! I'd be tempted to use it though which surely would make you cringe?
  9. Sorry, not the Hotshot Re re that you are thinking of but the Hotshot II released just after the original using the black body
  10. I know the original Hotshot is a very popular vintage kit but what about it's newer brother the Hotshot 2? Why doesn't it seemed as loved? What is the going rate for a mint example? Thanks in advance
  11. Did you not see the one on ebay UK last week? 299 I think
  12. What are NB Hotshot 2s going for these days?
  13. That would be great as there is one 200 yards from work. Thanks for that!
  14. I'd like to make a better job of rebuilding the Tamiya 959 using the proper tools and with all the fiddly 2mm e-clips can I get an e clip popper in the UK?
  15. Hmmm, I see! Sorry guys, my bad! (Dan shuffles back to the garage and puts the Amourall back on the shelf!)
  16. 'Amour All' will help re-moisturise the rubber somewhat. Good for all rubber and plastic parts
  17. It just refreshes and leaves me at the login state even though I have checked my password is correct! Anyone else had this problem?
  18. Hmmm, interesting comments from all. I was hoping I may touch hearts with this thread as it is something we all feel passionate about! I know what I want from the hobby, but attaining it is another thing, yet that is the fun and the draw from rejuvinating my passion for Tamiya's 20 year old products. I'm 13 all over again and everyone has something that takes them back to periods of their lives. You guys are right, I have the car already so as long as it takes to get it to the condition I desire is always my choice, as is how much it costs me. It will get used, though carefully, and I will of course keep you all posted on it's progress! Wish me luck! And if you are also involved in a 959 project, happy bidding with me!
  19. I don't have a Limited Budget Shodog, just a wife! I just imagine her seeing the stuff in my ebay watch list and going nuts! Like most I want the stuff that brings back memories from when I couldn't afford an RC car as a kid, 959, Blackfoot, Bruiser, Hotshot etc so will have to pay the price if I want shelf queens. I have the skills to make them look good having gained experience racing 1/10 off road for many years in the early '90s so I hope they will at least hold their initial cost. Just wonder if I am crazy looking at paying 200 for a single body or do we somehow justify it? I wish I didn't have to sell my New Built Juggernaut 2 two years ago to get married, only got 150! Making up for it now though!
  20. Since looking for a NIB shell for my Paris-Dakar 959 I have been shocked at how much some kits and kit parts are fetching! Can I justify spending that to make my 959 mint? At this rate will some kits be out of a realistic price range? I mean, 200 for a 959 body, 350 for a body for a Toyota 4X4 derivative makes restoring a car an incredibly expensive proposition. Or do guys consider it money in the bank? NIB kits and parts will only go up (unless they get Re-Re) so hanging onto anything valuable now should only increase in desirability/rarity. Where does the hobby go from here?
  21. They don't seem to be popular so you may be dissappointed in what you get for it. I've seen decent ones go for 60 on ebay. Might be better keeping it and doing some overtime? Nice one on the Bruiser though, just look at it as money banked (Unless they do a Re-Re!) (Oh yes please!)
  22. Back in Upper school it was a kit frowned upon as it was so cheap and somewhat small/unstable! How does it fair in todays Vintage market? Seems there are a lot around now, do any of you use them? What other memories does this truck bring to you all?
  23. Spraying a body like that is an art in itself and traces back to the static plastic side of the hobby in which I spent many years building. Yes you can spray EVERYTHING even with cans. Light dust coats are the key, the first 2 coats simply seal the tape. Use Tamiya masking tape or something similar which will not leak if used correctly. Anything else is awful! You can at least start again after soaking the body in brake fluid. These are an example of how fine spraying can go, these are 1/24 and even the window rubbers are sprayed...
  24. Hey, this I know! If I bought a NIB kit I would build it. But I wouldn't ADVISE someone to the build it! Heart ruling head and all that and that's the difference! You get that body painted, it's what the hobby is all about! If you wanted to invest you would have bought shares or something! I'm still jealous though! This is my 959. Still needs a bit of work to be a shelf queen!
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