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  1. I have a Nitro USA-1 gathering dust in the shed. Spent loads of money on that thing to get it and keep it running. Loads of fun when running. An absolute pain to get it there though. Nice to see that truck body again.
  2. Looks great on the black chassis. Definitely has that sinister look. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Not sure what's happening here. It looks very cool.
  4. Lovely paint job. Takes the Dynahead to another level. We need more Transformers inspired RC vehicles. The Bullhead is crying out for a Prime theme.
  5. Has anyone ever tried some type of tether. To avoid these going missing? I've also read that people paint them bright fluorescent colours. Thus making them easier to find when they invariably do fall out.
  6. There seems to be a bit of a VQS festival going on at the moment. Jimmy De Ville of 5th Gear and Goblin Garage is doing a daily Facebook Live build of the VQS kit. I haven't managed to check it out yet. Largely due to me being a Facebook novice. https://m.facebook.com/JimmydeVillesGarage/videos/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=0
  7. Great to see that you're getting such good use out of your car @Beetlemankurt. Seeing the pics really shows how great an example you've achieved there. Any chance you could show us the mods you mentioned? I've got way too much work to do on the rest of my fleet to take on another build. I may toy with the idea of getting a body set. How well would the shell sit on a TA02 chassis?
  8. Very interesting thread. Please update us.
  9. Hello all. I've been looking around for one of these. Struggling a bit. I'm looking for a runner. Ideally it would be an accurate representation of the Safari Rally version. I won't have the time or space for a build. Is it a popular/successful model for Tamiya? @Beetlemankurt has built an incredible example there. Is there a build thread for it? How are the wheels coming along? I vaguely remember a thread that showed the painting/stickering process. I'll have to try and find it.
  10. Looks to have cleaned up really well. How'd you do it?
  11. Wow! Really nice looking examples of what can be achieved with RC Monstertrucks. Is the Bigfoot an Axial truck?
  12. @Vermingerchek I've just picked up a MB from Ebay. It shouldn't need as much work as yours. However this thread will be useful to me. I'm Leicester, UK based. And will be happy to help with advice and tips. No doubt picking plenty up for myself, from this thread. Good luck with the MB. You'll find plenty of help on Tamiyaclub.
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