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  1. Really enjoyed that thread. Thanks for sharing. Your scale garage looks pretty awesome too. Great little scale touches with the pallets and axle stands. Great use of the Hop Up pack cards. How's the Konghead running?
  2. Good morning . How is everyone? This thread seemed to be the most appropriate for asking the questions I have. It's been a while since I've run any of my cars and was thinking of doing so soon. Will need to do some maintenance first. I was thinking that I may upgrade my radio gear. Using my stock Lunchbox as the base. It has an ESC and the stock servos. All my radio gear is of the crystal variety and in the MHz range. I've read and seen that the FlySky Gtc3 controller seems to be quite popular and negates the need for the little crystal cans. Is this true? Meaning that the same transmitter can be used for different cars as long as the car has a compatible receiver. It also seems to do away with aerials on both the transmitter and the receiver. If i was to go for this set up would I need to change the ESC or Servos? Any help is much appreciated.
  3. You may want to do a quick calculation on how much current will be going into the LEDs. A drop from 150Kohm to 91ohm is quite significant.
  4. That'll be the motor taking the majority of the power. Leaving very little for the lights. What ohm value are your resistors?
  5. This is a very cool take on the Konghead chassis. Does anyone know what wheel tyre combination they're using?
  6. These are clearly not stock. Super cool looking. Does anyone know if there's a build thread for these? I would really like to know where those tyres are from. .
  7. Outstanding work! Any updates on the No Problem truck build. Last we heard was that @Vanspeed was looking for an engine for it. That Outlaw truck is superb . I don't remember having ever seen it before. Has @vanspeed produced any other trucks aside from King Kong, No Problem and the Outlaw Truck?
  8. Great work on these trucks. Any chance you or mongoose could post pictures of the process described above?
  9. https://traxxas.com/products/models/electric/bigfoot-classic Here's a link to the Traxxas site. I think I need one of these. Anyone able to offer any advice? Is it worth it? Hmmm. It's only 2wd. That's silly.
  10. Such an amazing looking model. Does any video of it running exist?
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