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  1. Yes please Hope not too late to the party. Now that I am back in the States and have more time for hobby again
  2. I am interested in getting one, am I too late to the party?
  3. Me, nothing much... But I have tried out my new Tamiya blog http://modmyrc.wordpress.com/about/ while i was working on my iPhone game... Please feel free to visit.
  4. Here is mine version of Egress... http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=77213&id=21370 Cheers
  5. Definitely a Blazing Blazer please
  6. Hi there, I always wanted to get a pair of awesome Carson 2WD tires and rims for front and rear for my Holiday Buggy Re-re. However, it is almost impossible to get them ship to US or Malaysia with decent shipping price. I have come across shipping that cost 40 Euro where the item itself is $17.99 Euro. I was hoping someone from TC can help me purchase these items, cheers. I am willing to pay the actual shipping but not 40 Euro as responded from the ebay seller. Cheers Animamundi
  7. Hi NetsmithUK, Any news about my account? I can forward you the email of the payment as well as the email I sent to Chris. Cheers Animamundi
  8. Many thanks, look forward to get my account back to life!. Cheers
  9. I have tried both, but none of them works. Keep getting the message error of "Membership expired." Obviously it has been expired that is the reason I re subscript this. Please help! Attached is the screen shot of proof of payment. https://twitter.com/Tamiyamundi/status/219700514542198785/photo/1/large https://twitter.com/...2198785/photo/1
  10. Well, it has been resolved, but that would be the first and last time I would deal with. Since I do drop by Hong Kong once every 2 months. Result was as below: 1) I sent a request about the issue, waited 2 weeks no respond, I opened a case in eBay with the request of correct item. 2) Got his attention and he offered part refund instead, I communicated that sending the item back to him would cost more then what i already spent and the refund would be 50% back after the requested registered mail with tracking number. 3) Done the above #2 step as requested, did not hear anything back, another 2 weeks pasts, have multiple alerts from eBay that the case will be closed by itself if I don't take my step, either escalate or close the case by myself. I submitted the tracking number and it said item delivered weeks ago. 4) Sadly I have to select the escalate option today, (this morning) 4 hours later case closed and get my refund which is half of my shipping fee back to him. 5) I started with a polite email and mentioned the wrong item, but he responded that, there is no way mistake could happened. In return, I asked if there is any way i can send him picture about the wrong item, while the items were still one left ( a Montero Window) in his store, after 2 days, everything was sold no longer available, he didn't respond to me any other option i can attached an picture to show him prove. Anyway, lesson learned, I have bought items from him since 2009, never have had issue but this single event really pushed me away, is that because I am currently working in Shanghai, and with the typical assumption that China customers are liar? I am from the States, and have been sent to Shanghai to work on Disney International Assignment. I am just frustrated and not happy with how things were handles even though it is a $13 USD deal, what bother me is how i have been served. Enough said, thanks for the respond, and good luck, I am sure this could be a rare case. Animamundi.
  11. I just want to know how to deal with situation like this. I bought the item from "Jason's Store" in ebay, he sent me the wrong item, which I open a case with ebay requesting a proper item sent to me. I have even returned the item back to him with registered/tracking mail, and now he offered refund which didn't even cover my shipping fee that i spent on returning the item. All I am asking is a a proper item sent to me, but after a month, I am still dealing and waiting with his respond, has anyone experience this none-etheical seller (in my book)?
  12. Hi all TC members, I am in desperate keeping in touch with Chris, or the owner of this site. As I have been a TC members for years. However, ever since my renew membership on Dec 2011I have not been able to get access. I have record of my membership on Paypal account, I have written to Chris in person. 3 times, but I guess Chris has been busy with other stuff, I would like to seek help or any member can help bridge the communication on my behalf. My TC member name is Animamundi, also I would like to be contacted to resolve this via my email at l2c2c2@gmail.com or PM me. Many thanks! TamiyaClub always!
  13. Wow, nice! I wont mind getting one to bash around if it is cheap enough. Where did u find that? In fact it would be a good chassis to display my additional F104 body shell...
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