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  1. I have pictures of all of the models and parts I have for sale. Please Email me if you'd like to see more.
  2. Sand scorcher. Sorry folks, this one's gone now.
  3. I have decided to sell all my Tamiya cars and parts that I have been hoarding for years with the intention of restoring them etc. Normal story!!! Anyway: 1: Sand Scorcher - Fairly complete, from what I can see just a few body parts and radio gear tray missing, front tyres perished, one rear tyre small split, 2: Hotshot - chassis, all suspension, gearbox and shafts, rear wing, driver, no undertray, 3: Grasshopper - pretty much complete chassis, wheels/tyres, suspension, motor/gearbox, speed controller, side impact arms, 4: Sand Rover/Holiday Buggy - chassis with gearbox, suspension and speed controller, 5: Lamborghini Cheetah - chassis with wheels and suspension(no springs/shocks), 6: Ford Ranger wheels and tyres, 7: Hotshot wheels and tyres, 8: Grasshopper wheels and tyres, 9: Acoms AP227 mk2 transmitter, 10: Acoms AP235 transmitter 11: Acoms 5N 1200C quick charger for nicads 12: 3 Tamiya speed controllers of various ages, 13: After market body mounting kit with spare body pins, 14: Ford Ranger box, condition - fair as torn one end 15: Rough Rider box, condition - one side damaged and box bottom unuseable. A few other various bits and bobs, 6v and 7.2v nicads, condition unknown now though. I am open to sensible offers for individual items or for the whole lot. For pictures or any info on any of the above please email me. madwelshman72@aol.com
  4. SOLD Hi Folks, I have a Sand Scorcher that I had great intentions of restoring to it's former glory. But, like to many other things in life, time, money, motivation, money, time, money etc have prevented me from doing so. Anyway, it's mostly complete, couple of bits are missing, headlamp panel, exhaust stack as well if I remember correctly. Also, the front tyres are perished. The shell is pretty good with no cracks, a couple of skufs and a little finger nail sized piece missing out of the front left wheel arch. The motor runs, it's got the original speed controller and 2 servo's in, but the top half of the control gear tub is missing. I've got a rough idea what this is worth, but I'm open to sensible offers. If anyone's interested or wants any pictures of it to get a better idea of it's condition then please email me. My email address is madwelshman72@aol.com. Many thanks Will P.s, I'm based in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, UK SOLD
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