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  1. The Little Car Company have built a full scale Wild One!
  2. Went to the Scramble at Bicester Heritage today. They had a 4 Wheel Festive Fun event on. They had the Tamiya full size Hog Heaven in attendance.
  3. Hi. I arrived a little late to the event and missed the majority of it. It wasn't very large and was held in the area just beyond the security gates. A few people had their RC cars out and ran them around the allotted area. I don't think there were any runs on the track. I'm not even sure where the track is. Unless you mean the old runway? There's definitely potential for it to grow and be larger. I don't think there were more than 50 people in attendance. Displaying model cars on the dashboards of the 1:1 cars was a nice touch. I'd definitely go to another one. https://scramblers.bicesterheritage.co.uk/post/scramblers-and-motorsport-uk-combine-to-kick-start-summer-holidays
  4. https://tamiyabase.com/tamiya-models/58086 Hi. Yep. The above link shows the original. The race number has Ivan Stewart's name on it. The ribbed front tyres gave the Monster Racer such a unique look. @2Dover3D looks to also have the Nissan King Cab which was the sister truck to the Monster Racer. With any luck he'll share some pictures of what looks to be an incredibly well maintained fleet. Ivan Ironman Stewart's Off Road Racer was and still is such a great and fun game. Circuit Superstars has got a little bit of it's flavour in the Stadium Truck portion of the game.
  5. A bit more information on the upcoming model show at Bicester Heritage. https://twitter.com/WeAreScramblers/status/1674131040720375834?t=tx0GL65CiJm2ysUuAcZ1yQ&s=19
  6. Cool. I'm looking forward to it. They've called it Model Car Concours ll. Which suggests that there has been a previous one. I wonder if they'll engage with Tamiya or another manufacturer?
  7. Any interest in a trade? I have a Porsche TA02. It'd be similar to what you have there. The gearboxes are grey. I think that makes it some sort of special edition. It's a black shell. Which is showing its age but will polish up quite well.
  8. Hi. I went to my first scramble last Sunday. Really enjoyed it. I signed up as a member this morning and saw it listed in the shop section of the Scramblers page. Tickets are only a fiver.
  9. Hi. I'm attending the Bicester Heritage RC show on Sunday July 23rd. Does anyone know what RC related activities they will have?
  10. Rolling Thunder? Is there a build thread? Looks fantastic.
  11. These look like a professional after market solution. Did they do the job?
  12. I have a Nitro USA-1 gathering dust in the shed. Spent loads of money on that thing to get it and keep it running. Loads of fun when running. An absolute pain to get it there though. Nice to see that truck body again.
  13. Looks great on the black chassis. Definitely has that sinister look. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Not sure what's happening here. It looks very cool.
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